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Rust For Beginners

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Whatever it is that interests you the most about the game, it’s important to have a well-rounded knowledge because whether you appreciate them or not, there are concurrent systems around you at all times. Having an edge that helps you survive the harsh world of RUST is the name of the game.

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In today’s video, we’re looking at some tips and tricks that will help you in your first few hundred hours playing RUST. This way, you can progress quicker and learn the mechanics of the game easier without getting killed too many times.

While you might think that playing on an official Face punch server would be the best option, these servers tend to be highly populated with much more experienced players, have no group size limit, and tend to have a slightly higher chance of you running into hackers. It’s usually best to look through a community server or a modded server with active staff who will monitor the players and ban hackers, cheaters or anyone abusing the group size limit, giving you a more fair chance.

If you are finding it a little slow to progress, then you can try moving on to a 2x server instead for a slightly sped up Rust experience. You can choose any specific weapon on many of these servers or you might spawn with all of them, allowing you to practice with whichever you want.

It’s probably best to focus on the lower tier weapons to begin with and move up as you progress. You can check the tier of the weapons from the crafting menu if you aren’t sure, or do a quick Google search.

Plus, even if you do die and lose a weapon, it’s good experience for PVP on a real server. And dying whilst building your first base can be really frustrating, often leading you to quit for the wipe.

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I’d recommend spending some time on a creative or sandbox server to practice building a default starter base that you can use every wipe, ensuring that you get it down quickly. Regardless of how many hours you have, where you build your starter or main base can be the difference between a wonderful wipe or a awful one.

You’ll also want to build fairly close to a road and rad town so you can get scrap and components. But be careful how close, as they tend to be a hot spot for other players looking to PVP and get loot.

Over farming is one of the main reasons that people die early and quit, because they keep losing all of their hard-earned materials and items. One of the most annoying parts of Rust is not only dying, but having to wait a few minutes before being able to respawn in your sleeping bag.

You can check out my other tips and tricks videos to see just how close to each other bags can be before they start to share a respawn timer. We also want to make use of this on a fresh wipe when running from your initial spawn point to where you want to build.

If you die, you can respawn at one of these bags which is not only away from the populated spawn area, but it’s also a little closer to where you want to build in the end. Not as many people tend to farm scrap on the ocean, especially in the beginning of the wipe, so there’s more potential for finding more loot and a lower chance of dying.

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Whilst boats do have a low grade fuel cost to use, you can usually cover this with breaking red barrels that you farm on the rafts that you find. If you find diving gear whilst farming, you can use these as well to collect the underwater crates which are recognizable by a floating bottle on the surface of the water.

The main resources that you want are wood, metal, stone, sulfur, cloth and animal products like fat to make low grade. Cloth or hemp, is primarily found in the green areas of the map as well, but of course there're other ways of obtaining it in the desert or mountains, such as with the cactus or recycling, but it’s a little more difficult.

If you middle mouse button and drag, this will split a stack in half. Rust has been voted Stack Overflow’s most loved programming language for five years in a row.

Rust is a systems programming language that you can use to write applications with high performance. Rust is used by some top tech companies like Dropbox and Cloudflare to deliver speed and concurrency to their customers.

Typical programming languages like Python and C++ abstract a lot of details away from developers. For large scale applications that millions of users will use on a daily basis, the ‘problem-solving’ approach will not work.

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Rust combines ease of programming with access to core system configurations. Rust is a “systems programming language that focuses on speed, memory safety, and parallelism”.

Shortly after, Mozilla began sponsoring this project and is still a core contributor to Rust. Let's look at some core features that make Rust stand out from other programming languages.

Rust offers fine-grained control of memory management and has a minimal standard library. Source: Figma you look at some metrics shared by Figma, they had incredible improvements in performance once they switched to Rust.

Rust ’s low memory footprint also makes it an ideal choice for embedded systems programming. You can use Rust to write software for IoT devices like home automation hubs, smart security systems, and so on.

The majority of vulnerabilities in Microsoft software were due to poor memory management in C & C++. Using Rust eliminates an entire class of security vulnerabilities from software applications.


When thousands of users are using your application at the same time to perform different actions, your database handles them concurrently. Rust solves most of the concurrency problems during compile time by using the concept of Ownership.

Declaring data types in detail is a key factor in improving the performance of a program. You are helping the compiler save time by explicitly declaring what type of data you are about to assign to a variable.

Letting the compiler figure out the data type is one of the main reasons you run into performance issues while scaling your application. Once a fierce adversary of open source, Microsoft is now an avid contributor to a number of open-source projects.

Rust is now powering core services of Dropbox serving more than 500 million users. Rust was also a contributing factor that helped Dropbox move its infrastructure from AWS to its own data centers.

Concurrency is crucial for a collaborative tool where many users will be working on a single design at a time. Figma used Rust to write a high-performance server that helped them scale their product and achieve the performance they were looking for.

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Alternatively, Rustlings guides you through downloading and setting up the Rust tool chain, and teaches you the basics of reading and writing Rust syntax, on the command line. If reading multiple hundreds of pages about a language isn’t your style, then Rust By Example has you covered.

All of this documentation is also available locally using the rust up doc command, which will open up these resources for you in your browser without requiring a network connection! Rustdoc Book Learn how to make awesome documentation for your crate.

Rustc Book Familiarize yourself with the knobs available in the Rust compiler. The Reference is not a formal spec, but is more detailed and comprehensive than the book.

The Rustonomicon is your guidebook to the dark arts of unsafe Rust. Action Control Movement Was Attack / Use Equipped Item Mouse 1 Use Equipped Item (Alt) Mouse 2 Jump Space Crouch Hold left Ctrl Sprint Hold Shift Inventory Tab Hot bar Item Numbers 1 – 6 Interact E Next Slot/Previous Slot Exit Menu Escape Chat T Voice Chat V Reload Gun R Toggle Music Makeup Your inventory can be accessed by pressing Tab “.

Every item that you pick up or craft will be placed in the slots in your inventory. It is now safe to throw away your rock by dragging it out of your inventory space and it will drop to the floor.

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Now that you have these basic tools you can begin to gather resources quicker and build up a base. This guide will go over the basic natural resources: Wood, Stone, Metal Fragments, High Quality Metal, Sulfur, Cloth.

Wood is gathered from trees and fallen logs around the world, it is the resource you will use for building your first base and also to fuel your campfires and furnaces. They are also used for crafting things such as Furnaces, Concrete Barricades, Tools, High External Stone Walls.

From your inventory, select the “Crafting” tab at the top of the screen. Take the crafted campfire item and equip it from your hot bar.

Adding more logs will make the fire burn longer. They will often hunt players at night, so keeping a low amount of light will help you evade attack.

Avoid becoming known as a bandit, or else the friendly player bases may reject you when you need them most. Find a good, safe place to build your home.

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You may now begin to add pillars, walls, windows, and stairs in the same manner. The exact nature of every wooden item would be too extensive for this guide, but all the information you need can be found by clicking the item's name in the crafting tab and reading the text below it.

Gradually chopping down buildings with the hatchet is possible, although it takes a long time. First, craft a sleeping bag and place it on the ground like a campfire.

Second, craft a couple of storage crates and place them around your house. Be sure to store your crates away from the walls, so that bandits can't reach in and steal your things from outside.

The clicking noise of a Geiger Counter can be heard in these areas. Standing in irradiated causes your rads to go up (check underneath your food bar).

If you gain 500 rads, you will start taking damage every few seconds. Standing in clean areas, or eating food (especially 'Small Rations') gradually decreases the amount of rads you have.

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Eventually, you will accumulate the resources needed to craft better items. Eventually, you may obtain armor, shotguns, and grenades, but the pistol is a prime example of expensive technology.

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