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Kimberly Guilfoyle Interview

James Smith
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who went viral last month when they brandished guns while confronting Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home, appeared at a virtual Trump campaign event on Friday night. They were interviewed by KimberlyGuilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News personality who now hosts a web series for the campaign called “Making the Case,” which is also the title of her 2015 memoir.

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During a phone call, Mr. Trump told the governor he “understands the situation in St. Louis and how out of control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and not do their job and try to attack law-abiding citizens,” Km reported. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri on Thursday urged Attorney General William Barr to launch a federal civil rights investigation of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, accusing her of abuse of power in her investigation of a couple who wielded guns while defending their home during a protest.

The McCloskey have not been charged but St. Louis police applied for warrants earlier this week, Km reported. © Susan Walsh KimberlyGuilfoyle speaks as she tapes her speech for the first day of the Republican National Convention from the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.

“Ladies and gentleman, leaders and fighters of the American dream, the best is yet to come!” shouted one man, quoting much of the final line of Guilfoyle ’s speech, in a video shared by a Twitter user named Deon. Another Twitter user named Ryan Prominent shared a video in which someone shouted that same portion of the speech even more loudly toward a living room, where only one other person was present.

Bombshell is out in theaters now and gives an eye-opening look at the fall of one of the most powerful media moguls, Roger Miles. Bombshell stars Charlie Theron as Megan Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, and Margot Robbie as the fictional Kayla Hospital.

Free London also stars a KimberlyGuilfoyle, the former Fox News co-host of The Five who is now dating Donald Trump Jr. She talked with HollywoodLife about her intense research process to play Kimberly. She did write a book called Making the Case, which helped me a lot.

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It wasn’t about her political beliefs or anything to do with her current position in the White House. So it was more about her childhood, her journey through college, her first job, her values, her relationship to her parents, things like that.

I’m more interested in how the person thinks and feels and not necessarily just what their political beliefs are. “That was really important to me, to not try to imitate but to try to find the essence of her mannerisms,” Free continued.

Even her bodily relation toward her co-host I found very interesting as well as her voice and the way she carries herself. So through my research and getting to lift the hood of the car and see the engine and see what really makes that person tick and see where she was coming from totally changed my opinion of her.

So once I could realize that and actually hear it from her through reading her book, my opinion totally changed of her.” Free hopes Bombshell will inspire anyone to “speak their truth or come forward” about sexual harassment or “give them the courage” to do so.

I think a lot of people still don’t, but these women against all odds stood up and spoke their truth. KimberlyGuilfoyle is once again the topic of Twitter discussion for her fiery MAGA rhetoric and her dancing, but this time the chatter is about her appearance in a chilling video taken before President Trump’s Safe America rally, which later led to a mob attack on the Capitol.

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Guilfoyle is shown breaking into a hip-shaking dance while backstage before the rally started, and is then heard encouraging the crowd to “fight” for Trump. Donald Trump Jr., right, smiles along with his girlfriend KimberlyGuilfoyle prior to a news conference at Georgia Republican Party headquarters Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 in Atlanta.

(AP Photo/John Blakemore) Guilfoyle ’s name came up as one of those in Trump’s family and inner circle who, many said, should be investigated for inciting violence committed by the president’s supporters. But the Justice Department appeared to switch gears Friday, with an official saying that Trump and other speakers at the rally were not expected to be criminally charged for inciting a riot.

Another DOJ official told reporters that the federal investigation is focused solely on criminal acts at the Capitol building. The investigation continues as House Democrats moved closer to introducing an impeachment resolution next week, possibly for “incitement of insurrection,” CNN reported.

Legal experts also said the First Amendment could make it difficult for Trump and others to be prosecuted for impassioned speeches. But even if Guilfoyle can’t be prosecuted, she was nonetheless being scrutinized on social media for her starring role in the video, apparently filmed by Trump Jr., before the start of the rally.

Guilfoyle, in a black cape, turns to the camera and briefly breaks into the hip-shaking dance she’s been showcasing at other recent pro-Trump rallies. During her speech, Guilfoyle, who was a top fundraiser for Trump’s campaign, repeated his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

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After calling Trump the most “impactful, transformative” president America has ever seen, Guilfoyle said, “We will continue to hold the line across the incredible country, because we finally had a president in the White House who knows what it means to put America first … who stands for veterans and law enforcement and the American family.” Guilfoyle ’s voice also rose to a yell, which has become her signature speaking style since the Republican National Convention.

She also took Guilfoyle to task for claiming that she was a first-generation daughter of immigrants, when her mother was from Puerto Rico, which makes her 100 percent American. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers mobilized the National Guard on Monday to provide support to law enforcement in Kenosha, ahead of an expected decision on whether to press charges a police shooting. A Kenosha officer shot Jacob Blake, an African American man, in August while responding to a domestic violence call.

Governor Every ordered the National Guard to provide 500 service members to assist Kenosha law enforcement ahead of the district attorney's decision. “We are continuing to work with our local partners in the Kenosha area to ensure they have the state support they need, just as we have in the past,” Every told reporters on Monday.

“Our members of the National Guard will be on hand to support local first responders, ensure Kenosha are able to assemble safely, and to protect critical infrastructure as necessary.” Kenosha mayor John Ontarian and police chief Daniel Bikinis said in a joint statement that the city was preparing for possible unrest. “Mayor Ontarian has been informed that the decision is likely to be announced within the first two weeks of January and is working with Chief Bikinis and other partners to protect peaceful demonstration and to guard against unlawful activity,” the two said.

After the U.S. attorney in Atlanta abruptly resigned, the Trump administration has reportedly bypassed a top career prosecutor to name his acting replacement. U.S. Now, the Trump administration “is bypassing his first assistant, a career prosecutor, to name a new acting leader from outside the office,” Talking Points Memo reported on Tuesday.

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The news was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal, which noted that normally, the number two official “would take the place of a U.S. attorney upon his departure. It wasn't clear why PAK departed earlier than expected, but Talking Points Memo reports he cited “unforeseen circumstances” in an internal memo. The news of PAK's early departure came after The Washington Post reported on a leaked phone call in which President Trump pressured Georgia's Secretary of State to “find” him enough votes to reverse his loss in the state.

After getting vaccinated, New Orleans woman delivers a blunt message to non-believers McConnell stares down the barrel of Trump's gun Arya Mahendra won 54 votes out of the 100-member Council in December and is now the mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, a city and the capital of Kerala, India, according to The Hindu.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his five-year economic plan had failed to meet its goals “on almost every sector” as he kicked off the ruling Workers' Party congress on Tuesday, state media Kana reported on Wednesday. The rare political gathering, which Kim last hosted in 2016, has drawn international attention as he is expected to unveil a new five-year economic plan and address foreign policy, just two weeks before U.S. President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

But the five-year economic strategy he set forth in 2016 had failed to deliver, he said, calling for a boost in North Korea's self-reliance to tackle internal and outside challenges hindering its progress. The gold bullion, worth an estimated $4.1 million, looked suspicious when the three put their bags through a security check, according to the police.

“Upon questioning of the suspects and further inspection of their hand luggage, officials discovered the gold bars and some foreign currency,” said police spokeswoman Col. Athena Mate. Loved ones of a 41-year-old man incarcerated since his teens are appealing to California Governor Gavin Newsom for parole due to alleged threats over his health and life.

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Despite it being his first offense, Huh was given a maximum 28-year prison sentence by Los Angeles superior court Judge Moon. “Whether you know it or not, they’re laughing at you.” Raffensperger remained unfazed, informing the president in lapidary fashion that “the data you have is wrong.” He gave an example that the Trump team had made allegations that upwards of 5,000 dead people had voted in Georgia.

Fellas, I need 11,000 votes.” Because he only needs to win by a few, even though he believes he won by nearly half a million. What has to be understood very clearly is that Team Trump can no longer press its case in the courts? It has been squeezed by the facts and the hurdles that the American justice system places in front of frivolous and baseless lawsuits.

This led Lou Dobbs, the most fraud-pilled cable-television host in America, to wonder aloud why “we have had a devil of a time finding actual proof” of the election-fraud theory he believes anyway. Unable to turn up witnesses who would sit in a box, documents to substantiate their claims, or suspected perks to put in the stands, the Trump team turned toward strange legal theories. Right? As the legal theories have run out of steam, Team Trump turned to find gaps and holes in the Constitution.

And as part of this effort, we now have the bullying of Georgia’s Secretary of State. And yet, the Trump diehards will tell you with all sincerity that this was “another perfect phone call.” The innocent and ignorant souls who say this does so because they are so detached from the institutions and practices of America’s political governance. The more refined -- the intellectual diehards -- will simply hold that there is no reason to believe in the fraud, but they join in the delusion anyway because they believe lack of faith in the integrity of our system is justified on other grounds; namely, because the system has, in their eyes, stopped honestly serving a huge segment of the American people. But that is one of the perils of democracy: that 81 million people can vote for a government that is abominated by 74 million people.

Donald Trump is dedicating real energy to something over which he has no control: the results of the Georgia election. It’s a reminder of all the cajoling, bullying, and commanding calls he hasn’t made. “This is about the things people do when they think no one is watching them,” said the mother of a young Latino police officer who lives in the house.

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“When asked what she would tell people who question the vaccine and don't want to receive it, Was responded, “I call them stupid because -- that or either a buffoon. “She said a lot of people don't believe in the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 350,000 Americans, because “they listen to the man that's in Washington, D.C., that's on his way out the door talking about how it's all a hoax and all that bullhorn.

> -Maureen Was, coronavirus vaccine recipient> > -- Maddox Blog (@MaddowBlog) January 5, 2021More stories from Are we witnessing the fall of the United States? McConnell stares down the barrel of Trump's gun Fauci thinks momentum will swing toward vaccinating at least 1 million people per day in U.S.

Republicans mounting an unprecedented challenge to Joe Biden’s election win are setting up a congressional showdown on Wednesday that threatens to divide their party and the country for years to come. With protestors already gathering in Washington to support President Donald Trump, the House and the Senate will convene a joint session to count the electoral votes cast in November's election.

Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his advisers were prepared for President Trump to press him on overturning the state's presidential election results during a Saturday phone call, so they decided to record the conversation, which they eventually leaked after Trump mischaracterized the exchange. “Lindsey Graham asked us to throw out legally cast ballots,” one of Raffensperger's advisers told Politico.

After getting vaccinated, New Orleans woman delivers a blunt message to non-believers McConnell stares down the barrel of Trump's gun During the Dec. 26th incident which has since gone viral, she went after both the teen Kenyon Harold Jr., and his father at the Carlo Hotel in New York City’s Soho neighborhood.

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The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it will award a $3.7 billion grant to help Puerto Rico rebuild water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and reservoirs damaged by Hurricane Maria more than three years ago. The administration has been slow to release $44 billion in money that was approved for Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricane.

Trump has spent much of his administration blasting Puerto Rican officials as corrupt and inept, and he had opposed spending federal dollars to rebuild a power grid and other infrastructure that was wiped out by Maria in September 2017. In October, a farmer harvesting corn in Springfield Township, Indiana discovered human remains that were later ID’d as Laura.

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