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Kimberly Guilfoyle Joe Rogan

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 7 min read

We are now in the ninth month of the coronavirus pandemic, which I had to count out on my fingers because it honestly seems like life has been this way for years. When I watch TV shows now and people are doing normal life stuff like going to parties and bars and not wearing masks in the street it all seems vaguely surreal, and I get that low-level hum in the back of my brain that you get when you see an image of something unclean.

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Bear in mind that these are TV characters on shows that take place and were filmed in a different world than the one we live in now. Like I saw the news about the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and for a few seconds I was like “great well that’s that sorted then, when can I get it.” I also have a weird faith that once Joe Biden takes office shit will start improving rapidly is a is the whole global pandemic and that by next summer I’ll get to go to a dive bar again and eat popcorn out of a big machine that hasn’t been cleaned in months and not worry about washing my hands all night.

He just does it because he knows he has created a personal brand that is completely intoxicating to “men 16 to 45” and is going to continue to make money off of reinforcing that age group’s inherent idiocy for the rest of his life. This goes way beyond the West Wing fanfic the Lincoln Project is making money off of and veers right into full-on deranged posting.

The cops approach him with like “yeah bro we’ll stop investigating your massive career of fraud and also fraud if you just go on the Hideous and say ‘vaccines, you’re hearing more and more about them, frankly I think we have the best vaccines, also Joe Biden is the legitimate president'”? I have had some truly, truly stupid thoughts during this period of national crisis, social isolation, and existential fear.

But nothing, not even my controversial take on oatmeal, has been as stupid as expecting some weird consortium of already conspiracy-friendly celebs to suddenly hop aboard the Responsibility Express in order to like, do PR for a vaccine that could end the worst global health crisis in the modern era. The news comes after Roman pushed a debunked conspiracy theory that claimed “left-wing people,” activists, and protesters were lighting forests on fire in Oregon.

“In the case of Organ, a total of 10 meetings have been held with various groups and individuals to hear their respective concerns,” EK said, according to Vice’s three sources. The CEO is referencing Roman ’s interview with Abigail Shear, author of the book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

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As Guilfoyle spoke before an empty convention room, the volume of her voice steadily rose until she was practically screaming into the camera about her undying love for America and President Donald Trump. Criticizing her former home state of California for scheduling blackouts amidst massive wildfires, she declared, “In President Trump’s America we light things up, we don’t dim them down.

KimberlyGuilfoyle may have given one of the most alarming and stressful speeches of the 2020 Republican National Convention, but that didn't warrant the belittling behavior she experienced at the hands of her boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. in their Christmas video. Then he began pivoting at warp speed into abusive territory.

People are pretty confused Trump Jr. got away with this in front of Guilfoyle. It's unclear if he tried to insult her on purpose or if this was his idea of a clumsy joke.

KimberlyGuilfoyle delivered a six-minute message at the Republican National Convention during the first night of the RNC’s events. Her speech included moments when she was yelling at an empty room, and now people on social media can’t stop talking about it.

She was previously married to Gavin Newsom, including during the first two years that he was mayor of San Francisco before he became governor of California. When they separated, they said it was because it was hard to maintain a relationship while living on opposite coasts.


Guilfoyle had to briefly stop campaigning for Trump when she tested positive for the novel coronavirus in early July, the Los Angeles Times reported. She immediately isolated after her positive test, and at the time she wasn’t showing any symptoms.

It is a place of immense wealth, immeasurable innovation, and immaculate environment, and the Democrats turned it into a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets, and blackouts in homes,” Guilfoyle said. “In President Trump’s America, we light things up; we don’t dim them down.

Think that would've sounded a lot less weird if there were applause, but the yelling was a bit awkward in an empty room.” Tonight was the first night of the Republican National Convention, and Guilfoyle ’s boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. is expected to speak later after her speech.

Guilfoyle is now enmeshed in the Trump orbit, but observers often point out that she's been romantically linked with liberals, too. Newsom went on to be elected mayor in 2003, making Guilfoyle the first lady of San Francisco.

The book covers Guilfoyle's experience as a prosecutor and offers tips on “how to organize your thoughts and plans, have meaningful discussions with the surrounding people, and achieve your goals in all aspects of your life.” The New Yorker story published in early October 2020 also includes allegations of sexual harassment.

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After her Fox News career ended, Guilfoyle soon become vice chairwoman of pro-Trump Super PAC America First Policies. In the fall, she hit the campaign trail for midterm elections with Trump Jr.

In late September, the couple went on the road to Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Nevada and Texas, appearing at rallies and fundraisers in support of Republican candidates. After accompanying her boyfriend Don Jr. to myriad fundraisers, rallies, and the like for months, Guilfoyle was named a senior adviser on Trump's 2020 campaign.

Per the New York Times, Trump personally asked Guilfoyle to take charge of the committee's fundraising. Guilfoyle tested positive for COVID-19 in July, causing concern about the virus's spread in the White House.

Don Her addresses fines from hosting a Trump campaign event in Henderson. The City of Henderson has fined Extreme Manufacturing, the company that hosted a rally for President Donald Trump's.

This follows many anecdotal tales of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dominating votes during caucus precincts but delegates being mysteriously awarded to other candidates, particularly Buttigieg. While his campaign downplays his association to Shadow, Buttigieg mysteriously proclaimed himself the winner of the Iowa caucus last night despite the fact that no official results have been released publicly.

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Iowa caucus results are expected to be partially released starting at 5PM EST on Tuesday, but it is unlikely that they will be accepted as legitimate considering what has transpired up to this point. Oh, she enjoys taking in a minor league baseball game now and then, but she generally cringes when I watch some sort of sporting event on TV.

My alma mater -- Pittsburgh State University -- won the NCAA Division II National Championship in football last year. For the first 5 weeks of the season this year, Pitt State remained ranked number one with a 5 – 0 record.

I'm sure many gorillas (our team mascot) supporters had visions in their heads of a second straight championship. Our college team was undefeated and ranked in the top ten of many statistical categories.

Future steps have not transpired and circumstances may change our path. When we take things for granted, we become too engrossed in the past and too hopeful of the future.

Instead of paying attention to the now, we allow our fanciful imagination to run amok. And so, it's not surprising at all that, with our attention divided, our next step becomes a misstep and an endeavor that we THOUGHT would prove successful turns out to be anything but.


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