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Rust Cannot Build In This Area

Ava Flores
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 11 min read

It doesn't allow me to build above a certain point, telling me I cannot build ..... As soon as I try placing it above... it just doesn't work... In my crafting section there aren't a building component for me to choose from i.e. pillars, wood planks, etc.

rust building noobs wiki gameplay guide placement hammer


All the beginners guides I've read just say 'start by building a simple wooden shelter' but don't explain how to do that. Happens semi frequently for me and its usually ignorable, but as of right now, this glitch is preventing me from replacing my front door, so the faster I can get help for this the better.

The foundation is colored red no matter where I try and put it. The game is up to date. I took a break from rust, and when I came back now, all of a sudden you can BUILD in other people's bases.

Raiders can put up ladders across your entire base, or build their way around your walls. This broke the game, just giving people access to father destroy the experience for players.

Placing a c4, blowing a second story wall out without taking the tool cupboard... Bad f***ING idea face punch. In Rust, players can create their own structures to protect themselves from threats and store their loot.

A Tool Cupboard can be set to bestow privilege on a player and their allies. Equip the Hammer, face the structure that you want to upgrade (it will be highlighted), and hold right click.

oppai puzzle screenshots enlarge

Like upgrading structures, one needs a Hammer to repair building objects, as well as the necessary resources and tool cupboard access. The hammer will then swing at the object, and repair damage at the cost of corresponding resources.

Twig Tier components serve as a main foundation for a base's design and can be used to prototype its layout and features. The costs associated with building a specific component can be viewed in the table to the left.

Twig Tier components have 10 health and are extremely susceptible to all types of damage sources. The Twig Tier components' purpose is not strictly relegated to just building bases.

They can be used to build temporary defensive structures, often incorporated in base designs, such as destructible drawbridges platforms. Similarly, they prove to be an essential, offensive element of raiding as they would allow one to construct raid towers and attach platforms to base walls to use as scaffolding, both of which aid in overcoming obstacles and heights.

After the Twig Tier Dev blog 158 update, defenders are concentrating on two methods: building out from bases with closely packed High External Stone Walls and Metal Barricades, or using the fact that Twig cannot be built above Stairs. The first is expensive; the counter to the latter is to build a twig tower and then place Frames or Doors, then balance a Large Wood Box on top.

banished screenshots pcgame

Upgrading to Wood Tier is mostly only useful in the Early Game, as it is relatively cost-effective and provides a degree of protection. Upgrade Cost Square Foundation 300 Triangle Foundation 150 Foundation Stairs 150 Square Floor 150 Triangle Floor 75 Wall 300 Half Wall 300 Low Wall 150 Doorway 210 Window 210 Wall Frame 150 Floor Frame 150 Stairs 300 Roof 300 Stone Tier components cannot be built directly, but rather require an existing Twig or Wood Tier component to be upgraded using a Hammer.

Stone Tier components have 500 health and are invulnerable to damage inflicted by fire, most tools and regular projectiles. They are, however, susceptible to high explosive damage, such as Satchel Charges or Rockets.

Upgrading to Stone Tier remains a viable alternative for the entirety of the game, though, it is particularly useful during Early to Mid Game as the raw materials needed are relatively abundant and do not require any additional processing. Upgrade Cost Square Foundation 200 Triangle Foundation 100 Foundation Stairs 200 Square Floor 100 Triangle Floor 50 Wall 200 Half Wall 200 Low Wall 100 Doorway 140 Window 140 Wall Frame 100 Floor Frame 100 Stairs 200 Roof 200 Sheet Tier components cannot be built directly, but rather require an existing Twig, Wood, or Stone Tier component to be upgraded using a Hammer.

A remedy to counteract this would be to upgrade all exterior components of a base to Stone Tier and leave just the interior parts as Sheet Metal. It is recommended that you always upgrade Floor components as they will remain fully opaque, yet provide all the strength benefits of the Sheet Metal Tier.

Armored Tier components have 2000 health and are extremely resistant all sources of damage, except explosives. Even though the Armored Tier provides the highest degree of protection, it is seldom used mainly due to its prohibitive upgrade cost.

cantilever patio umbrella offset abba base outdoor ft cross hanging umbrellas foot feet tips tub bases guide buying

In comparison to Sheet Metal Tier components and in terms of explosive resistance, Armored Tier components are only 50% stronger, while being orders of magnitude costlier to produce and maintain. Naturally, one would feel inclined to build a compact loot room and upgrade it to Armored for maximum protection.

Arguably, the most efficient application of the Armored Tier is upgrading Floor tiles. While still quite expensive, the cost to upgrade is halved or even quartered in comparison to regular components, such as Walls and Foundations.

*TWIG UPDATE makes building on rocks physically pointless... The Tool Cupboard authorizes players to build within 16 meters of any foundation that is attached to the base which it is placed in.

Locks can be placed on doors, containers (storage boxes and vending machines) and the Tool Cupboard. To place a Key Lock, select it and left-click on the target.

Other players can kill those who have keys in their inventory and will therefore gain access your base, so keep them safe! Stability is a reflection of a structure's endurance; the more stable, the less likely it is to fall apart, if it reaches zero, it will break instantly upon placement.


A stability percentage is visible when mousing over a building object at melee range. Stone, sheet metal, and armored tier foundations will take a bit longer (a few days).

Here's a guide video that shows you the essentials of Base Building in Rust and a few additional things you might not know. Other applications available (Not created by Face punch) that can assist in base designs, and other in-game features.

Before we start with the commands though, I just want to say a few things about moderating so that no-one gets the wrong ideas about it. We thank you for your level of involvement in Gamekeeper to the point where we would consider you as fit for that duty.

Mods are not there to get involved in any way unless requested by the players, (and even then don’t believe everything they tell you). Be VERY skeptical but polite as some players feel they can somehow manipulate (socially engineer) mods and admins to do their bidding.

Mods are not there to take sides, or to punish players, or to threaten them, or get involved in verbal abuse or general shit talk with them. Most of the time the players want no intervention from mods or admins at all and would be far happier if we kept away.

ford duty super kansas cars south

Please don’t troll players with your mod superpowers unless you know they’re okay with it first. Then LATER, much later, the next day if necessary or possible, when everything is calm and Plank or one of the other admins are around and you happen to think about it, then tell them.

PLEASE don’t send 10-30 messages as it occurs to you (yeah, one mod used to do this). The admins have lives and every PM you send to them causes their phones to ping and interrupts what they’re doing in real life, so PLEASE be considerate.

Just take 20 minutes to think, and step back a bit if you’re not sure about what to do. Often stopping and thinking about something for a little while is all it takes for a problem to fizzle out or go away.

It’s your consideration and help and effort that makes (I think) Gamekeeper a great place to hang out. To fly around and go through solid items, press F1 and type no clip into the console.

/van ~ You disappear, and other players (not admins) can’t see or hear you speak or fire guns. As a side effect, you can’t hear players speak when they use V for voice in-game (this may have changed with a recent version, TBC).

/AAF ~ Sets you as AFK and sends the player who says “admin” a short message. Unless you get in front of a low flying cargo plane.

It might be a good idea to be vanished first, just in case they’re surrounded by turrets, and they all fire at you, killing them in the process. Doing /TPL on its own will give you a list of locations you’ve saved.

/get Grief ~ Allows you to teleport to the top left of a grid reference. /prod ~ An older variant plugin that also gives information about elements including door and box codes.

/callbrokenheli ~ Calls a malfunctioning helicopter that will eventually crash and eject the pilot. /call crash ~ Calls a low flying cargo plane.

/item name | help ~ Allows you to search items by proper name or short name. A zone can be useful if you’re making any sort of building that you don’t want to be raided, or you want to have 100% stability all the way up.

You MUST check out the Undertook page in order to find out how it works BEFORE you try to use it as you can easily accidentally remove a player base with it (I did that once). /mute player name 0d6h0m0s ~ Would be a 6-hour mute to a player if for example the were persistently speaking in any language other than English in chat.

We may remove this plugin at some point, so don’t be surprised if this no longer works. As soon as you’ve finished removing the item, do /erase again to turn off the erase tool.

The hammer will often do the job just as well, as admins can remove immediately in many cases. /erase will also remove animals, trees, nodes (boulders).

Never ever do /remove all as a careless click will remove a player base completely from a VERY long distance. /remove structure ~ Will remove a player built building.

/deploy “Lantern”/deploy “Tuna Can Lamp”/deploy “Metal Barricade”/deploy “Two Sided Town Sign Post”/deploy “Large Furnace” If a player requests a TP out from a base he’s raiding where he’s got stuck, you MUST NOT help them.

But, if a player falls in between walls in his own base or gets stuck in a cave system, you can TP them out if they need it. Some players can be cheeky and evasive, so make sure you’re happy with what they’re telling you.

Because these can potentially lag the server or are otherwise felt best to be restricted, mods can’t use these commands, they’re for admins only. If the base is pasting under the map at sea level (an intermittent bug) then open the console (F1) and type prints.

You can then paste it in using the height command and while it might need a little of tweaking, it’s usually about right. This only works correctly if you’re pasting back into the SAME map.

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