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Rust Can You Pick Up Vending Machines

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Vending machine owners must be careful, however, as it can be destroyed and whichever items it was selling would become available for looting. The display on the vending machine looks similar to the screens present throughout Bethesda's “Fallout” series.

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When a spear is thrown just above a Vending Machine placed in a doorway it will pass through the wall and damage items and players beyond it. You ’re also going to want to disable broadcasting on the vending machines so it doesn’t show up on the map.

If you want to be a dick to raiders toucan upgrade this bunker window to armored as well. If everything is open, running through is a breeze, but closed off it’s a pain in the ass for raiders.

As a community leader and server owner for over 15 years, he spends much of his time researching and writing guides about survival games, covering topics such as server administration, game mechanics, and community growth. Basically, rotate it around so the front is facing the wall, you want it directly in the center, maybe a little towards the door, and you want to pull back a little until you ’re able to see the rectangle here.

This latest video covers a new vending machine exploit, that Vice utilizes inside a tricky door stacked solo RUST base design. A Vending Machine will sell your items and it does not require the direct presence of its owner.

The second one is slightly trickier, and you ’re probably going to want to practice this on a build server before doing it, because toucan ’t pickupvendingmachines later. Now that we have the vending machines, we should upgrade the walls, toucan keep it sheet metal if you ’d like but ideally you want to armor up the back of this base.

Vending machine owners must be careful, however, as it can be destroyed and whichever items it was selling would become available for looting. … So this is a complete build, so I’ll show the cost here on screen, it’s insanely cheap for the strength of this base.

Here, toucan actually place a third vending machine, you ’re going to want it about 4 dots on the metal floor away from the frame. Yeah, that about covers it for this video, I’m going to be doing a larger clan based build with this trick in the next few days, so stay tuned for that, in the meantime though I welcome everyone to join my discord, we have a lot of great builders in there who can really help you improve your builds.

But we’ve got a game changer for the Rust economy: Vending machines. The vending machine is a completely new type of item for Rust.

For the first time, players are able to buy and sell goods with the aid of this new deployable. Given it's an initial iteration, tweaks and improvements are still needed, so expect some changes in the next short while.

The front is where you buy items, the back is where you manage storage and sell orders. Although they can technically be placed anywhere, given these two points of access, they are best suited in doorways (which they snap into).

Once you ’ve placed your vending machine, head to the back and hold E. From here toucan manage the inventory and sell orders. Once purchased, the goods enter your inventory and the payment is deposited into the vending machine.

With these handy devices, toucan trade without making direct contact, minimizing your risk when bartering with strangers. Vending machines are draftable items that require 20 High Quality Metal and 3 Gears.

To craft a vending machine, you will first need a Workbench Level 1 (500 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments, 50 Scrap). The front of the vending machine (the side with the screen), is the access point for purchasing.

Vending machine locations appear as green shopping carts on the map. If you hover the cursor over a vending machine location on the map, it will display the available trades.

To hide or show your vending machine’s location on the map, toggle the “broadcast location” option in the configuration settings (accessed by standing in front of your vending machine and holding ‘E’). You don’t have to worry about interacting with dangerous players who will shoot you in the face and rob your corpse.

Conversely, other people will be more willing to trade with you knowing that they don’t need to approach a potential face-shooting lunatic. The downside to this is that without direct interaction, you don’t know what your customer wants nor what they have to offer.

There aren’t hard-and-fast rules, and the value of different items will fluctuate across servers, depending on the play styles of the community. Generally, vending machines work best when offering components and items in exchange for materials (whichever you most don’t feel like gathering yourself), as materials are the item toucan expect any player to either already have or be able to gather.

In addition to this basic rule, there are two major factors to consider when setting up a vending machine: wipe cycle and customer level. Generally, components for higher-level weapons, such as a gun bodies, are more valuable just after a wipe has occurred.

Towards the end of a wipe cycle, basic but already assembled items tend to gain value as people are less willing to spend time harvesting the necessary resources themselves. A player that has recently spawned will have different needs than one who is already geared to the teeth.

Newly spawned players may have higher-level components or materials that they are unable to use at this stage (such as springs, pipes, Gears, and gun bodies). But there are a couple items that all geared players always need: Syringes and food.

Later in a wipe cycle, once players and clans have established their bases, many will be more interested in customizing their look than finding a weapon. This means it isn’t likely someone will go blowing up your unattended store willy-nilly for the fun of it (depending on your server).

Placing the vending machine so that the back is only accessible through a fortified building will prevent unwanted persons from jacking your stash. If you want some added protection for your vending machine, place it behind an Armored Door (20 High Quality Metal and 5 Gears).

With this in mind, you can mitigate your losses by making sure you don’t have too many valuable items in one vending machine at one time. It may even be worthwhile to build multiple vending machines in the same location, each stocked with only one valuable item.

Soon after a server wipe, there aren’t likely to be many around, but if you find them they can be incredibly useful, especially just after spawning. Other players may be lurking nearby, especially if the vending machine’s location is advertised on the map.

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