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Rust For Formula

Danielle Fletcher
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No matter if you need to prepare for a school project, or you’re just a naturally curious person, knowing why certain chemical processes occur is extremely beneficial. Corrosion is described as the destruction of materials by chemical reactions with different substances in the environment.

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Fortunately for our experiment (and unfortunately in any other terms), iron rusts fairly quickly, so you can observe that process in a matter of days. Place the second nail in the second jar, but this time pour boiled distilled water in.

It will act as a barrier for any outside air that may dissolve in the water ; you’ll see why that’s important in a bit. Then, place the last iron nail on top of the powder and put the lid on the jar ; it will prevent any moist air from entering.

Now you know what rust is, what it takes for it to form, and how to prevent it from affecting metals. The aim is to give you enough information so you understand the process without going into unnecessary details.

You can try the experiment at home or make a school project about it; it’s easy and effective. The substance is also known by its chemical formula, Fe2O3, which represents the two elements–iron and oxygen–that compose rust.

The scientific name for rust is iron oxide, and its chemical formula is Fe2O3. Iron oxide forms on the surface of iron or steel as it oxidizes, creating a coating that is red or brown.


The great Roman philosopher, Pliny, AD 23-79, wrote at length about fer rum corrupter, or spoiled iron, for by his time the Roman Empire had been established as the world’s foremost civilization, a distinction due partly to the extensive use of iron for weaponry and other artifacts. Over time, the oxygen combines with the metal at an atomic level, forming a new compound called an oxide and weakening the bonds of the metal itself.

It displaces hydrogen from water/steam, which is evolved or released as a gas. Rust is formed when iron reacts with oxygen in moist air.

Water is necessary for the oxidation reaction to occur and to facilitate transport of the electrons. Rust requires three chemicals to form: iron, oxygen, and water.

Rust occurs more quickly in saltwater than in pure water, for example. But once the corrosion starts growing, it will lift the paint film right off the steel surface.

Regardless of how quickly the area corroded, your friend is rather foolish to allow bare steel on her car to be exposed to the elements for 6 months. Aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals on the planet, and it’s arguably the most famous for not rusting.

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Although stainless steel does corrode, it is important to note that the alloy will not rust under normal atmospheric or water based environments. In other words, the corrosion of stainless steel takes place in specific aggressive conditions which are conducive for corrosion.

Iron in the presence of moisture combines with the oxygen from air to form a brown colored chemical substance called rust (iron oxide). Both oxygen and water (or moisture) must be present for the rusting of iron to occur.

Thus damp air provides both the things, oxygen and water required for the rusting of iron to occur. The rusting of iron is faster in coastal areas because the air at those places contains more water vapor.

The presence of salt in water makes the process of rusting of iron faster. A reddish brown deposit called rust, forms over a piece of iron when it is exposed to moist air for some time.

Rust is hydrated iron (III) oxide (Fe 2 O 3.oh 2 O). Rusting takes place when an iron object comes in contact with air and water.

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So if air and water are prevented from coming in contact with iron objects, the rusting will not take place. It can be prevented from rusting by anything as easy as painting the surface of iron.

Painting creates a barrier over the surface of iron, much as in galvanization. A boundary between the iron and its surrounding atmosphere is formed by the presence of the dye.

However, the downside of painting iron is that it does not last as long as other treatments of the surface. The idea here is fairly simple; moisture will not interfere with the iron in the metal with a coating of oil and create corrosion.

The use of oil or grease substantially decreases the risk of developing iron corrosion. A thin layer of zinc coats the iron or steel object.

This prohibits oxygen and water from accessing the underlying metal-but zinc also serves as a sacrificial metal. A red or orange layer, composed primarily of ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide created by oxidation, which forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture.

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However, the key distinction between corrosion and rust is that corrosion happens as a result of chemical effects and affects multiple materials, whereas rusting is only accelerated by some chemicals and typically affects iron substances. This response isn't prompt, it generally continues over a considerably large time period.

The oxidation state of iron in this compound is +2 and its chemical formula is Few. Since it forms hydroxide particles, this procedure is strongly affected by the presence of corrosive(acid).

In addition, the following multistep acid-base reactions influence the course of rust formation: From the above conditions, it is additionally observed that the corrosion products are directed by the accessibility of water and oxygen.

With limited dissolved oxygen, iron(II)-containing materials are favored, including Few and dark lodestone or magnetite (Fe3O4). High oxygen concentrations support ferric materials with the nominal formulae Fe(OH)3xOx2.

The idea of rust changes with time, reflecting the slow rates of the responses of solids. It brings about the arrangement of Iron Oxide which is a totally new substance.

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Lab: Empirical Formula of Iron Oxide Compounds are substances that consist of more than one element chemically bound together. The elements in a compound cannot be physically separated but can only be distinguished by the use of chemical reactions.

In this lab you will create a chemical compound from two elements: iron and oxygen. Rusting is a slow process that, under normal conditions, will take years.

First, we will soak the steel wool in a solution of ammonium chloride, which creates conditions more conducive to rapid rusting. This data will be all you need in order to determine the empirical formula of iron oxide.

The prototypical oxidation reaction is one in which an element combines with oxygen; hence the name. More generally, oxidation reactions occur whenever an element or compounds loses electrons.

Reduction reactions are required to separate metals from their ores and are found in such everyday products as rust removers such as Iron Out. When a reaction is classified as a reduction it means that the chemical involved has gained electrons.

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For example, batteries store potential chemical energy and the reaction can be started by completing a circuit with a wire or device. A simple salt solution is a good carrier of electricity and is therefore a perfect medium for oxidation/reduction reactions.

The salt in the solution facilitates the exchange of electrons between the iron in the steel wool and the oxygen in the air. Without this electrolyte (a chemist’s name for a solution that carries electricity) the reaction would take far too long.

But with the salt solution we can expect all the iron in the steel wool to rust by the time a week has passed. The advantage of NH 4 Cl is that it turns directly from a solid to a gas (it sublimes) when heated.

This will allow us to remove it from the iron oxide in the final procedure of the lab. Move slowly and carefully in the lab: haste and impatience have caused more than one accident.

Use a wet paper towel to test hot objects to see whether they are cool enough to touch. First, you must find the mass of iron and prepare it for a week of rusting.

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Second, you must monitor the iron during that week and ensure that it stays damp with NH 4 Cl solution. Compress the steel wool into a tight ball and put it in your crucible.

When you are ready, take the crucible and steel wool to the beaker of 1 M NH 4 Cl that your instructor has prepared. Dunk the steel wool in the solution using your tongs until thoroughly wet (about 5 – 10 s).

Allow the solution to drip off into the beaker and replace the steel wool in the crucible. Make a labelled notecard on which to set your crucible and put it in the designated storage area.

Part II Over the next week of classes looks at your steel wool once a day and add more NH 4 Cl solution as needed to keep it damp. Part III On the final day of this lab set up the apparatus as displayed by your teacher and as depicted at right.

Heating the crucibles sublimes the ammonium chloride and sends it into the air as a fine smoke. Stand back and do not look down into the crucible during this process as the fumes can easily get in your eyes or lungs.

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It is easier to see the rising white smoke if you move the burner out from under the crucible. Using a reference book or the internet find out whether your formula is correct for iron(III) oxide.

Using the correct formulas for elemental iron and oxygen write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that produced your product. Do not just mention ‘human error’ and instead give specific reasons why the ratio was either too low between oxygen and iron.

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