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Rust Fastest Logger

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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Time is a clustering key that’s why all records from the same device will be sorted by this field. Since it’s not recommended disabling durable writes when using SimpleStrategy we keep default value for DURABLE_WRITES which is true (we don’t specify this parameter in the query at all).


If you don’t, we recommend you to use rust tool chain that will help you to install Rust compiler as well as other commonly used tools and crates. Apart from Cars itself we will use cdrs_helpers_derive crate that provide procedural mac roses that derive methods which help with converting Rust structures into Cassandra/Scylla values.

As a part of TemperatureMeasurement implementation we’ve provided into_query_values method that consumes a measurement structure and returns Cassandra values that further will be used by Scylla for substituting ? As you remember, during the data scheme design phase we assumed that our logger will be capable to return measurements made by a selected device(-s) during a given timeframe.

Taking into account this scenario, for fast_ logger.temperature table, we’ve created such primary key that guarantees efficient read operations. Since the SELECT query has all filters (device, time_from and time_to) as parameters we need to provide actual values to Cars.

It is an alias that we’ve created for Session>>. This long generic type means following Session that uses Singled as a load balancing strategy where each node has a pool of TCP connections that use NoneAuthenticator as an authentication strategy.

It means that session: smut CurrentSession in an argument can be efficiently replaced with following: We’ve rid of CurrentSession that creates a real connection to the DB, now these functions accepts any structure that implements QueryExecutor trait.

So, instead of doubling the size of a data being sent from a logger to Scylla we can try to optimize it by leveraging query preparation and query execution concepts that are supported by Scylla (as well as Cassandra). Thus, in this chapter we’ve built a data layer of the logger.

A log request consists of a target, a level, and a body. Logger implementations typically use the target to filter requests based on some user configuration.

Each of these macros accept format strings similarly to print! Executables should choose a logging implementation and initialize it early in the runtime of the program.

Logging implementations will typically include a function to do this. Any log messages generated before the implementation is initialized will be ignored.

In the case of our example logger, we'll want to set the maximum log level to Info, since we ignore any Debug or Trace level log messages. Log levels can be statically disabled at compile time via Cargo features.

This level is configured separately for release and debug builds. Libraries should avoid using the max level features because they're global and can't be changed once they're set.

For example, a crate can disable trace level logs in debug builds and trace, debug, and info level logs in release builds with the following configuration: The following crate feature flags are available in addition to the filters.

Serde enables support for serialization and serialization of Level and LevelFilter. Obioha Aquino Follow Writer of all things Technical and inspirational, Developer & Community Advocate.

Whether you’re building a CLI tool, web apps for the server or client, network services, embedded systems software or desktop software, Rust is robust enough to cater to all your programming needs. A framework is typically a combination of tools, helpers, and libraries that provide a way to (quickly and effortlessly) build, test, and run applications.

Key aspects to look out for when choosing a framework are its architecture and features (such as support for customization, flexibility, extensibility, security, compatibility with other libraries, etc). This article aims to showcase several Rust frameworks across different niches, highlighting their strengths and shortcomings.

The architecture is based on Rust ’s very powerful actor system and touts itself to be a fun web framework to work with. Depending on your preference, its boilerplate code could help you get started quickly or be overkill if you’re writing a simple app.

It is non-opinionated about how you should write your code which means it does not come with a template or give specific methods of doing things and has a more gradual learning curve. Inspired by Elm and React, Yew is a modern framework for building multi-threaded web-client apps with Web Assembly commonly referred to as Was.

Very similar to JavaScript’s Electron, Azul is a free, functional, immediate-mode GUI framework for the rapid development of desktop applications written in Rust, supported by the Mozilla Weekender rendering engine. Cross-platform GUI toolkit (Windows, Linux, Mac) Immediate-mode API, widgets are composed via function composition CSS styling engine, flexbox-based layout Built-in controls for common user interface elements Create custom widgets via function composition SVG rendering engine, 2D drawing helpers OpenGL integration Asynchronous I/O helper functions XML serialization and hot-reload, built-in XML-to- Rust compiler Single deployment binary, minimal binary size (roughly 5 MB all-incl.

As a low-level language, Rust is perfectly suitable for making user interfaces the old-fashioned way, with native APIs. Sadly, in today’s world, which typically involves supporting many platforms, using native APIs is an unattractive option for many.

However, Rust ’s expressiveness and high-level abstractions make it ideal for building intricate and complex user interfaces. Instead of guessing why problems happen, you can aggregate and report on what state your application was in when an issue occurred.

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