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Life Is Fashion Avakin Life

James Lee
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
• 12 min read

I like to make my Avatar the same as I am in real, I usually wear narrow bottom pants and T-shirts along with jackets. I like to use social media and sharing stuff with my loved ones.

avakin minnoux


Check his interview where she shared some tips about fashion. She has a good knowledge of fashion if you like to check her Interview.

Av akin Axel Dorothy fashion Axel Dorothy wearing an amazing male outfit in Avakinlife, and he has a really so amazing collection of fashion outfit which he shared with us. AvakinFashion Designer Diamond Dish lives in Indonesia, and she's really too good in fashion.

Av akin Steph Harmony Stefan Harmony making amazing edits of Av akin outfit and you can check that on her Instagram and in her fashion. Av akin BIA Dorothy fashion BIA Dorothy is good at making some cute outfit and her outfit style is really so cool.

Check out her Interview too where she shared knowledge about fashion. Av akin Rugby Collins fashion Av akin Rugby Collins is an expert in editing faces in any of the sexiest real models, and she speaks Portuguese so fluently.

Av akin Safe fashion Safe lives in Singapore, and she's really making amazing edits, and she's having good knowledge about fashion and new trends. Her Inspiration coming by reading diary by chuck flank.

avakin weekly tip ria official

Her inspiration comes by seeing other edits on Instagram and on Pinterest, she loves flowery and plaid looks. Av akin Melanie moon fashion Melanie moon having wonderful knowledge about Avakinfashion, and she really loves vlogging and shares her ideas and knowledge always to others.

Av akin Ella Moon fashion Ella loves in the Philippines, she loves Korean fashion and likes to wear clothes like that. She loves fashion designing since childhood when she plays with dolls.

Actress and Artist drawings inspired her a lot to make creative edits. Av akin Divinely and Royalty Div and Royal couple in Avakinlife, and they are the leader of 24k family which is the Richest family in Avakinlife.

Jump into Fashion Contests then message your friends and party in paradise locations. CREATE YOUR UNIQUE Avatar Vast role-playing game where you can design your ideal character, figure, hair, eye color and explore unlimited ways to be you!• Dress your avatar how you want.

• Compete in exciting Fashion Contests and explore amazing brands and outfits!• Take pictures of your avatar and share on Facebook or Instagram! New outfits every week!• Build your wardrobe with exclusive items and create collections packed with stylish looks.• Dress up (or down), play with your style and amaze others with your sense of fashion.

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Go to clubs, the beach, the stars and new places every week!• Dive into the beautiful world of AvakinLife NOW! Don't miss parties, presents and perfect holiday moments across a month of snow-packed events.

Join the celebrations!• Bugs that were causing issues for some players have been fixed. Users Interact, Digital Purchases. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

It’s that time of year when fashion rules supreme and the most glamorous, well-dressed Awakens step into the spotlight. Flaunt your unique look on the catwalk as we celebrate the latest trends and hottest styles in the fashion world.

4.7Are you ready to continue your thrilling adventures in the amazing 3D world? 3.9Find friends, communicate, and compete in an amazing life simulator known as AvakinLife, the best ...

3.8Are you looking for the fresh version of the most prominent life simulator AvakinLife ? 2.9Are you ready to start living a new life in the digital world of opportunities that are absolutely ...

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3A young and courageous superhero girl Lady Bug is here to bring the justice back! The social networks were the first step for people to create digital lives.

In a word, social networks are the first stage to the life simulation. However, if you will take a look at the entertainment industry, you will surely notice that one of the most favorite and widely accepted genres all over the world is already life simulation.

Games like Sims and AvakinLife attract players from all over the globe providing them with numerous communication and creative opportunities. Players eagerly enter the digital world of perfect lives and outlive attractive scenarios because games provide more opportunities and break the restrictions we have to face in our real world.

In this section of our website, you will find a great deal of high-quality and interesting life simulators, including the most popular ones. For example, AvakinLife is a real favorite of thousands of gamers all over the globe.

And they do become endless when you apply mods or hacks for the game (don’t worry, there is no need to search for the anywhere on the web, we have already found them and you are welcome to enjoy them for free on this platform). Create a house you would boast of and invite other players for your place to have party and let them grade your flat.


In turn, you will have a chance to enter their houses as well and see their design ideas. There is a free online chat arranged in 3D style, so you are welcome to talk to other people at any time you want and make friends during the playing process.

In general, the world of Av akin is an endless space for your ideas, experiments, and stories. Age restriction I think this game should be for kids older than 17.

Kids are sexed up with provocative clothes and suggestive dances, and exposed to players of all ages, In a dating site format where kids get to present themselves as single, married, divorced, in a relationship, etc., and indicate what gender they are looking for, just like any regular dating site. A 13-year-old can easily befriend a 40 or 50-year-old, invite them to his or her house, get into bed or into a hot tub, and have a conversation in a private chat, with only a censorship program to protect them, which the kids can easily trick.

In fact, for them it is a fun challenge to bypass the censorship and be able to curse and talk about sex. Already a 13-year-old girl was targeted by a pedophile through Avakinlife.

Adult players have continuously written to the developer to keep the game 17+ but apparently he money is too good to care about children’s safety. They tend to twerk and give the male characters 'lap dances' I have seen this in one location.

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And others using crude vulgar sexual words in private messaging. Thing that scares me if kids who are 12 on this game could well be approached by men.

The age rating by the developers of this game 13+ in my opinion is way too low. CESSPOOL OF PEDOPHILES This game is not appropriate for children at all, it contains an avatars and chat rooms where kids and adults can mingle.

This title contains: Don't blame the game Not trying to be rude to any parents out there but I see a lot of finger-pointing it is not the internet's job to keep your kids safe it is your job to keep your kids safe pay attention to more what they're doing me and my son do you play this it is your responsibility as parents to teach your children how to be responsible and not meet strangers off the internet the first thing that you are supposed to teach your child in life is not to talk to strangers not to go with a stranger I see a parent review about her daughter getting pregnant by a 30-year-old man the only thing I can say where were you Mom I also have a daughter and I would not allow her to play this game I think us as parents need to take responsibility here as well instead of pointing the finger at every An adult game being infiltrated by children If you’re allowing your child to play this, it’s on you.

This game is definitely meant for adults and I hope Lewd will adjust the age requirements accordingly. It’s a super fun and interactive game for adults but not a place for children or young teens.

The only way is for people to report underage kids but if they say their real age. There's always half naked people all the time or girls wearing sexy lingerie I don't think young girls are supposed to be wearing that oh and sexy dances/twerking.

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Awakens should be nice to one another, not insult someone because their clothes/hair is ugly, a noob, or even because they have no animation set yet. They are highly desperate for a lover, lots of horny girls who want to suck dick and be a hoe, and also are gold diggers who target people that look rich.

The funny part is that they buy interactions that look like their fighting and say, “I'm hitting your dumbass. Like, WOW I SO FELT THAT XD But, For real, all this dumb shit needs to stop....

They allow 13-year-olds to play right alongside of adults in this VR chat game. Not only that, the clothing they create for the children for example is incredibly revealing on the females.

Thongs, Skimpy Bikinis, Tiny Tops that show almost everything with nothing to imagine. The clothes line can easily be considered what a hooker or prostitute would wear.

I have played this game for over 3 years and It seems the company favors towards young girls looking incredibly sexual. This is just a small bit of an honest review that I could go on about, but I think you can get a good idea how bad this game is to kids.

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This title contains: Horrible for kids under 18 bullying and sexual I found my daughter playing this and her behavior totally changed. I started monitoring and there is so much bullying and insulting messages with very sexual and profane comments.

I wandered around a while and most social spots are the same, just people standing there and/or dancing and chatting. I chose to go one more time onto the game and again, within only 5 minutes a girl said that she wanted to fight me because my outfit was ugly.

It could be devastating to a young girl with a fragile self-esteem and self concept. Varies Avakinlife is one of the best games that you might find and to be honest it can be harsh because there are pedophiles and perverts online but I think parents should do their job to protect their kids from it and if your stubborn then I would suggest you not mingle with a lot of people especially the bullies and you should try to wait until you have gotten the full basis of the game and stop blaming the creators because it's not really their fault.

As much as I enjoy creating my own awakens life, the world surrounding her is just weird. I would say for 15yr old and up and I know some people may disagree but just like in any game there is always going to be some sort of negatives but alongside that will also come lots of positives.

I believe that this game can teach people to become more mature and be able to reflect on their actions better. I know I’ve labelled all the negatives but if you have actually bothered to read all the way down I would like to give a quick insight to the positives of the game.

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As a kid I’ve always had trouble with my mental health I have anxiety and depression. Sorry I just felt like I had to chuck that in quickly because I just want everyone to know how much this game has helped me to grow as a person.

It’s just a case of making the right friends and just like any social platform you can block, report and mute players and if you have been taught about online safety you will be fine. You can gift other people, you can make lots of friends, you can be who you want to be of course the best person you can be is yourself because no one is better than yourself.

This game has kinda helped get through life and if it wasn’t here I probably wouldn’t still be here today. I know this game can put people in a vulnerable position but so will real life.

To any parents out there don’t let your children/child play this game just because you see a ton of bad views or because u have experienced 5 minutes of the game play, and if your first five minutes of the game play was bad you probably went to the club which is a place where your kids wouldn’t go in real life so let them play but just set them boundaries people are going to be a lot nice in a dog park or a café than a nightclub. There are lots of positive messages in the game and really nice comments that people can make about you.

You can do fashion contest that can be fun you can decorate houses chat to people and make friends. This title contains: Guardian Angel PARENTS BEWARE: This site is not for children.

ikon official avakin

These kids are talking and mingling with adults, and as a player myself I can tell you that this is definitely unsafe for your children. There are adult men on this game, (MANY) and they don’t care about the age.

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