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Rust Force Wipe

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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This update requires all Rust servers to undergo a 'forced' map wipe, meaning that regardless of which server you play on, all servers throughout the game will be mapped wiped. Finding out that Rust forcibly wipes out player progress on a regular basis can be a little intimidating at first.



Performing a force wipe helps Keypunch Studios to keep things running smoothly both behind the scenes and in-game, however. Still, knowing when to expect a server refresh can help players to prepare and avoid potentially wasting their time.

Here’s the need-to-know on the Rust forced wipes schedule, including the usual reset time and day. A lot of new players discovering the survival game is a good thing, no doubt, though many of them are in for a shock.

The development team at Face punch Studios performs a regular force wipe on all the game’s servers; this deletes all player-made buildings, structures, and objects across the entire map. Playing on a private server can result in encountering more frequent wipes dictated by the host, however.

The next forced progress wipe in Rust happens today, so players can expect a clean slate to work with for the next month in the game. The game's full release in 2018 received mixed reception due to its lack of accessibility for new players and excessive grinding elements.

The forced wipes delete everything a player has created for that month, including all buildings and objects across the whole map. Though Rust has always been adored by dedicated players, the game has been catapulted into the spotlight recently because of controversy concerning a private server by YouTube channel Offline TV.

rust wipe

One early event involved a toxic chat that caused streamer Valkyrie to end her stream abruptly, leading to an outpouring of support from fans. A second Offline TV server was recently announced that is said to be more focused on role play elements, and will include special features implemented by Face punch Studios.

All of this controversy has, without a doubt, brought more people to the game, which means Rust could have its best year ahead. For gamers following the latest trends, Rust is the game to play, just don't be surprised when a forced wipe happens every month.

While the game has recently reached its highest total of concurrent players, this can be attributed to its popularity on Twitch which has seen it top a million views at its peak. Whether you’ve been a fan of the game since its origin or have only just hopped aboard the online bandwagon, below you’ll discover what time the Rust servers will wipe for the January 2021 update.

Updates happen on a monthly basis for the survival game, and the January 2021 patch will see the enabling of Twitch Drops. The above hours come courtesy of the game’s official Twitter account which says that further details about the update will be posted via blog after its arrival.

Zero Mar 1, 2017 @ 10:57am What means Forceps ? Player made buildings and objects are deleted from the server’s database and resources are reset across the entire map.

rust hapis

NPC buildings, rad towns, caves and other natural terrains stay in place, unless the server’s seed is also changed. Map wipes can be used to reset the playing field after a build up of player made objects have formed over time.

Sometimes Map Wipes occur because of poor server performance, due to the build up of player made entities. Clearing the map of large entity build up can reduce the amount of stress the game server has to work under.

The server’s admin role has the ability to perform RUST Map Wipes. There may be mods in development or in private that allow such features via players voting on a date and time in which they want to wipe the map.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I'm 100% positive this has been answered before, but I simply can not find a definitive thread either here on Reddit or on other internet forums.

I can't find a developer blog or anything to tell me without a doubt when I can expect official servers to wipe and when the forced wipes are for all rust servers. The update is expected at the normal time (2pm EST / 7pm GMT) and will feature a full wipe along with some other goodies.

tac force evolution padlock assisted plain knife spring aluminum grindworx retail

This is due to the addition of tech trees in December, but is also great timing given the recent influx of players (see below). This wipe means everyone on every server will have a completely fresh start after the update hits later today.

If you fall into this category, make sure to check out our guides section if you need any help with getting started. Given the forced blueprint wipe today is due to the new progression system added last month, I thought it makes sense to give a quick recap on how tech tree’s work along with the most recent complete trees.

If you’ve ever played a game with tech tree’s before, you’re not going to be surprised to hear this is a linear progression system allowing for the unlocking of various items down the chain. That said, you cannot continue down a tech tree line unless every previous item has already been unlocked.

Edit: Sorry, I fucked up the order / label of the above images on initial posting. Earlier this week, Face punch announced the update will be accompanied by a new round of Twitch drops.

If you’re not familiar, this means you’ll receive exclusive in-game items by watching people stream Rust on Twitch (for a certain duration). Edit: The Sofa DN Hobo Barrel are two of the general Twitch drops going live today.

rotors brake rust filtsai comparison brembo brembos wonder another

Edit: This can be obtained by watching any Rust streamer this week for 2 hours. Edit: This can be obtained by watching any Rust streamer this week for 8 hours.

The team has added a small but useful quality of life shift around bag placement. If on its own cool down, sleeping bag placement guides will continue to be blue.

If they are close to another spawn point, however, the placement guides appear orange to signify the shared cool down. The chance of weather events has now been reduced, forecasting much more clear days than previously experienced.

Previously, if you needed to sync bans across multiple servers, you’d have to manually do it, custom code something, or use a 3rd party. This implementation allows owners to sync bans natively with not much fuss.

Enabled grass displacement by default, renamed convey to grass.displacement (from grass.displace) to ensure old config values are ignored Just last year the game introduced Farming 2.0, tech trees, modular vehicles, and a lot more.

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In spite of its long life in early access on PC, the game has yet to come to either the PlayStation or Xbox. A new development blog post on the Rust website detailed the additions and changes that the new update is introducing.

Firstly, given the previously mentioned resurgence of the game, the developers have increased the official server count by 13 and plan to bring even more online if needed. The announcement has also shed some light on why several prominent Twitch streamers have decided to take a sudden interest in the game.

As it turns out, Rust has partnered with several of these content creators, including Autoplay, Jacksepticeye, lilypichu, Ludwig, Myth, primate, shroud, Skunk, and QC, for the game’s Twitch Drops. According to the developers, the introduction of the tech tree system last year prompted the blueprint wipe to “get everyone on equal footing once again.” Players won’t have to worry about another wipe happening anytime soon though as the developers have said not to expect another one for a very long time.

Face punch Studios is trying to capitalize on the recent wave of new players that has flocked to its popular game Rust by quickly providing updates and new features. The studio announced that it had enabled Twitch drops, increased its server capacity, added streamer-specific rewards, and more, all via its monthly update.

Rust cracked the 1 million viewer thresholds in 2021 thanks to a number of big-time streamers picking the game up. A couch, industrial door, and “hobo barrel” can be unlocked for watching eight hours of Rust content on Twitch.

central rust

The studio has also added streamer specific rewards for the following people: Autoplay, Jacksepticeye, lilypichu, Ludwig, Myth, primate, shroud, Skunk and QC. Rust streamer Twitch drops. Other new additions include server save backups, centralized banning, and a complete blueprint wipe.

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