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Rust Do Helicopters Despawn
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Thursday, 21 October, 2021

Rust Do Helicopters Despawn

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 8 min read

It then flies around and patrols monuments randomly, with the only known and guaranteed waypoint being the Airfield. If the helicopter sees a player, it will open fire (depending on certain conditions listed below).

helicopter downwash military commando wikimedia aircraft marine


The Attack Helicopter has two automatic guns (presumably M249s), as well as rockets with the ability to heavily damage buildings. In addition, the rockets are extremely deadly and can easily kill players in one shot/burst.

As of Dev blog 80, the helicopter also has a napalm weapon that rains lingering fire onto the ground, which deters campers and encourages tactical group gameplay. The helicopter only targets players who are wearing three or more pieces of clothing, or have a ranged weapon in their hot bar.

As of Dev blog 100 the Attack Helicopter will not target players armed with a Hunting Bow. If the helicopter is not destroyed within 15 minutes of its arrival, it will fly back out to sea and disappear.

The loot the helicopter yields is similar to airdrops, but in larger quantities with a higher chance for high-quality items. Note: As of Dev blog 80 the Attack Helicopter will shoot its missiles in a building blocked area.

The napalm weapon of the Attack Helicopter causing damage to a nearby building. If you shoot the rotors, a small trail of smoke will begin to emerge from them, which starts at light gray color and gets darker as it takes more damage.

Two players guarding the crash site of a downed attack helicopter. The wreckage will be engulfed in the fuel fire, which is bright and visible from far away (watch your back!).

Smoke plumes and four burning loot crates will lay scattered out in the wreckage. You will be unable to loot any of the crates until the fire ceases, which lasts a few minutes.

As of Dev blog 194 players can no longer build within a small radius of the crash site. The loot is generally very rewarding and can contain weapon mods, plenty of special ammunition and other treasures.

In order to avoid almost any conflict with the helicopter, make sure that you do not have any ranged weapons on your toolbar. The helicopter will not DiMaggio while it has a continuous line-of-sight : It will not stop trying to kill you if you equip items listed above while it can see you.

It has been observed by some players to see and chase a target (who has 2+ clothing items/ranged weapon(s) in their hot bar), lose & re-establish it's line-of-sight, then approach, but not fire and ultimately lose interest in its target. Stay low, or close to rocks and other obstructions. However, the helicopter can still be alerted to your presence if there are windows or open doors, and heavily damage the building with its gunfire.

However, it does not define the sight of the Attack Helicopter and it will open fire even if you're not in the beam. Looting the Attack Helicopter's or Bradley APC tank's crash site are the only ways players can get the M249, a powerful light machine gun.

The Mini copter can be bought from the helicopter vendor in Bandit Camp for 750 Scrap. The Mini copter uses 1800 Low Grade Fuel per hour or 30 per minute of flight.

To refuel while flying you hold down ALT to Free look and look back at the Fuel Tank. Since it is notoriously difficult to fly the Mini copter, large groups of players (aka “clans”) should ensure their pilots are well practiced.

An unlucky crash at a crucial moment can lead to huge losses. Though if a crash seems unavoidable, the Mini copter can be jumped out of on the last second, avoiding taking damage altogether.

A new air vehicle will grace the skies of Rust this month. This article covers all the things you’ll need to know about the new Scrap Helicopter.

This scrappy machine uses twice as much fuel as its little brother (the Mini copter) and will easily crush anyone it happens to land on. On a default world size (4k) there appear to be 5 spawning at once, making it a rare commodity.

It handles as you would expect; a bit sluggish while being pretty forgiving when it comes to losing control. Also like the Mini copter, you can taxi on the ground by holding CTRL and using the Was keys.

With the addition of the Scrap Held, there have been some buffs for attacking air vehicles. Specifically, the Rocket Launcher is now cheaper and a Tier 2 item.

Our preliminary tests show that upwards of 21 people can squeeze into the back of this thing. Add the two people up front, and you’ve got a huge group which can be transported at once.

The Scrap Transport Helicopter certainly guzzles that Low Grade. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to land to refuel, as the tank is not accessible during flight (or when anyone in the pilot seat for that matter).

The Scrap Held can be repaired when damaged using a Hammer and Metal Fragments. Each Hammer whack repairs 50hp and costs 38 Metal Frags.

The RUST helicopter is a special event that is run automatically on vanilla servers every 2 to 3 hours. The helicopter is looking to engage players that are armed with weapons, advanced tools, or 3 or more pieces of clothing.

RUST Admins that want to spawn the attack helicopter are often looking to increase the threat level of those wandering the game world. Players who are established and have built special helicopter bases want the chance to take it down.

The RUST helicopter can be shot down and has a lucrative loot table worth the risk. The first available command will call in a single attack helicopter from a random direction to patrol the game world monuments.

The helicopter will fly directly to the location of the admin or moderator player when the command was invoked. This location will be patrolled for a brief period and when complete, the helicopter will continue on to its random monument flight path.

The command can only be run from the in-game console, as it requires the exact coordinates of a player to fly to. The helicopter will patrol this area for a brief period, then continue on to its random monument flight path.

Mini copters allow players to get an overview perspective of the map and experience the game in a way they’ve never been able to before Use as a location device, similar to a bat signal for players not in your party Air raids, evacuations, and reconnaissance on enemy bases Potential future for this becoming a vessel that can be used when transitioning to a different server Spawn the Mini copter into the game for custom events and mayhem Adds additional interactions for players to use and be creative with Admins using the Mini copter can advertise a unique aspect of their RUST servers, especially once modded Provide an additional means for transportation in the game beyond running, walking, boating and swimming Scrapped together with a handful of pieces, the Mini copters appear to sit on the frame of a rusted boat trailer, with the wheels intact.

The tail rudder appears to be made out of sheet metal resembling a stop sign. Directly behind the captain’s chair is a small red container, with the word “fuel” scribbled in white paint, sitting atop the portable engine.

The rear and main rotor blades appear to be made of a thin sheet metal resembling, quite possibly, the only legitimate items to be grafted onto this contraption. One chair is designed for the pilot, closest to the engine, with a control stick positioned just behind the passenger’s seat.

This occurs regardless if it housed properly or not, similar to the rowboat, hot air balloon, and Rib. Damage done to Mini copters can be repaired using a wooden hammer and metal fragments.

To turn the Mini copter on, simply add low-grade fuel to the gas tank behind the captain’s chair. It can hold up to 500 low-grade fuel, which can run the Mini copter in the air for a total of 16 minutes and 30 seconds before the engine disengages.

There isn’t a mechanism to disengage specifically, but it will shut off automatically if a player exits the captain’s chair by pressing the space bar key. Note that this RUST admin command does not work from Icon platforms and does require being logged into the game server.

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