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Rust For Nature

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 2 min read

CONSERVATION BULLETIN Go to our publications page REVOLVING FUND Your real estate guide for beautiful conservation properties in Victoria Read more ABOUT US Protecting biodiversity on private land across Victoria Read more about us Welcome to our newly designed website. Sadly, this means many thousands of hectares of native vegetation are lost each and every year to clearing and the impacts of climate change.

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These are a legally-binding agreement placed on a property’s title to ensure native vegetation is protected forever. Trust For Nature also assists private landowners, businesses and organizations with a range of conservation services such as purchasing and planning, biodiversity mapping, planting, species monitoring, weed control and fencing.

Through its Revolving Fund program, Trust for Nature purchases, protects and resells unique and important conservation properties in Victoria. Trust for Nature has since evolved into one of Victoria's primary private land conservation organizations.

Trust for Nature has developed five key mechanisms to achieve conservation gains on private land: Trust for Nature developed conservation covenants in 1978 as a tool to protect native plants and wildlife on private land.

Stewardship program: Land management advice and information is provided to landowners who have covenanted their property. Revolving fund: The Trust purchases land of high vegetation quality and on-sells the property with a covenant attached.

Trust-owned properties are often used for open days and education purposes, demonstrating land conservation practices. Landowners receive a payment from the proponent to improve native vegetation quality on their land.

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Our Ned's Corner Station Managers wanted to say a huge thank you to supporters who helped us reach the $15,000 milestone for the Haul for Habitat. These funds, coupled with the dollar matching contribution from the Victorian Government, will allow us to transport 250 tonnes of logs to Ned's Corner to create new habitat.

We would dearly love to maximize this dollar matching opportunity over the next 16 days (until the end of our campaign) so please continue to support and share this project. Additional funds raised will go to the purchase and installation of fencing, predator control and monitoring, key elements in the rehabilitation of Ned's Corner Station.

The Fund will deliver security, sustainability and a game changing boost to our capacity to act on the ground, and transform our ability to protect this wild, beautiful, richly diverse part of Victoria. Trust For Nature plays a unique role in Victoria’s biodiversity conservation by protecting the diverse range of native plants, animals and habitats found on private land.

Trust for Nature uses a ‘Revolving Fund’ to purchase private properties across Victoria that hold unique conservation value. Hotter, drier seasons with associated reductions in rainfall, and extreme weather events are increasing the daily pressures on our ecosystems and native species.

Higher temperatures impose extreme physiological stresses on animals and plants, which can lead to reduced breeding success or increased mortality rates. As a result, Trust for Nature has joined forces with other agencies and research bodies to address these ongoing challenges.

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We are increasingly focussed on helping protect land for restoration, for connectivity as habitat refuge, and building long-term capacity for ecosystems and the species in those landscapes to survive in the future.

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