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Kimberly Guilfoyle Live

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 9 min read

KimberlyGuilfoyle was noticeably absent July 3, 2021, from an Independence Day event at Mount Rushmore headlined by President Donald Trump. The former Fox News host is the national chair of the president's reelection campaign, Trump Victory Finance Committee 2020, and the girlfriend of his son, Donald Trump Jr. As it turned out, Guilfoyle's absence could be chalked up to testing positive for the novel coronavirus, according to ABC News.

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In a news statement, Sergio For, chief of staff for the Trump Victory Finance Committee, said that Guilfoyle was “immediately isolated to limit any exposure. Although Trump Jr. is known not to be fond of the Hampton's, at least according to a write-up in the New York Post, his girlfriend KimberlyGuilfoyle likes the area.

The grand bedroom suite features a fireplace and a private deck, and there is direct access to a 25-acre pond. Recreational water features include a heated pool with an adjacent spa and waterfall.

The New York Post reports that Donald Trump Jr. almost passed on the Bridgehampton home when there was no dedicated space for his gun collection. As the Post notes, the home is huge, and certainly more than big enough for all five of Trump Jr.'s children, who he shares with his ex-wife, Vanessa, not to mention the son that KimberlyGuilfoyle has with ex-husband Eric Violence.

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethany Frankel sold her seven-bedroom, six-bathroom estate for $2.28 million in February 2020, Realtor reported. “There are a lot of gun owners out here, and there is a big hunting season in the spring and fall,” a source told the New York Post.

Days before Guilfoyle's positive coronavirus diagnosis, the couple was seen not wearing masks at a party in the Hampton's, the New York Post's Page Six reported. About 100 people attended the event hosted by builder Joe Farrell, with the couple staying outdoors for an hour.

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Where this pride in every American heart and it's time we stand. Also, they had fourteen people in three cars now there was no way and I just want to thank you know I've had two elections.

It's great to be back in this incredible state, the home of hardworking Patriots, who believe in God, family and country. Tomorrow each of you is going to vote in one of the most important runoff elections in the history of our country.

Be frankly forget about runoff one of the most important elections. It's elections because uh it's a biggie our country is depending on you.

The whole world is watching the people of Georgia tomorrow and you have to swamp em because everything is so crooked around. I know David so well he's respected and loved by everyone and someone that has really been a star in Washington.

And I will also say you know the Republicans have to understand for the people that don't fight not for me fighting for us because we have a lot of corrupt things that happen when they don't fight one thing I've learned about Republicans, they have some difficulties, but you know a difficulty that they don't have They never forget. They never forget and people are going to find that out because uh we have to go, and we have to go all the way and that's what's happening and you watch what happens over the next couple of weeks.

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We'll decide which party controls the United States Senate the radical. Democrats are trying to capture Georgia's Senate seats, so they can uncheck unrestrained absolute power over every aspect of your life.

If the liberal Democrats take the Senate and the White House and then I take this white house, we're gonna fight like hell. You lose your goal and you go wherever you're going and you go and see maybe I'll do it again sometime or maybe I won't or I'll get back to life but when you win in a landslide, and they steal it and it's rigged, it's not acceptable.

And if we don't take the presidency of a country that would be run by Schumer, Pelosi and Biden. The people of Georgia will be at the mercy of the left-wing socialist Communist Marxist, and that's where it's going.

So if we talk about certain subjects that you've been watching over the last 6 months, all of a sudden they were getting Clapper, so they went told. Because I think they hate our, and they despise Georgia values and I think a lot of you despise them as you know, there's nothing the radical Democrats will not do to get power that they so desperately crave even the outright stealing of elections like they're trying to do with us.

We're not going to let it happen over the past and I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. But he is going to have a lot to say about it, and he doesn't want thing with him.

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Over the past few weeks, we've demonstrated that we won the election in a landslide almost seventy-five million people voted for me. Share of Non-white vote of any Republican president in 60 years We also won eighteen out of nineteen bellwether counties now when you win just a few counties, you always win the election.

We won eighteen out of nineteen that's a record, and they said we didn't win. We won 25 of Twenty-six Toss-up House races and I think we have one that we're waiting for right.

It's uh same kind of Democrats were projected to gain fifteen house seats and instead and Kevin McCarthy gives us the credit good man Very good Man Mike We swept a Republican house. To victory, and we have a couple of great ones with us tonight and the Democrats lost fourteen seats.

We wanted big and we're going to win tomorrow. People have no idea how important that is tonight our mission here in Georgia is to make sure the radical left cannot Rob you of your voice and your votes in Washington.

David and Kelly are running against the most extreme liberal candidates in the history of your state, probably in the history of our country, John and Rafael War. I have to beat him a second time and this is going to be hopefully easy because when you know what he stands for when you know what war stands for, it really should be easy to deciding votes to rubber stamp the agenda.

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Like if we want to have a special session because your legislature is excellent, excellent, they want to have a why wouldn't they let us have a special session if they want to check signatures in Fulton County, not in Cobb County, We didn't ask for Cobb County They we'll do first, and then we'll do Fulton. Anyway, the Democrats want to turn America.

He went to first place like immediately, and then he won the primary and then I gave him a couple of rallies, which I don't like doing for other people. Couple of days notice Uh is everybody glad you're here right I think so.

I wouldn't do it but I'm going to be here in a year and a half and I'm going to be campaigning against your governor and your crazy Secretary of State. And you have great candidates, they want to turn the Democrats do America into Venezuela with no jobs.

No prosperity, no rights, no freedom, no future for you and your family Here is exactly what the radical left will do if they win this runoff election, which we can't let them do tomorrow is a big day. Lot of votes Kelly, but we'll do it and the one thing I know if they win, I'll get no credit and if they lose, they're going to blame Trump these people.

A very important story for our country long beyond Georgia for our country and such a big story They'll massively raise your taxes on the middle class to pay for socialism the US military, which we rebuilt, we've totally rebuilt the US military much of it coming right out of Georgia. Belted right out of Georgia, A lot of it gives incredible contractors in Georgia military contractors, and they got plenty of our money spent $2.5000000000000 when I took over the military, It was absolutely a mess.

Now it's the opposite of depleted the US military will be gutted a military family across the street and all over the state will be betrayed their benefits and opportunities will be slashed Fort Benning for. And other Georgia military institutions will be the first on the chopping block and by the way there'll be forced to change the names of the bases with generations of American Patriots trained to win two World wars Fort Benning.

I don't want to give him the credit, but you'll name em. They're going to go back and say he wants to have Fort Benning change to watch.

I don't want that the Democrats will surrender the entire US manufacturing industry to China. I've been involved in the two greatest scams in American history, the Russian hoax and now they are trying to steal an election from us, and we want not by a little.

We want in numbers like nobody seen before if I often elected they will immediately and you know what's going to happen. We're going to build the wall and that's right.

Mexico is paying for the wall of if I were here they would be because we were going to charge him a nice fee right at the entry points and uh they were paying for the wall they paid for 28000 troops along the wall along the border, which we don't need so much anymore, but we built almost. A Hundred miles of wall, and they want to rip down the wall they want to rip down.

That's why the numbers have been so great, but now everyone's coming back up because they think this guy is going to win and if he wins, it's going to be uh everything that they could dream for dream of and you know we want to help other people, but we can't afford to do it. Uh let's keep this thing going we have great support in Congress.

If they win this race, Democrats will implement nationwide catch and release you know that is you catch a criminal and you take his name. I mean literally they almost don't show up and turn our that's when I had the big debate with Biden.

Country into one giant sanctuary for criminal aliens setting lose tens of thousands of dangers offenders and putting MS thirteen gang members straight into your children's schools and you know we've removed thousands and thousands of MS Thirteen gang members and I want to thank ice and I want to thank Border patrol and I want to thank our great law enforcement people. And the people that understand those values are Kelly and David.

They understand those values and you're with our law enforcement right that 100% I don't have to ask her that they'll allow heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and other deadly drugs to flood across our borders again and poison our youth they'll take away your health care they'll eliminate private insurance. You can keep your plan guess what he said it twenty-eight times That was a lie that was a lie that turned out to be a big great scam lie and remember I got rid of the individual mandate the most unpopular thing in Obamacare fighting a lot of different fronts, which really doesn't make an Obamacare any more by the way they resumed the war on Christians and attack Catholic organizations like Little sisters of the poor, They will ban vote.

And Institute Universal unsolicited mail balloting in every state they will never be I will tell you this if we don't do something fast there will never be another fair election in America. Various states I've never seen like it, You know I was leading in Pennsylvania by hundreds of thousands of votes.

All of a sudden I was Titus and what happened They'll make Washington to see another liberal places the 51st 52nd. State of the Union guaranteeing the radical left a permanent majority of the US Senate in the house and the electoral college.

A one-party country and the party will be the wrong part they will pack the Supreme Court with extremist and I'm not happy with the Supreme Court. How about that we don't have look at the Supreme Court President of the United States.

It's wrong if you're the President of the United States and you get defrauded out of an election, you should be able to file a suit, but we can't do that. I'm the president, Seven states you know I was winning by a lot and then all of a sudden I was losing by a little tiny bit just a little they can only go so far.

They had no idea we were going to do the kind of numbers so that printing press was really a moment, and they say I don't have standing to bring this suit What kind of legal system is that, but the Supreme Court has let us down so far Who knows maybe. Come back, maybe they'll come back, They'll pack the Supreme Court with praise extremist, then they'll be saying you know I should have done something about this when they start having twenty-four Twenty-six justices, and they want to have the justices rotate to the lowest courts, so they rotate these nine justices will have a great time rotating but their beds are destroying our constitution and overthrowing America's founding if the left wing.

You know this the filibuster they will knock it out well, I've been saying to be honest with you for a long time. Do it first and now, everybody said you are right, but you know what I want to be wrong because I want these two to win because if they win, we don't want to do it.

Give them the power to Ram through every diluted piece of left wing legislation that they've ever wanted that they've ever dreamt of your religious. Your Second Amendment will be gone your borders and great new wall will be gone your police departments will be gone as we know them and your life savings will be gone.

We will be like a large scale version of so many other countries that you look at that a poverty America as. It'll be too far gone you vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the America that we love.

I told you I'm here because of that because of David and Kelly, the far left wants to destroy our country demolish our history and erase everything. We hold dear this could be the most important vote you will ever cast for the rest of your life.

I don't think a thing like that's ever happened before if you don't show up the radical Democrats will win a lot of people say Oh, well, Trump. People to be elected and I want to be clear you know if those of you that know how badly screwed, we got, I want to be clear that we can't let that happen again.

We're going to take it back but these two people they can't go through this. We can't let that happen the damage they do will be permanent and will irreversible can't let it happen Nothing and no one will be able to stop them The Senate seats are truly the last line of defense.

I think we're going to win in which case will be the last line of defense is called vito veto. So tomorrow, you must get out and vote for David Purdue and Kelly left over the last 4 years.

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