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Rust Do Trees Respawn

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
• 15 min read

Trees are naturally occurring world objects in Rust. Players can harvest trees for Wood using any gathering tool such as a Rock, Hatchet, or Pickaxe.


Harvested wood is added to the player inventory and can be used for Crafting various items or as fuel for Camp Fires and Furnaces. The amount of wood harvested from trees is generally proportional to its size and type.

Large trees can be harvested for around 650 wood, depending on the tool used. Add a photo to this gallery Although plentiful in the landscape, trees were not the fastest way of obtaining Wood in Legacy.

If the player used a Pick Axe on the tree, they could get 2 Wood per hit. In contrast with Experimental Rust, trees in Legacy did not DeShawn after being fully harvested, and players would see a message stating 'There's no wood left here' if they attempted to continue gathering from it.

It doesn’t replace researching, but experimenting is gone and progression has fundamentally shifted. Overview There are 3 tiers of tech tree (T1, T2, T3), each independent of each other, each linked to a work bench (WB Level 1 = T1 items and so on).

Once in a tech tree you can drag around to explore, scroll to zoom in and out, and click on each item to see the cost of unlocking it. How you progress If you’ve ever played a game with tech trees in it before, this system will make perfect sense to you.

Progressing through each tech tree involves unlocking each item linearly. You can still find an item, bring it to a research table, and pay the scrap to get the blueprint.

That said, you won’t be finding blueprints in barrels and crates around the map as those drops have been removed from the loot tables. You can no longer plop an amount of scrap on a work bench and receive back a random blueprint of a certain tier.

Shifts in Tier As you’ve probably figured out, the items in each tech tree align with which work bench level is required to craft them. Likely most impactful of these changes, the Garage Door and High External Stone Gate are now T2 items.

The team is planning on using December to allow players to test the system and provide their feedback. Changes and balance is expected throughout the month, ironing out a more solidified variant for January.

Hell, scream out your window, fists shaking wildly in the air. Accompanying this new type of progression, a huge number of balance / quality of life changes have been made.

These changes are so vast in numbers, the specifics would take up way too much space to list here. Given this, we’ve created a separate public Google doc which lists them out over 32 pages (I told you it was a lot).

Large med kit now provides small amount of instant health (10) and reduced crafting cost and time Most notable this month, radiation has been added to the Launch Site floodlight towers, increasing the difficulty of certain approaches.

Also, Stables will no longer be spawning so close to other monuments and the size of their safe zones has been slightly decreased. In the last two months, we implemented some new policies regarding association and trio server violations.

Although much of the new policies are working (more bans, fewer offenses), I did not properly train my team on how to handle certain fringe cases. To make matters worse, due to my lack of clarification with my team, some of these bans were upheld for some pretty bullshit reasons.

I understand the upset this has caused certain players and groups and apologize for the shitty experience. I’ve since instructed my team to give more benefit of the doubt in these instances, especially when it comes to first offenses.

It is likely we’ll need to continue tweaking these rules to find a proper balance between punishing true offenders and unjustly banning legit players. If you believe you or your team was negatively impacted by the above, please put a support ticket in with the subject “Request for senior mod review”.

It’ll be forwarded to my senior staff who will review the case and do what they can to make it right. I’m happy to announce we will be running monthly community events the Wednesday night before forced wipes.

These events will features various activities and custom gameplay modes from Charitable Rust (because one day isn’t enough time to show it all off). Resources, materials, and bosses have their own specific respawn timers in Gen shin Impact.

These are all the known respawn timers for minerals like Crystal Chunks, Cor Laps, and Iron, along with plants like Philemon Mushrooms, Violet grass, and more. You can check our guide on the best spots to farm Crystal Chunks, as those seem to be the most valuable and most challenging obtaining.

Plants include Mist Flower Corolla, Mistake, Kingpin, Glaze Lily, Jean Chili, Flaming Flower Stamen, Violet grass, Snapdragon, Silk Flower, Horsetail, Dandelion Seed, Val berry, Philemon Mushroom, Calla Lily, Small Lamp Grass, Wind wheel Aster, Wolf hook, and Cecilia. By opening your Handbook, you can manually check the respawn timer from when you killed a boss.

Rewards for Spiral Abyss floor nine through twelve resets on the first and sixteenth day of every month. As far as we know from photo, chests do not respawn in Gen shin Impact, contrary to popular belief.

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