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Rust For Game Engine

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Rust is a good language for gamete, it's low-level, performant, but also guarantees at compile time that you are not making mistakes in the memory management. No more data races, undefined behaviors, null pointers, and more, while still retaining C++ level performance.

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The most mature, and most popular libraries are from the Piston project, then there are Amethyst, an actual game engine WIP, and Anima, another one, which have each got their own interesting experimental bits. Piston A project to develop a modular game engine, basically many small, useful libraries that can be used together.

Editor interfaces many library bindings, like free type AI, behavior trees many graphics backends Amethyst If you're interested in Data Driven game engines you should keep an eye on this project.

The discussion which happens on the Amethyst bitter and GitHub issues has spawned, amongst other useful libraries, a parallel ECS, specs. There are a bunch of wrappers around SDL, OpenGL and similar, and various rendering libraries in Rust.

Also, the rust gamete community has got an IRC channel, the best place to keep up to date. Rust is a systems' language pursuing the trifecta: safety, concurrency, and speed.

We hope to build an inviting ecosystem for anyone wishing to use Rust in their development process! It was quickly patched, and a PSA was sent out to notify server owners of its presence.

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A Discord bot was created to help manage a testing server. Lots of work is going on to improve the state of Loren's server infrastructure.

Improvements were made to the chunk compression which resulted in a ~7x memory reduction in their storage. Work has been done on beam weapons and collisions, resulting in a significantly improved healing scepter.

Tests are happening to move towards a Kubernetes cluster to manage more infrastructure from code. A/B Street is a traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers.

Finished support for driving on the left side of the road; isometric buildings and support for textures by Michael ; a flurry of major UI updates, thanks to the return of the project's UX designer; an option to disable parking simulation, to workaround missing data; alleyways imported from OSM; more realistic traffic signal timing constraints, thanks to Sam, a new contributor. Galangua by @tyfkda is a dynamic 2D shoot 'em up game, written in Rust using SDL2.

Way of Rhea is a puzzle platformer that takes place in a world where you can only interact with items that match your current color. This month, Anselm Kickoff published a small demo of his domain specific language for procedural architecture, which is interpreted by Rust and now supports hot-code reload of building rules in the running game.

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The Recall Singularity is a game about designing autonomous factory ships and stations created by Tom Las. Midas is a WIP voxel engine and game, inspired by Minutest and Minecraft.

Procedural map generation with hilly landscape, trees, flowers, water, and caves Map manipulation (removal/addition of blocks) Crafting Chests Textures (taken from the Minutest project, under CC-BY-SA license) Tools Quick based network protocol with SRP based authentication Multiplayer: chat, (hard coded) avatars Ability to add custom content (e.g. blocks) using a Tom format NOX Future by @blackfuture is an open-source long-term passion project, a Dwarf-Fortress and World inspired base building game.

New format for data files that combines multiple RON objects in one place. The @pGLOWrpg (Procedurally Generated Living Open World RPG) is a long-term project in development by road_Yr, which aims to be a text-based game with maximum portability and accessibility and focus on interactions and emergent narrative.

Generated data is as follows: terrain, watermark, biomes, rivers, geological regions, rainfall, and temperature. For main feature reports and dev blogs follow @pGLOWrpg on Twitter.

The gameplay isn't there yet, but you as a player need to jump on furniture, collect coins, and fight lava/fire based enemies with your water gun. Buyout is a web application which allows you to play Go/Back/Wadi against a leading AI (Yataro).

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It provides a multiplayer mode so that you can play other humans, either by joining a public queue or sharing a private URL to your friend. Buyout is marching actively toward production, at which point the team will publish the website address and invite users.

The author anticipates being finished with the production release prior to Jan 1, 2021. Project Yaw is an in-progress Advance-Wars style strategy game being developed by junk mail using get as a framework.

The game is currently in a closed alpha state with working net play. September saw the release of version A2, including revamped net code and the full core set of units.

Lots of interesting insights for folks who want to better understand nuances of hot reloading. A small note by @VladZhukov0 about drawing lines and chains with signed distance fields.

The last point is especially problematic if some constants actually originate in your game logic (like the number of player types). Updating these values manually in your shader code is repetitive and prone to both error and simple forgetfulness.

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@hugopeixoto released a couple of blog posts on ECS and Bevy, including a tutorial on how to get started. It starts with pseudo code for an object-oriented approach and goes through several iterations until we get to the ECS paradigm.

The second part is a tutorial on how to use bevy, a data driven game engine built in Rust. In this one, they made a Floppy Bird clone using Bevy and shared their experience programming with it.

These keys are stable across removals and have a generation counter to solve the ABA Problem. Fondue is a simple, no_std, pure Rust, Teletype & Openly font rasterize and layout tool.

Fondue depends on ttf-parser for parsing fonts, which supports a wide range of Teletype and Openly features. A non-goal of this library is to be allocation free and have a fast, “zero cost” initial load.

There are two potential pure Rust libraries (all sorts or rusty buzz) that are candidates for providing a shaping backend to Fondue, but are relatively immature right now. Mun is a scripting language for gamete focused on quick iteration times that is written in Rust.

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Audir is a low level audio library supporting Windows (Wasabi), Linux (Pulse) and Android (OpenS LES & Audio). It aims at providing a minimal and mostly unsafe but feature-rich API on top of common audio backends with focus on gaming applications.

The initial release version 0.1.0 provides basic recording and playback support for all available backends, including a small music player example! Currently, looking into coupling with dash for DSP audio graphs to provide a higher level entry point.

Crevice is a library that helps define GLSL-compatible (std140) structs for use in uniform and storage buffers. It uses new coast FN capabilities stabilized in Rust 1.46.0 to align types with explicitly zeroed padding.

Crevice depends heavily on mint to support almost any Rust math library. Gfx-rs team asks Rust users of Volcano, Ash, and other Vulkan-only wrappers to try out the gfx-portability as a solution on macOS and relevant Windows 10 platforms.

It is a library devoted to exposing media related features in a unified way while avoiding prescribing program structure. The goal is to provide a stable foundation, resilient to developments in the Rust gamete ecosystem, on which games, custom engines, and other media applications can be built.

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This new task system completely replaces Rayon and the CPU usage wins were huge! This is a huge first step, but it is important to call out that there are still a number of missing pieces, such as 2D/3D rendering, multi-threading, and sound.

Bevy 0.2 adds the ability to easily iterate queries in parallel, which builds on top of the new Asynchronous Task System. Transform System Rewrite: Bevy's old transform system used separate Translation, Rotation, and Scale components as the “source of truth”, which were then synced to a LocalTransform component after each update.

Bevy ECS Performance Improvements: generational entity IDs, read-only queries, lock-free world APIs, direct component lookup. Bevy_cont rib_inspector : Visually edit fields of your bevy resources in a browser or native view.

Rg3d is a game engine that aims to be easy to use and provide large set of out-of-box features. Besides lots of quality-of-life improvements, this update brings a massive redesign of the API in order to solve long-standing soundness problems.

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