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Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Today we celebrate the end of 2020 and the birthday of my sweetheart, @donaldjtrumpjr.

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REPLAY: The Right View with Lara Trump, Katrina Pierson, KimberlyGuilfoyle, and Mercedes Schnapps! Per The New York Times, Trump watched the actual insurrectionist acts with enjoyment ...

Brilliant, passionate, hardworking, patriotic American Women! I can’t believe we are almost two weeks from Election Day when we’ll deliver four more years to President @realdonaldtrump.

WATCH: The Right View with Lara Trump, Katrina Pierson, KimberlyGuilfoyle, and Mercedes Schnapps So exciting launching #Operational alongside @donaldjtrumpjr this week.

This campaign is crisscrossing the country, and in battleground states to EARN your vote. Great week on the road hitting seven states on behalf of President @realdonaldtrump.

CNN quoted one unnamed adviser who said Guilfoyle's speech was “strange in its delivery” and that Kimberly shouting is weird.” According to the Daily Beast, Trump called Guilfoyle to “to effusively praise her” for the RNC speech and compared her to Eva Peron, the former first lady of Argentina who is the subject of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical “Evita,” an apparent favorite of Trump's.

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I'm so proud of our military, she supports the wall, and she always stands with the heroes of law enforcement, and Border patrol. I hated it Kelly when we got in from the military with Trump all over it, and they got thrown into a river.

We confirmed our third new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Working with David Kelly helped rescue the economy from the China virus passing nearly $4000000000000 in economic relief, saving over 1.5.

By efforts to provide $2000 stimulus checks to hardworking Americans across Georgia and across the nation and my reasoning is simple, I mean we're conservative with money, but my reasoning is simple. Is running against a hard left extremist Rafael War.

War is the most radical and dangerous left-wing candidate ever to seek this office and certainly in this of Georgia, and he does not have your values war is publicly declared his support for socialism, and he once welcomed the anti-American communist dictator Fidel Castro to his church. Eli I thought was a nice war, said that quote nobody can serve both God and the military.

A vicious against thousands of patriotic service members across the state of Georgia he wants to abolish cash bail. Well, he is called for quote opening up the jails, and he slandered our police officers as gangsters thugs and bullies the choice for the voters of Georgia could not be more clear.

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They want to defend your interest, and they will always put America first. How crazy even if you're not going to do it, which is basically protected us.

Thank you mister president he stood with our men and women of law enforcement He restored our military my opponent radical liberal Rafael War He attacked. Also joining us tonight our Georgia Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green, I love.

I'm so fired up to hear Senator Kelly she's going to object on January 6. Stop socialism This is the last line we're gonna hand over our Senate seats to a pastor who preaches abortion from the pulpit.

No he's he's preaching murder of God's creation in the womb holding the Bible in his hand. We've had enough, We're not going to let Georgia go to two radical socialists.

Stop our Senate for being hand over to these, and we're gonna fight for President Trump on January 6. We have another friend of our South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

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I'm not so good with the bikes you know I sort of say maybe I stay away from a little but Chris Cox is bikers for Trump that he's the founder, and he had more people show up for me whenever I saw I'd go to places. I'd have 234 thousand bikes and Secret Service would go crazy.

No I'm so happy, and they wouldn't do it for any other reason they just wanted to protect their future. David respected by everybody and I want to thank Don Junior did he do.

Job tonight I watch they love our done, but he is working hard I want to thank Don and incredible and I also ah came with somebody who people like a lot. People like her a lot, I don't know, she doesn't really like the concept of running for office.

And it's so great to be back in Georgia with this warrior my father the people's president. He is a tireless champion for all of you and he will never stop fighting and by his side are two amazing senators that we have to send back to the Senate and send a resounding message that patriotism is alive and well in Georgia.

And Georgia is going to keep freedom alive in America. Thank you all tomorrow our entire nation on the people of Georgia in a way the world is counting on the people of Georgia The fate of our country is at stake.

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It's in your hands you must deliver a Republican victory so big that the Democrats can't steal it or cheated away. We've all they'll be trying to tell you that we have all seen what our opponents are capable of doing I ran to elect.

I want both of them second one much more successful than the first, but we can't let this happen any longer on election night we were leading by so much. We're not going to have that tomorrow night where you're leading and then all of a sudden boom.

It's gone like magic We won Florida and Ohio and record numbers We want Iowa by 8.2% nobody's ever. And 700000 votes in Pennsylvania, it was over, I should have run up to the podium and said Thank you very much for this wonderful victory, then maybe they wouldn't have had time to close those booths right the counting rooms and do what they did.

I tell the story because we can't let this happen tomorrow. Indisputable evidence documenting the rampant fraud, which will be announced on Wednesday as you know.

And I want to thank Senator Josh Holly and Ted Cruz and all the incredible senators that have stepped up to fight because they've seen what happens they know. We were leading all of them by a lot until like miracle it started to quickly disappear right here in Georgia, there were tens of thousands of illegal votes cast and counted.

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10315 ballots were cast by individuals whose name and date of birth matches, a Georgia resident who died in twenty prior to the election. 2506 ballots were cast by individuals, his name and date of birth matches and incarcerated felon in a Georgia prison.

Two illegal ballots were cast by individuals who do not appear on the state's voter roles. 18325 illegal ballots were cast by individuals who registered to devote using an address listed as vacant, according to the postal service, at least 86000.

86880 ballots were cast by people whose registrations were illegally back dated. A Thousand votes You don't have to understand we're down by a little more than 11000 so every one of this determination sixty.

66000 votes in Georgia were cast by people under the legal voting age, at least 15000 ballots were cast by individuals who moved out of the state prior to the November 3rd election. I don't know I mean, I can't tell they moved out and it's back usually takes a.

Time Break it up, We moved our let's go back Darling George's absentee ballot rejection rate went from an average of 3% in 2016 and then went down very low to almost zero Now. One thing I'm going over individual in all the swing states now they'll check this out and that's fine and but you take a look at it.

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Officials egregiously violated state in order to solicit facilitated promote cheating and theft on a scale never seen before these crooked and incompetent officials suspended signature verification. I want you to go to Fulton County to check the signatures because hundreds of.

Thousands of ballots came in I want you to check the signature to see if it compares to somebody that live there. They illegally flooded their stage with absentee ballot, and they deployed hundreds of illicit ballot drop boxes in corrupt Democrat run cities among many other flagrant violations of law.

They put these drop boxes there and in a number of cases they'd begun for 3 days they take em up, and they were are they were are they being God Georgia's Secretary of State agreed to a litigation settlement, which is something that. Nobody's ever seen one like this, I want I wanna just tell you that Stacey Abrams took him to the cleaners that drastically and illegally change the state's election procedures They never got the mandated approval from your state legislature who by the way you have some great people in legislature.

Some great people who agree with what we're saying and even more so but think of it they never got the. That's true with all states tens of thousands of votes are missing.

World telling people how to run their elections, and we don't even know how to run our the most unhappy person right now anywhere in the United States is Hillary Clinton because she's asking the Democrat party Why the hell did you do this for me? But you notice how because she said don't forget I want by ten thousand words.

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But I won't miss you can from her by ten thousand volts. We caught him we And I say to people like Mike Lee that are here and Lindsey, I say if they got approved and verified, they use the word verified votes that are fraudulent, and then we find out after because you can't do it that quickly.

And 70000 absentee votes were counted that are blatantly illegal under Wisconsin law and should never have been included in the tally by the way I lost it was there's 170000 votes The margin in Wisconsin is only 20000 votes so this issue alone would have won that state for us many times over we were leading at 10 o'clock in the evening by a lot in Pennsylvania, there were 200. Which remains completely unexplained, you have great senators and representatives there and nobody can explain it.

Think of it that you had voters by a lot in addition, Democrat State Supreme Court judges and Democrat Secretary of State effectively abolished the signature verification process right here they counted. Cast After deadlines, and they allowed ballots to be illegally fixed in Democrat controlled areas and I say this because you can't let this happen tomorrow and I hope all the politicians are listening.

There's an unexplained 400000 vote discrepancies between the number of male and ballots and Pennsylvania sent out reported on November 2nd 2020 and the number reported on November 4th. They can't explain it 400000 previously unreported mail-in ballots.

Magically they couldn't explain it and all of a sudden they just happened to find 400000. Oh, uh get them out fast many more with no mail date and 14000 ballots illegally cast by out-of-state voters.

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We're processed on machines where the signature matching threshold was intentionally lowered to a level that you could sign your name. People in Nevada double hooded that's more than we need it by far in Arizona more than 36000 votes were cast by non-citizens and there were 11000 more ballots than there were voters seems to a trait doesn't it.

You're on Cameron number three you're wrong in Michigan, according to one analyst over 35000. That's a double In addition, there is the highly troubling matter of Dominion voting machines.

I want to read you from a letter from Georgia State Senator William La. You know who he is right Highly-respected Guy Dear Mister president as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Elections, I requested you immediately send an outside team of cyber experts to investigate potential hacking another irregularities associated with Dominion.

I have to tell you but the governor won't let him hold the session to certify on December 30th twenty the committee held a hearing investigating potential fraud and other. Irregularities during Georgia's twenty general election the committee first unanimously approved the report dated December 17th twenty discussing a myriad of voting irregularities and potential fraud in Georgia Twenty general election discussed in an earlier hearing held on December 3rd, notably, the committee stated in the executive summary that the November 3rd twenty general election was chaotic and reported results must be viewed as.

I don't know where they come from the committee then heard and this is from one of the most highly respected political representatives The committee then heard additional testimony concerning voter irregularities during the twenty general election, including testimony and a test demonstrating serious irregularities with Dominion voting machines three events. This hearing stand out and require a forensic order of the Dominion voting machines in Georgia to be immediately conducted.

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There's only one reason I can think of first the Dominion voting machines employed in Fulton County. That's the home of Stacey had an astounding 93.67 era ninety-three point.

Uh you know, I think that voter meant something out that he doesn't want Trump let's just switch it around. This is from your representative highly respected the national average.

Such an era is far less than 1.2%, so that was ninety-three the source of astronomical rate must be identified to determine if these machines were set up were designated to allow for a third party to disregard the actual ballot cast by the registered voter. I don't I don't say this bragging the most admired man in the world or the country.

So, I came in first Obama came in second and came in way then I say, and they say and people have said how is it possible that a guy who got eighty million votes? Second again from this very respected political leader Second, there is clear evidence that tens of thousands of votes were switched from President Trump to former Vice President Biden in several counties throughout Georgia, for example in BBB County anybody live in BBB County President Trump was reported to have 29000.

191 votes at 9:11 PM while simultaneously form of Vice President Joe Biden was reported to have 17000 to 18 minutes later at the next update these numbers switched with President Trump now having 17000 Biden now having 29000. It was like a miracle third during this hearing a presenter demonstrated that a Dominion poll could be hacked into in real time because it was connected to the internet now anything connected to the internet.

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Cybersecurity experts agree that voting should not be connected to the internet at any time in any way, shape or form. He controlled the internet form of Vice President Biden led Georgia by only 11007.

That was committed in this state is immeasurable and immediate forensic audit of an appropriate sampling of Dominion voting machines and related equipment is critical to determine the level of illegal fraudulent ballots. Improperly counted in Georgia during the twenty general election and during tomorrow's race, you must be very careful.

Read a letter from Mark Finch chairman of the Era Arizona House, a very respected man Federal Relations Committee Dear Mister president after the election members of the Legislature were inundated with complaints from constituents relating to the intensity of the general election and the integrity more important than anything else and the accuracy of canvas results in many instances constituents reported that their earlier in person. It's may not have been correctly, processed or tabulate Maricopa County officials members of the Legislature of conducted two public hearings in recent weeks during which significant of fraudulent and illegal voting in Arizona has been demonstrated through expert and eyewitness testimony for example in Pima County and Maricopa County, It appears that 100.

They don't like talking about numbers because nobody knew the numbers were so egregious also an expert math limitation concluded the only explanation for the actual voting results in Arizona is that one. Hundreds of thousands of votes are missing the only way to combat the Democrat fraud is to flood your polling places with a historic title.

Because at a certain point, the machines are going to explode they almost did with me. Unfortunately, they didn't quite get there, but we'll figure that out and I just want Mike Lee to listen to this.

This election is your chance to stand up to the corrupt Democrat machine and show them that the American people are still in charge. With your help over the last 4 years, we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country.

I say it all the time and the politicians the lame stream media as I call them affectionately if that weren't true that. I mean you have people that won one state, and they become world-famous for the rest of their lives.

We won everything, and we want it now a second time hate to bore you with that expression, but we want it now a second time and I don't want to win it. I'm interested in like 8 weeks ago 4 years 4 years is a long time It's actually two and two, you know we'll take back the house for Kevin.

And Marjorie Jody we'll bring back the house right. Big difference between losing and winning and having it stolen No, but they talk about 4 years sir you haven't made nobody can come closer and say no we're we go this way first and I think we're going to do it.

This is one of many we win every state, and they're going to have this guy be president, and he can't speak. We've got a lot of uh very few left and uh very proud nothing worse than going to Dover and meeting the parents of our great warriors that have fallen our great Warriors coming home so badly wounded or dead and on countries that many of you have never heard about, so we bring our soldiers home.

We are finally protecting our nation rebuilding our cities, and we're bringing our jobs our factories and our troops back to the USA where they belong. But everything that we've achieved together is on the line tomorrow our fight to take back our country from the big donors, the big media and the horrendous big tech giants that are politicians not these two politicians are afraid to attack section 230.

Take it away all your rights If you want to send a message to the powerful forces that are trying to control your country, you must get out and vote tomorrow for David Purdue and Kelly. Each of us here tonight is united by the same core vision and the same timeless American values.

We believe that faith and family not and bureaucracy are the center of American life. We will defend the right to life religious Liberty free speech and the right to keep and bear arms, which I want to take away.

We will maintain America's unrivaled military might, and we will preserve peace through strength you know when I first got elected and before I got elected 2015 and 2016 before they were in debates and everyone said Oh, he's going to cause wars. Remember, North Korea was going to be a tremendous nuclear fight, as well as what happened with that.

And they don't wanna mess with us either that I can uh David and Kelly will protect social security and Medicare, and they will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. We will stop the indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our school.

We will teach our children to love our country honor our history and always respect great American flag. And we will live by the words of our national motto in God, we trust that they don't say that.

10.2 yards to carry for a while he made a lot of quarterbacks look very good. We love Hershey to right here in Dalton Georgia We inherit the legacy of generations of American Patriots who gave their blood sweat and tears to defend our country and to defend our freedom We stand on the shoulders of American heroes who cross the oceans settle the con tame the wilderness lay down the railroads raise up the.

Skyscrapers and one two World wars defeated fascism and communism and made America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come. And proud citizens like you help build this country and together we are taking back our country, our fight to drain the Washington Swamp and reclaim America's destiny and dignity has only just begun.

And our hearts bleed red white and blue. We are one movement, one people one family and one glorious nation under God and together with the incredible people of Georgia we have made America powerful again our military we have made America wealthy again our stock market we have made America strong again.

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