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Kimberly Guilfoyle Lincoln Project Twitter

Christina Perez
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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Tue Aug 25, 2021, 06:27 PM I could understand her screeching if it was a room full of loud people but THERE'S NO ONE THERE!!!!.

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Between the poor choice of hairstyle, and her harsh plastic surgery, she's not very friendly looking. The first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC), which began on Monday, included a pre-recorded speech from former Fox News anchor and current Trump Jr. girlfriend KimberlyGuilfoyle, who was shouting at the top of her lungs.

The St. Louis, Missouri couple who came to prominence after pointing their firearms at racial justice protesters walking past their home also spoke at the RNC. Mark McCloskey claimed that the “radicals” who protested outside his house also want to “walk the halls of Congress,” stating: “This is Joe Biden's party.

Bond, but it does greatly increase the class of your enemies.” The LincolnProject has very successfully launched a number of political attack ads on Donald Trump and his loyalists, and that has drawn rebuttal from Trump’s official super PAC, America First Action. Ask everybody from KimberlyGuilfoyle to Rudy Giuliani to Brad Par scale, whether the message of Trump would have resounded for them, absent what it did to their bank accounts.

America First Action, an ostensibly independent outfit supporting the president’s re-election, recently circulated a memo to “interested parties” breaking down the LincolnProject ’s ad spending and the data it’s reported to the Federal Election Commission. The memo, titled LincolnProject discrepancies,” purports to demonstrate the exorbitantly high fees that the group’s principals have pocketed as it buys television ads through their consulting firms.

Reached by email on Tuesday, Galen told The Daily Beast, “It’s a garbage memo and false.” He did not respond to more specific questions about the data presented by America First. We are glad to know that America First is sufficiently motivated by moral outrage that the image of a Republican strategist overreaching during a presidential election, would cause them to take steps to correct such behavior.

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While the LincolnProject ’s focus on triggering the president makes it a unique case among political advertisers, it’s also expanded its campaign to attack not just Trump but a number of Republican Senators facing difficult reelection contests next month, including Alaska’s Dan Sullivan, Colorado’s Cory Gardner, Maine’s Susan Collins, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, and Arizona’s Martha McNally. That down-ballot advertising campaign has fueled criticism from some conservatives who say it’s no longer a “Never Trump” group, it’s a “Never Republican” one.

Wasn’t Donald Trump the candidate who was supposed to be good at the money game since he’s wealthy? Part of the problem was one-time campaign manager Brad Par scale, who was demoted within the Trump campaign after boasting of nearly a million tickets that were sold to Trump’s Tulsa rally after only around 6,200 people actually showed up.

But whether the spending was done out of ignorance or on purpose to feed Par scale’s own bank account, a scenario that’s looking more and more likely, Trump got conned. Each is being paid via a 227 million dollar contract with American Made Media Consultants, who are currently under investigation by the FEC for efforts to “disguise the final destination of spending.” Whether Guilfoyle and Lara Trump received these payments knowing that the company paying them was corrupt or not, Trump got conned, either by his son’s partners or by the media company.

This was the president who was such a great businessman that he knew how to handle the vast sums of money connected to the U.S. economy once. Widely mocked for more than three years as a boyish lightweight, who was best known for his famous wife, troubled property deals and his father's stint in prison, Kushner is scoring historic breakthroughs lauded by Trump's base with four Arab nations since September joining the so-called Abraham Accords with Israel.

15 minutes ago December 13, 2020Four people were stabbed and one shot as rallies backing President Donald Trump's baseless claims of election fraud led to clashes in major US cities on Saturday. The new ad from Never-Trump conservative Super PAC the LincolnProject released today, is based completely on footage from the first night of the Republican National Convention.

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The ad splices together a long list of speakers at the convention, from Don Jr. to Charlie Kirk to KimberlyGuilfoyle to Tim Scott, each of them attempting to paint the most gruesome picture imaginable of the horrible state of America in some imaginary post Trump future. Naturally, this is nearly believable, as long as one is referring not to what would happen if Joe Biden were to become president, but the actual current reality today in Trump’s America.

Apple Car Confirmed: talks with Potential MFG Partners including Hyundai underway Although the evidence has surfaced all around us, over and over again for years, American government and law enforcement have failed to address the threat adequately for just as long.

Rather than create a bulwark against far-right extremism as the threat expanded, Trump's government either encouraged or ignored those malign forces.

In the Oval Office, presidential adviser and speechwriter Stephen Miller, who boasted a long rap sheet of associations with hardcore racist groups, came to symbolize Trump's association with white nationalism. Instead, it meant suppressing a vital homeland threat assessment for six months, according to a whistleblower, because department acting Secretary Chad Wolf and his deputy, Ken Cuccinelli, worried how the facts would “reflect upon President Trump.

Any true patriot, anyone who actually loves this country, must despise them.

National reconciliation is a worthy objective for Joe Biden and his new government. Donald Trump came for Steve Schmidt (founder of LincolnProject) on Twitter this morning.

The Manhattan District Attorney may not be around to cover for you or your crooked kids anymore. Eliza Orlons doesn’t believe in different sets of rules for the Trumps.

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You are lucky Chris Wallace interrupted you after Joe Biden said you weren’t smart. You’ve spent your whole life proving it.

She is ashamed and full of self-loathing for the choice she made in following you over the cliff. We hear from the White House and the campaign every day.

They are looking to get out alive and salvage careers and their names. It’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner vs. Donald Trump Jr., and KimberlyGuilfoyle on the inside.

They are at war over scraps and who gets to command what will be the remnants of your rancid cult. You are the greatest failure in American history.

You are the worst president in American history. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up ashamed of their names.

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One day, I suppose there will be some small and not-much-visited library that bears your name. It will be the type of place where a drunk walks by, staring at the wall for a minute, before deciding it is beneath his dignity to piss on.

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