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Wednesday, 01 December, 2021

Kimberly Guilfoyle On Parler

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 9 min read

KimberlyGuilfoyle is once again the topic of Twitter discussion for her fiery MAGA rhetoric and her dancing, but this time the chatter is about her appearance in a chilling video taken before President Trump’s Safe America rally, which later led to a mob attack on the Capitol. Guilfoyle is shown breaking into a hip-shaking dance while backstage before the rally started, and is then heard encouraging the crowd to “fight” for Trump.



Donald Trump Jr., right, smiles along with his girlfriend KimberlyGuilfoyle prior to a news conference at Georgia Republican Party headquarters Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Blakemore) Guilfoyle ’s name came up as one of those in Trump’s family and inner circle who, many said, should be investigated for inciting violence committed by the president’s supporters.

But the Justice Department appeared to switch gears Friday, with an official saying that Trump and other speakers at the rally were not expected to be criminally charged for inciting a riot. Another DOJ official told reporters that the federal investigation is focused solely on criminal acts at the Capitol building.

The investigation continues as House Democrats moved closer to introducing an impeachment resolution next week, possibly for “incitement of insurrection,” CNN reported. Legal experts also said the First Amendment could make it difficult for Trump and others to be prosecuted for impassioned speeches.

But even if Guilfoyle can’t be prosecuted, she was nonetheless being scrutinized on social media for her starring role in the video, apparently filmed by Trump Jr., before the start of the rally. Guilfoyle, in a black cape, turns to the camera and briefly breaks into the hip-shaking dance she’s been showcasing at other recent pro-Trump rallies.

Guilfoyle ’s voice also rose to a yell, which has become her signature speaking style since the Republican National Convention. David Purdue and Kelly Offer ahead of Tuesday's runoff elections before introducing her boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. She used the same volume and inflection patterns she used at the RNC and received applause because she, well, had a live audience this time.

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According to the Daily Beast, Trump called Guilfoyle to “to effusively praise her” for the RNC speech and compared her to Eva Peron, the former first lady of Argentina who is the subject of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical “Evita,” an apparent favorite of Trump's. Donald Trump prepared for his incendiary speech by getting hyped up while family members party and dance in astonishing behind the scenes video shot hours before Wednesday's US Capitol riots.

The party atmosphere is in stark contrast to the sickening scenes beamed across the globe hours later than Trump's supporters routed police and attacked Congress as it tried to certify Joe Biden's election win. Five people perished in the carnage, including a female rioter shot at close range deep inside the heart of the Capitol building and a cop who died later from his injuries.

It wasn't until Thursday night, more than 24 hours after his supporters trashed the Capitol building and sent lawmakers scurrying for safety, that Trump released a recorded statement calling for 'healing and reconciliation.' Trump announced Friday he will snub Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony on January 20th, while his remaining aides and allies described him as a 'total monster' and 'mad King George' as his presidency ends in chaos.

The biggest question facing his legal team may be whether the president has the authority to pardon himself, as he has discussed in recent weeks with top aides, according to the people familiar with his conversations. A self-pardon could also prove a major political liability and hamstring another presidential bid, with opponents sure to suggest the self-pardon amounted to an admission that he thought he might be prosecuted for breaking the law.

Preemptive pardons are under discussion for top White House officials who have not been charged with crimes, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, senior adviser Stephen Miller, personnel chief John Mentee, and social media director Dan Saving. The president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, who both hold White House positions, are also under consideration, the people said.

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It notes that White House Counsel Pat Cipollone is “vetting” the pardons, with some concern that they create more exposure for obstruction of justice. Trump’s list is currently being vetted by lawyers who are concerned that pardons could create new allegations of obstruction of justice for members of the administration.

Trump’s role in (at a minimum) inciting an insurrection the other day may make his effort to pardon himself and his associates out of legal trouble more difficult. That makes it likely that no matter what happens, he’ll be sitting for lengthy sessions with prosecutors in months ahead, just as Don McCain also did.

The goal is to use the new blockchain technology to allow for “verified viewers” to give news organizations a much better idea of who is watching. “Beginning with cable networks, there has never been a greater cry for credibility and accountability in the media, this is where we rally,” said Guilfoyle.

“News is not one-sided anymore, Americans deserve to be able to be rewarded and hold public figures to a higher standard,” she added. The secret sauce according to Monologue: “As a special acquisition strategy, OMP is a multi-platform vehicle made of ‘buy-or-build’ assets in cable, print, and digital distribution.

Overlie Media Partners (OMP) welcomes Donald Trump Jr. as the first of six founding journalists and public figures in “OG1”. Trump Jr., accomplished businessman, author, and political figure, brings a 365-day vision of a rebuilt American media focused on transparency and accountability.

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Among the more prominent in this group, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, senior adviser Stephen Miller, and social media director Dan Saving. And KimberlyGuilfoyle, the longtime girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., is also a potential pardon recipient.

The New York Times ‘ Maggie Haber man reports the president was warned by White House counsel Pat Cipollone that he could have legal exposure stemming from the attack. While President Donald Trump made a last-minute return to Washington, his sons Don Jr. and Eric, brought in the new year with a bang at Mar-A-Lago, partying at a bash that featured ’90s pop-rapper Vanilla Ice and Beach Boys founder Mike Love.

The New Year’s Eve event also included their significant others, KimberlyGuilfoyle and Lara Trump, respectively, and Rudy Giuliani, who was hospitalized earlier in the month after testing positive for COVID-19. Congressman Matt Gaeta, R-Fla., was also in attendance, as was Fox News host Judge Jeanine Piero.

There’s no shortage of killjoy Democrats in Palm Beach County, and state Rep. Omar Hardy is trying to get local authorities to shut down Mar-A-Lago because of dozens of massless party-goers at the New Year’s Eve party. Palm Beach County guidelines require that masks be worn inside all businesses and establishments.

In accordance with that order, Mar-A-Lago should be fined and possibly even shut down until we can be assured that this business will abide by our laws,” he said in sharing the letter on Facebook. Taking to Twitter, the newly elected lawmaker shared video taken at the party while stressing that the resort is a business.

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I’ll be reaching out to folks at OpenGov to ask why we weren’t ready to enforce the mandate here.” In another tweet sharing Don Jr.’s video, the Democrat called the event “a potential super-spreader party” while taking exception to Trump’s affluent lifestyle.

“God is our refuge and strength , A very present and well-proved help in trouble.”Psalms 46:1 AMP This is the best summary of media hypocrisy over the Capitol protest I've seen yet.

Memo to McCarthy, they are coming for you next, dude. I’M A Proud East Country Boy #GOD FEARING, So_CalRedneck #CONSERVATIVE Bible and Constitution supporter .

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