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Rust Eraser

James Lee
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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“The fast-acting formula breaks down rust, calcium, lime, soap scum, and dirt in your pipes, faucets, and drains.” This non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly product gets rid of rust in just minutes without the need for sanding or scrubbing.

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This calcium, lime, and rust remover is designed specifically for heavy materials, like concrete, natural stone, marble, and metal. Whether you're working in your basement, garage, or outdoor space, you can count on Semi Shine to effortlessly remove rust stains, hard water buildup, and soap scum.

The liquid formula quickly removes even the most stubborn stains from fabrics, including colorfast materials. A dab is usually enough to make rust disappear from clothes, and you don't need to scrub vigorously to get stains out or combine it with other cleaning products.

It bonds to rust buildup instantly and converts it into a printable, matte black surface. For best results, apply Rust coleus in steady back-and-forth motions, creating slightly overlapping stripes.

This eco-friendly rust remover is easy to use and doubles as a metal polish, which is perfect for faucets, kitchen utensils, car parts, bikes, and chrome tools. It also creates a protective coating to prevent future rusting and oxidation for up to an entire year.

CLR PRO effortlessly breaks down calcium, lime, rust, soap scum, dirt, and other buildups. Not only that but as an EPA Safer Choice product, it's a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

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The powerful spray tackles calcium buildup, rust, and other water stains on a variety of surfaces. You can use it on your tile floors, porcelain tub, toilet, metal faucets, drain, shower head, shower walls, and countertops.

This product will not harm surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, copper and brass. Rasterize is a specially formulated for cleaning and maintenance professionals to cut labor costs during rust removal, calcium, and lime projects.

Rasterize will quickly neutralize rust, calcium, and lime on contact without heavy scrubbing. Just spray Rasterize, wait, and let the formula neutralize the rust stains, lime or calcium deposits.

Additional materials that are compatible with our formula is vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, metal, wood, plastic and stone. Lastly, Rasterize is also effective even on painted surfaces, stone, grout, Chattahoochee and fabric-made items.

Acrylic tubs / sinks, glass, fiber glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, galvanized metal, natural stones, marbles, ceramic tiles. As always, to be safe we recommend testing in a small area to avoid any discoloration before using the product entirely.

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Removing rust from cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, Industrial equipment, Road equipment, Lawn furniture, Tools, and Restoration of metal parts. We are so confident your rust, lime, or calcium deposit problem will be neutralized within minutes.

If Rasterize does not work for any reason, simply let us know by email or phone, and we will happily refund your money. Rust Remover That Requires No Scrubbing Reduces Labor Costs for Contractors & Businesses Gets Rid of Calcium &...

Rasterize is recommended as an outdoor product although it will work on any surface with rust, lime, or calcium. Rasterize is a unique formulation that removes rust stains by means of a neutralizing chemical reaction.

Yes, Rasterize will remove various caused rust -stains on a wide variety of surfaces. Metal Rescue Rust Remover is manufactured by a company by the name of Workshop Hero.

Workshop Hero was established in 2009 by its parent company, Armor Protective Packaging. However, perennial demand for their products led them to develop a consumer cleaning line that’s sold under Workshop Hero brand.

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After a quick look at the customer testimonial page on the Metal Rescue website, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a jug of this nontoxic cleaner. It appeared that a single soak in Metal Rescue breathed new life into alloys that were otherwise bound for the trash.

For once, we felt that we could skip the rubber gloves and face mask for more comfortable essentials. We found the Metal Rescue rust removal process to be overwhelmingly easy.

You simply fill a container with Metal Rescue and soak your rust -covered objects in it. You can even pour spent Metal Rescue down the drain without risking harm to the environment.

What’s more, you can soak objects without compromising their mechanical properties or degrading the metal. With that said, it’s important to limit the amount of time you soak objects other than steel and iron.

In our first demo, we filled a large plastic container with an entire jug’s worth of Metal Rescue. In our next test, we wanted to determine if Metal Rescue was capable of being reused.


We gathered some rusty tools from our basement and soaked them in the same liquid bath we had used the previous day. While there were a few patches of orange on some ancient tools we tested, the overall effects of this product were undeniable.

However, we were happy to learn that this dark film could be wiped away with a rag, some mild detergent, and water. We also tested the formula on a series of objects, including zinc phosphates and copper alloys.

One of our only concerns with Metal Rescue was that it isn’t suitable for large objects. With that said, Metal Rescue Gel is perfect for eradicating rust from over-sized objects.

What’s more, it can be used on several coatings, including “anodized, chrome, nickel, powder, and paint”. On the other hand, we were extremely pleased to discover that Metal Rescue Rust Remover is reusable.

On the other hand, Metal Rescue is free from “oils, solvents, Vows, acids,” and other harmful chemicals. According to the manufacturer, Metal Rescue can be used to remove up to a ½ pound of dry rust.

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They suggest that one bottle of Metal Rescue is equivalent to treating 300 pounds of moderately rusted steel. All products manufactured by Workshop Hero are guaranteed to be free from material and workmanship defects.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover is designed to be used as a bath for rusty objects. Once you’ve selected a proper container, pour your Metal Rescue into it.

When you are satisfied with the results of your soak, remove your once-rusty objects from their Metal Rescue bath. Keep in mind that rusty multi-part objects may need to be rotated or agitated during the soaking process.

These movements help ensure that all sides of a rusty object are exposed to Metal Rescue. Then, use a funnel to pour the remaining Metal Rescue back into its container.

If your Metal Rescue has turned black and is no longer yielding results, it may be time to replace your current bottle. Keeping Track of the Gravity Rating You don’t need to guess if your Metal Rescue Bath is spent.

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On the other hand, deeply rusted objects require a full 24-hour soak. Top It Off In rare instances, you may notice that some of your Metal Rescue has evaporated.

Get Your Questions Answered We felt that Workshop Hero offered an extensive amount of information on their products. When we were first introduced to Metal Rescue, we were excited to explore a greener rust removal product.

Still, we were eager to give it a try if it meant reducing the toxicity of our chemical collection. After a few tests, we could see that our anticipations were far from realistic This water-based cleaner was capable of bringing our rusty parts back from the dead.

As such, we strongly recommend this rust remover to anyone looking to revive rusty metal objects. You’ll probably want to add to the abundance of before and after pictures that can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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