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Rust Bradley

James Lee
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 7 min read

It is designed as a counterweight to the richness of the loot and seems likely to displace that Monument from favor with players who cannot deal with its challenges. There are more differences between the APC and the Attack Helicopter than there are similarities, including the obvious one.

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The turret displays two rockets, a larger automatic weapon, and a main artillery gun. If you are using Rockets it might be preferable to get on a roof whilst when using Timed Explosive Charges, the many buildings are the better choice, with doors in which you can hide in to wait for him to pass and then run out.

The Bradley APC' currently has 2 modes of firepower: a machine gun and large-caliber cannon. Killing the Bradley APC' is a rough task to take upon due to its extremely high damage and armor-piercing explosive shells.

There are many locations within the launch site which players will be safe from the Bradley APC' which include warehouses, silos, tunnels, landfills, and the majority of the construction building. It is worth mentioning that the Bradley APC' is able to shoot at almost all angles.

×5714 min 7 sec-×14,2753With the new update, the cheapest way to take down this mighty tank is to shoot 7 He rockets at him. 2Using 2 C4 to destroy the Bradley :It is recommended to build a temporary 1×2 base nearby with a bed, TC, and boxes for food, water, medical supplies, and several radiation suits.1.

Facing the Main building from the rocket area, proceed to the right side of the monument where there is a large cylindrical tank with a ladder going up and a bridge extending to a building. Bait the Bradley APC from the central area so that he will chase you through the buildings and not along the concrete wall.3.

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You can then wait for Bradley to stroll by and hit it with a bow or something other than the grenade. You should hear tags every hit and if you do continue throwing the grenades at it.

GETTING READY Build a base with a sleeping bag/Bed near the launch site and put ALL of your gear except a rad suit and Two Timed Explosive Charges. DESTROYING THE TANK Take the C4 and place one in each of the first two slots of your toolbar.

In the Mid-point of the Launch site and the Rocket factory (main building) is a gateway with four stone barricades (two on each side). (He will have to cross this point on his default route) As soon as you see the front of him passing by Run out and throw the first C4 on him, QUICKLY, hit the number 2 button on your keyboard to select the second C4 and throw that on him.

ReSpawn at the base you built near the Launch site and grab your gear. The reason you put the C4 in a different stack is that it's faster than waiting for the animations of you throwing the first one.

Once it gets close enough it will stop and begin shooting at me through the building but of course not doing damage. If done right you'll never take damage, you won't die, and the rewards will be yours to reap.

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When the 1st one blows, the APC may turn around and come back to facilitate the next charge. The Bradley APC is an AI controlled tank that follows a specified path around the Launch Site monument.

All players that approach the Bradley APC are considered hostile and will be automatically engaged. The Bradley APC being an armored tank has a grand total of 1000 health and can be damaged via C4, rockets, and explosive rounds.

The remains of the Bradley APC can also be harvested once the fire has subsided, in an identical manner to the helicopter when it’s been destroyed. Below, you’ll find an image of the current path that the Bradley APC patrols around the Launch Site monument.

The RUST Bradley APC command can be used to add additional NPCs into your server Allows players to interact with more hostile NPCs, adding more danger to exploration Spawning Bradley APC's into the game for custom events and mayhem Adds new goals for players to seek out and adds more content for Eve based servers A method to slow down larger groups from freely looting monuments without a challenge Admins can advertise a unique aspect of their RUST servers Non-admin players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use the RUST Bradley APC command and variables.

Note that this command does not work from Icon platforms and does require being logged into the game server. Note that this RUST admin command does work from Icon platforms and doesn’t require being logged into the game server.

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Holdings of Bradley M. Rust NameEquities%Valuation German American Ban corp, Inc. (GBC) (Banks) 47, 8290.18%1,355,952 USD © 2020 People and Ownership : Bradley M. Rust : Connections GERMAN AMERICAN Bangor, INC. U.

After adding the Bradley APC last week, Held is making some tweaks to the new NPC and its environment. In an effort to reduce chances of getting stuck, he made it so the Bradley no longer turns 180 degrees on a straightaway.

Also, a bunch of props (cones and boxes) around the launch site have been removed in the interest of not blocking Bradley. The loot tables of the Bradley have been modified, making it, so they will no longer drop explosives.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Basically we were the only people messing with Launch Site, so we know no one destroyed it, but we feel like it has regained its health over time.

View Entire Discussion (5 Comments)More posts from the play rust community In addition to this, horrifying background sounds, shrieks, cackles, and growls will also be heard as nighttime sets in.

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Each day/night cycle, the Halloween Hunt event will also trigger, allowing players to collect candies off the ground that can be upgraded into Halloween guide bags filled with supplies and weapons. Separate of the Halloween RUST admin command itself, but designed and intended to be enabled with the Halloween event, admins can also control the population density of murderer and scarecrow NPCs.

It can be quite the shock to hear the sounds and see the murderers or scarecrows without advance knowledge. Once this setting is enabled, all players on the server will experience the event and cannot opt-out.

This event can severely impact the server’s overall performance with too many NPCs roaming. All the RUST Halloween commands can be issued from Icon platforms, the in-game console, or changed in the server’s configuration files.

Used to control the collectible ground spawns from appearing as Halloween themed items. Note that this command does work from Icon platforms and doesn’t require being logged into the game server.

This command is used to modify the population density of murderers, per square km. Used to control the number of murderers that appear across the map By default, this variable is set to “5” and accepts numerical values as parameters.

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Note that this command does work from Icon platforms and doesn’t require being logged into the game server. This command is used to modify the population density of scarecrows, per square km.

Used to control the number of scarecrows that appear across the map By default, this variable is set to “3” and accepts numerical values as parameters. Note that this command does work from Icon platforms and doesn’t require being logged into the game server.

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