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Rust How To Quick Eat

James Lee
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
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They’re a great place to find food, water and even metal fragments. For late-game, you’ll want to avoid ration boxes as you have no need for any of the items it contains but for early-game this is some of the best loot you can find given you start off almost starving and ready to die of dehydration.

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Players who manage to keep their hunger levels above 100 receive bonuses to health regeneration. But, during PVP and long journeys, it may be the difference between keeping your kit and loot or losing it to a lucky player or bear.

A player dying of thirst will suffer diminished movement speed and must keep the water meter above 50 to stave off dehydration damage. As you travel along the roads and especially the Supermarket and Gas Station monuments, you will find a wealth of processed and prepared food in crates and boxes.

It’s common to find stalks of corn or wild pumpkins growing alongside the rivers in grassy and desert biomes. Water also can be found in natural formations such as lakes, rivers, and swamps.

Once you’ve determined that it’s not salt water, you can fill your jugs and bottles to your heart’s content, hold the container, and using the right mouse button. All animals, humans included, will yield some form of meat when harvesting with a sharp tool such as the bone and combat knives or a hatchet in a pinch.

The more appropriate the tool, the higher yield you will receive from your harvest, with the hunting knife providing the highest benefits. The unfortunate vegetarians of the RUST world, such as the chicken and deer, are much safer to hunt but have less value in terms of caloric intake.

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The more dangerous pigs, bears, and wolves have a much more fulfilling bounty, both in terms of meat and extra fat and leather cuts. Horses are better to keep as a functional pet, and human flesh has the unfortunate effect of massive dehydration.

Once placed in water, the fish trap will catch the relatively filling minnows and the much more delicious small trout. Building a small or large planter will give you space to plant your berries, corn, pumpkins, or potatoes.

Seeds can be found when you eat berries, wild corn, pumpkins, or potatoes. Seeds for the various berry bushes can also be found in the wild if you plan to diversify your farming efforts for brewing teas.

Plant your crop of choice; make sure it's either getting sunlight or lit by an electric light source. For the truly dedicated, farming can be a rewarding experience through the manipulation of plant genetics.

If you aren’t happy with your plant’s genetic code, there is a crossbreeding process, which takes a lot of experience to master. However, it’s unnecessary to understand if you’re happy keeping your plants sufficiently lit and watered, your farm will do just fine.

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If you’re not lucky enough to live near freshwater, you can gather saltwater in containers and bring it back to base. Building a water purifier is relatively cheap, but can take a bit of time to convert your useless saltwater into healthy freshwater.

View Entire Discussion (2 Comments)More posts from the play rust community I “CaptainS hack” take a dip into the wasteland survival game that's part Minecraft, part Day Z.

Found on steam early access. If its cold, you burn calories faster with voice chat built around the idea of talking to people around you.

It's an interesting setup and makes some hilarious video footage. Rural has released the fastest beginner’s RUST tutorial for 2019.

In this video I’ll teach you the basics of RUST. I wanted it to be 10 minutes or less, but realized this was almost impossible, so I’ve done it in about 12.

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Just a heads up, I’m not here to baby sit you and hold your hand. In this server list you have three categories, Official, Community and Modded.

I like how the game was meant to be played originally, which is also known as vanilla. Some players with less time on their hands though like playing on slightly modded servers that have increased gather rates, such as 2x or 3x for example.

Once you’ve chosen your server it’s time to get started. You spawn on the beach with a rock which is your early game gathering tool and it can be used to attack other players.

You also spawn with a torch which helps to see in dark areas and at night. There are multiple spawning areas on a single map.

These special buildings and areas hold barrels and crates that have components. Components are key ingredients for crafting in the game but you don’t need them to build your base early on.

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So the lower tier monuments are the harbor, lighthouse, gas station, and supermarket. They may be useful to live near them as they hold crates with valuable items such as better gathering tools and even firearms like revolvers and semi-automatic rifles.

Just beware, many other players roam these monuments in search of components and items. While gathering and learning about the essential resources of RUST.

Gather wood by hitting trees with your rock, hatchets, ax or chainsaw. Gather stone, sulfur, or metal nodes with your rock, pickaxes or jackhammer.

While on the hunt for wood and stone, you will encounter other resources on the way, such as cloth or animals. Cloth is essential early game as it is used to craft your first weapon, the bow.

Animal fat can be turned into low grade fuel and low grade fuel is needed to craft your first furnace. Now that you’ve gathered enough wood, stone and other resources you are ready to build a base.

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You’re probably also craving to get all that loot to a safe spot, but before we get into actually building your first base, here’s a few quick tips that will help you survive in the harsh world of RUST. Sometimes you’ll find a good farming spot and in case you die before getting your base down it can be wise to set down a bag or two to re-spawn at your new favorite spot.

If you don’t eat or drink you’ll eventually starve, dehydrate, and die. It offers extra protection against projectiles, animals and radiation.

It may seem like they’re useless very early in RUST, but you’ll quickly find out how important they are. There’s also creative servers you can hop on and practice building, so feel free to do so.

Building plan Hammer Tool cupboard Wooden door Key lock You’ll want to upgrade this immediately as twig can be destroyed in a few mere hits.

Select the hammer and get close to a building part you’d like to upgrade. Hold right click and another wheel similar to the building plan will pop up asking you which material you’d like to upgrade with.

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When it opens, it will block the second doorway, which will stop any door camping players from coming in, if you’re caught or killed with the door open. Placing a tool cupboard puts a large 8 foundation radii around it.

Most items you find in RUST can be learned, in exchange for scraps. And hey, I also stream on twitch full time and you’d like to come hang out, my link is in the description below.

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