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Lee Zeldin Donald Trump Jr

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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The event for Welding, a Republican from Shirley, is reportedly slated to take place on Nov. 21 at Flower fields in St. James, with tickets ranging in price from $150 to $5,600, for co-host status. It's not the first time the President's son has headlined an event for Welding, who has long been a strong Trump supporter: According to Noonday, Trump Jr.

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Headlined an event for Welding in 2018 hosted by insurance executive Steve Douro in Nissequogue. No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated.

“It is an incredible privilege to represent the great, hardworking Long Islanders of New York's First Congressional District, and I was honored to be sworn in for my 4th term in Congress,” said Welding. “In just the last two years, I have fought day after day to deliver historic wins for my constituents, including saving Plum Island, steering the $2 billion electron-ion collider dream machine to Brookhaven National Lab, delivering billions of dollars in local infrastructure projects, securing millions of pieces of PPE for our local front line workers to finish the fight against coronavirus, and so much more.

On election night, Welding declared victory in the race to retain his 1st Congressional District seat after taking the lead against Democratic challenger and scientist Nancy Goff. “I am deeply honored and humbled that the families of Long Island have entrusted me to continue representing our great congressional district,” Welding said.

As America enters its next chapter, I am confident we will defeat the coronavirus and continue growing our economy ... To achieve these goals, that means working across the political aisle.” He ran for his fourth term, with campaign platforms focused on his military service, support for law enforcement and veterans, a tough stance on immigration, fighting gang violence (including MS-13), growing jobs and the economy, and getting to the other side of the pandemic.

|News|1d D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on Congress to investigate the assault on the U.S. Capitol by rioters and hold President Trump accountable. |News|1d D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on Congress to investigate the assault on the U.S. Capitol by rioters and hold President Trump accountable.

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''This is wrong and not who we are,'' the president’s oldest son posted on Twitter. ''Be peaceful and use your 1st Amendment rights, but don’t start acting like the other side.

Trump Jr.’s message came after protesters stormed and infiltrated the Capitol, forcing a building lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress reportedly were evacuated.

Capitol security personnel reportedly engaged in an armed standoff with protesters inside the building. The storming of the Capitol occurred after the House and Senate had retreated to their respective chambers to discuss the objection to Arizona’s electoral vote tally.

A joint session of Congress met at 1 p.m. to certify the Electoral College voting results. President Trump and allies have alleged that voter fraud resulted in Joe Biden winning the presidential election in November.

President Trump also took to Twitter, asking people to remain ''peaceful.'' Earlier in the day, President Trump and his son spoke at a rally of supporters in Washington, D.C.

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''This is wrong and not who we are,'' the president's oldest son posted on Twitter. ''Be peaceful and use your 1st Amendment rights, but don't start acting like the other side.

Vice President Mike Pence will attend President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, a senior administration official said on. A group of House Republicans who voted to accept President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory asked him to peers.

U.S. Representative Lee Welding taking the oath to defend the Constitution on January 2, at the start of his fourth term in office. Scene's from Wednesday's deadly riot and looting of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday by people who President Donald Trump had encouraged to march on the Capitol earlier in the day.

U.S. Representative LeeZeldin taking the oath to defend the Constitution on January 2, at the start of his fourth term in office. One of the looters with an item taken from the Capitol Building, shown on television Wednesday.

Update: Saturday, 2 p.m. More than three days after the attack and looting of the Capitol Building, U.S. Representative LeeZeldin has still not commented publicly on President Donald Trump ’s... Representative LeeZeldin of Shirley joined a majority of his fellow House Republicans in ... by Brendan J. OReillyWilliam F. McCoy, Jr.

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Of Sagaponack, beloved husband of Barbara Drummer McCoy, passed away peacefully ... by My27eastMarillyn Below Wilson of Green port died on January 1 at her home in Iconic Landing. He was born in Southampton on August 9, 1943, and was the son of the late Frederick M. and Ethel (Loader) Want.

Police said they did discover four large bones, but that they appeared to be from a deceased animal, ...7 Jan 2021 by Staff Writer Stopped on Lakewood Avenue in East Quote at approximately 11:41 p.m., Mr. Crandall failed roadside sobriety exams.

Quote Village Police Officer William Alex Cladding was promoted to detective at a salary of $145,918 ...6 Jan 2021 by Kitty MerrillThere aren’t many folks who will look back at 2020 and say “I hope things ... by MIKE WRIGHT Welcome to our new website! Will host a fundraiser for Rep. LeeZeldin (R-Shirley), a prominent defender of his father, President Donald Trump, at a St. James catering hall Thursday.

The fundraiser comes as the House of Representatives holds public impeachment hearings into Trump ’s efforts to press Ukraine to investigate political rivals. Welding is running for reelection next year against Democratic challengers Perry Gershon and Nancy Goff, who have criticized him for supporting the president.

“After spending weeks attacking the impeachment inquiry and blindly defending a corrupt president, Welding is now reaping the benefit as the Trump family raises money for him,” said Jacob Marconi, Goff's campaign manager. Katie Vincent, a spokeswoman for Welding, said, “It is greatly unfortunate that some have chosen the path of obstructing, resisting, impeaching and opposing everything and anything.

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Daily Point Some very expensive copies of Donald Trump.’s new book will be on sale in St. James on Thursday. As part of a fundraiser for Rep. LeeZeldin, the president’s eldest son will sign copies of “Triggered” at Flower field, an event venue in St. James.

Sponsorships that cost $5,600 will get donors six VIP tickets, signed books, and “special recognition at event,” according to an invitation Welding posted on Facebook. When someone responded to the post asking whether tickets were still available earlier this week, Welding ’s account replied that “we still have a few remaining.” But insiders say it’s set to be a packed house raising more than $200,000 for the Shirley Republican, who is already far ahead of potential CD1 Democratic challengers in fundraising.

These days, Welding is one of President Donald Trump ’s most vocal defenders in the House of Representatives, where impeachment hearings continued Wednesday. It comes as no surprise that activists who plan to protest the book event criticize Welding ’s Trump ties.

“ Welding continues to put his own political future and his misguided loyalty to President Trump ahead of the needs of his working class constituency,” the North Country Peace Group said in a statement. Talking Point Wednesday night will be the fifth debate of this Democratic presidential primary cycle, and Andrew Yang is still afloat.

He has other ideas: lowering health care costs by using artificial intelligence to reduce expensive doctor training, for example. There is a lot in Yang’s book that might have crossover appeal to Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters or even the kinds of disaffected voters who helped boost Trump.

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The former New York City mayor as recently as this year had been defending the policy that led to thousands of disproportionate stops of black and Hispanic New Yorkers. Those skeptical of his motives wonder what changed beyond the possibility that he may face black Democratic primary voters if he enters the 2020 campaign.

A Bloomberg adviser tells The Point that Sizzler has engaged in this issue as he considers a presidential run, including meetings with stop-and-frisk foes like Geoffrey Canada, president of the Harlem Children’s Zone, and Derrick Johnson, NAACP head. Take Joe Biden’s recent apology for portions of the wide-ranging 1994 crime bill that had support at the time but helped deepen mass incarceration.

Bloomberg doesn’t directly run the group now, but it bears his imprint as a founder and major funder. As with his political stances, the organization straddles the liberal-centrist divide with its focus on guns along with a dutiful respect for law enforcement.

By 2019, post-Parkland, the group’s site was arguing that “states can reduce gun violence by prohibiting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” But perhaps no bigger star has emerged in the fight than Rep. LeeZeldin (R-NY), a hard-charging GOP congressman from Long Island whose district includes the Hampton's.

Welding actually is not on either of the committees that have held public impeachment hearings, though he is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which granted him access to the Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility (Sci) during the behind-closed-doors deposition-taking part of the Democrats’ impeachment push. Welding has been remarkably reserved, sticking to the facts, in press conferences and television appearances during this whole process.

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Welding believes the Democrats are committing a fatal political mistake with impeachment, and is helping lead the GOP in the party’s efforts to recapture the House majority because of it. “Nancy Pelosi is throwing away her majority,” Welding told Breitbart News in an interview for this piece.

The Senate is going to stay in Republican control as opposed to Chuck Schumer becoming the next majority leader. Members of his conference and top movement leaders and allies of the president both inside and outside Congress and the administration have nothing but high praise for Welding ’s work on this issue.

“ Lee has been leading the fight in Congress to pass the President’s America First agenda, and he’s a bona fide warrior for his constituents back home in New York’s 1st district,” the president’s eldest son Donald Trump, Jr., told Breitbart News. Kimberly Guilfoyle, a senior adviser to the president’s re-election campaign, added that Welding has stopped the fake news in its tracks throughout the impeachment process many times.

“ LeeZeldin is one of Congress’s most effective communicators when it comes to commanding the attention of the media and clearly articulating his position,” Guilfoyle said. “ Lee routinely stops fake news narratives in their tracks, while in the same breath delivering a bulletproof defense of President Trump and his America First agenda.

White House senior adviser for strategy Tony Sayers, whom the president brought back into the administration to handle impeachment messaging when it became clear the Democrats were heading down this route, said Welding has become a star in the GOP. “For those of us who have known Lee from the earliest days of his political career, his rise to stardom comes as no surprise,” Sayers told Breitbart News.

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Andy Serbian, a GOP strategist and adviser to Trump, Jr., added that Welding ’s “brawler” mentality puts him front and center in the fight against the left. “He understands that his job isn’t to bow down and serve the interests of media and their friends in the Democrat Party, but rather to stand up and fight for the American people.

“ Lee has been a tremendous asset to the party and the president,” Arthur Schwartz, a GOP consultant with close ties to the White House, added. “ Lee is one of our most effective and informed communicators and strategists pushing back against the democrats’ ridiculous impeachment sham.

But Welding has been invaluable, perhaps most of all, to his colleagues on Capitol Hill, whom he would arm with facts, key details, narrative backup, talking points, and more than they set out to defend the president from this impeachment nonsense. Part of the reason the final Articles of Impeachment vote on the floor of the House on Wednesday will have no Republicans voting in favor is the work of Welding, leading among his colleagues, getting them information and facts that debunk key fake media narratives.

Welding earned his star status throughout the impeachment process because he has become one of the go-to members that key leaders in the GOP conference, including the ranking members of both the House Judiciary Committee and EPSCI, have turned to for guidance on questions, messaging, key facts and details, and the narrative as a whole. Conservative leaders and Trump allies outside the White House, in addition to key insiders, consider him the connective tissue that has helped hold Republicans together by fighting the Democrats’ narrative and presenting facts that exonerate the president in a manner that truly challenges the left’s and establishment media’s drive for impeachment.

Welding continued on this epic explanation by explaining that he’s spent countless hours in the secure room where EPSCI chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has somehow managed to make himself even more of a villain to the right throughout this process, conducted the secretive depositions that were selectively leaked to the media before becoming the basis for the later public hearings and now actual Articles of Impeachment. “I have spent tens of dozens of hours in the Capitol basement bunker, Schiff’s house committee Sci, even though all of these briefings have been unclassified.

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“For example, tomorrow morning when Lt. Col. Indian testifies, someone may have a question for him based on what Mark Sandy of OMB said on Saturday. Back in that deposition setting, Adam Schiff played the role of prosecutor, jury, judge, witness coach, and chief strategist for lying and leaking.

Burma, of course, is the company that paid former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars per month to be on its board while the then-Vice President was pushing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating the company. “As for the president’s concerns with Burma and Lobachevsky, the fact is Burma is a corrupt Ukrainian gas company run by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch who hired the son of the vice president for at least $50,000 a month despite Hunter Biden having no Ukraine experience or energy experience,” Welding said.

“President Zelensky said there was no demand, no pressure, no quid pro quo, there was nothing wrong at all with the July 25 call or anything else for that matter,” Welding said. “But the people who have testified, such as former Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, have laid out the facts as to how President Zelensky didn’t know there was a hold on aid on July 25, the readouts from Ukraine following that call mentioned nothing about withholding aid or a quid pro quo.

Welding spent countless hours holed up in the basement of the Capitol during the deposition-taking phase of the impeachment inquiry. While Welding is not on the Judiciary or Intelligence committees, he is on the Foreign Affairs committee–which granted him, unlike so many other members of Congress and countless millions of Americans, access to the secret depositions in real-time.

“The room is set up with multiple tables that form a long rectangle,” Welding told Breitbart News of the Sci in the basement of the Capitol. One of the things Welding has made particularly clear over the course of his quest to destroy the Democrats’ impeachment case is that he understands the power of the media and their ability to wield facts and narrative to mold and shape public opinion.

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Welding argues that in addition to jeopardizing their majority by putting the vulnerable Democrats from the 31 districts that President Trump won in 2016 at risk with a pointless vote going nowhere in the Senate, the real reason Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving forward with Articles of Impeachment is because it’s “payoff” to the leftist base of her party. “Nancy Pelosi got rolled not just by that activist base but also by the furthest left elements of her party.

Welding is thankful that the leftist base wing Democrats cannot “roll” President Trump or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying the nation would be in “bad shape” if “Squad”-connected socialists like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Than Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Train (D-MI) had that kind of influence over the GOP too. “The other part of it is the threats of primaries to these congressional Democrats, people running to their left, where if they’re not going back home to their district able to tell these Democratic primary voters everything that they’ve done to tear down the republic and unseat a sitting president, then they might not win re-election,” Welding said.

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