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Rust Airfield Puzzle

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 7 min read

For those of you that haven’t heard about or seen them yet Face punch recently dropped puzzles into the monuments. The loot behind the puzzles also gets considerably better the higher tier or color you go from green, to blue and then to red.

rust keycard puzzle


The green key cards spawn on desks in four of the monuments which are the gas station, the supermarket, the junkyard and the lighthouse. There’s also a chance that you’ll get one off of scientists which provided you’ve got a gun are very easy to kill.

The blue key cards can be found inside the loot rooms for the green puzzles. The red key cards can be found inside the loot rooms for the blue puzzles.

Additionally, it’s important to note that in order to use a key card it actually has to be in your hands and you attack the keypads with them to swipe them through and unlock the doors. Doing this actually minor damages the key cards though don’t be too worried about this as you’ll most likely lose them to someone jumping you before they actually break.

Lastly for the preparation part of the puzzles it’s worth noting that you’re going to need rad protection for a lot of them. The easiest of the puzzle types however still worth doing for a bit of loot and to stock up on blue key cards.

Head into the bottom floor, put a fuse in and flip the switch. Head back out and up to the top floor, swipe your green key card and you’re in.

monument puzzles

Find this building which is in the middle of the harbor across from a big red hanger. Spin around and head over to the other metal shack to swipe your green key card and you’re in.

Now that we’re onto the blue puzzles things are starting to get a bit more interesting and difficult rather than just one fuse and switch. When you get to the green door swipe your green key card and head in, you’ll find one crate in this room however more importantly you’ll see the blue door though it isn’t powered yet.

You’re going to need a green and blue key card for this one, however unlike airfield you’ll only need 1 electric fuse. Start at the 3-story building in the corner of power plant, you’ll find the first switch under the stairs.

Make your way diagonally across power plant to the small red building with a slanted roof. Head inside, activate the switch and then the timer, keep in-mind that you’re on the clock now and need to move if you don’t want to have to start again.

Head over to the left side of the big gray building and you’ll find the green door, swipe your green key card and head inside where you’ll find between 1 – 3 crates and 5 barrels. Additionally, on the first floor of this building you’ll find another switch, flip it and then jump up here and head up the stairs.

airfield rust

Now unlike the airfield and power plant you don’t actually need a green key card to get into the blue room at the train yard. Firstly, head for the recycler building, duck in through the garage door and flip the switch.

Turn around and head out the door on the other side of the room which will put you on an external staircase. Head up another floor and you’ll find the blue door, swipe your blue key card and you’ll find 9 crates and a red key card inside.

For this one you’re only going to need an electric fuse and a blue key card, there is no green door here although there is a new mechanic that we haven’t seen up until this point. Head for the building in the center, you’re going to find two big blast doors with a wheel that you can turn.

Oh, and one last thing, use this switch in the back office to activate the door so you can get out. Let’s dive right in, make sure you’ve got one of each of the key cards and while you only need one fuse for this puzzle I generally bring two just in-case we run out of time trying to get through it all.

Additionally, you’re going to want to bring some decent firepower as this place is jam packed with aggressive scientists that are packing some serious firepower, and they won’t just stand there staring at you waiting for you to make the first move, they will light you the #$^@ up the second they see you. The red container up in the middle has 3 elite crates so it is definitely worth looting on your way through.

rust airfield doom

On the plus side you’ve already cleared out all the scientists up until this point, so it should be considerably faster this time. Follow the hallway and take your first right, this door will lead you to the spiral staircase and you're way out.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed one of the hardest puzzles in the game, now get that juicy loot back to your base! Last on the list of puzzles and for a good damn reason is launch site.

The biggest and meanest of the monuments, complete with a homicidal tank that roams about and more radiation than you’d think is even possible. The suit will be fine for most of it but things get pretty crazy once you make your way into the main building.

Head over to the rocket side of launch site and up top away from everything you’ll find this green building with 011 written on it. Head inside and directly to your left you’ll find the first switch, flip it.

Next go into the stone building with a metal ramp that is past the rocket, go down the stairs and into the room on the left where you’ll find the second switch, flip it and head back up and out. Jump across the ledge and feel your butt hole tighten as you either make it by a few pixels or fall to your death.


Now here’s where all the hard work pays off, head over to the big main building and you’ll find a few red doors. Swipe your red key card, head inside and loot absolutely everything you can find, including the elite crates on the roof.

Keep an eye on your radiation while you’re in this main building as your rad suit won’t be enough to keep your safe. Our partner Malone is back at it again, this time he’s trying to solve a RUST monument puzzle, well… actually all of them.

He’s fashioned a complete guide covering all the RUST monument puzzles scattered across the island. His guide provides a complete walkthrough, with preparation instructions, for those players that need to know the exact steps for obtaining the fuses, key cards, and the ability to survive the areas required to complete each puzzle.

Blue is the only type of card you can actually purchase in game. They are for sale at the tools vending machine at the Outpost (aka Compound) monument and cost 100 scrap.

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