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Kimberly Guilfoyle Exes

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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When it came to her marital roster, Guilfoyle selected former San Francisco mayor (and current California governor), Gavin Newsom, as her first-round pick in 2001. That marriage looked pretty solid on the outside with Harper's Bazaar even dubbing the pair “the New Kennedy's” and calling their courtship “one of the most glamorous political unions since Jack and Jackie” at the time (via The Washington Post).

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After the split, rumors began swirling that Newsom had an affair with his then-campaign manager's wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk. He later admitted to the previously referenced “personal lapse of judgment” in 2007 (via Los Angeles Times).

Before we dig into the dirty details of this romance, you should first know a few things about KimberlyGuilfoyle's second ex-husband since he's not connected to politics, and Guilfoyle seems wildly attracted to that type. Eric Violence isn't a president's son and may not have “governor” on his resume, but he's still handsome and has some decently impressive credentials making him bachelor-worthy on paper.

His grandfather started the Maurice Violence furniture chain in 1932, which his father eventually took over prior to handing it down to him in 1998, according to Forbes. “I loved to hear him talk about not only his furniture and the art he made, but also the artists and designers he admired,” Violence gushed to the magazine.

She met Eric Violence on a blind date that same year and went full steam ahead with her younger new beau without looking back. “The couple met on a blind date last October and were engaged by Christmas, but kept the romance a secret until February, when Kimberly's divorce from San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom was finalized,” dished a May 2006 People article.

In Guilfoyle's pre-attorney and news anchor days, she “modeled for Macy's, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret and 'all the big stores' while in law school to help pay the bills,” revealed Women's Wear Daily. According to the booking agency All American Entertainment Speakers, the furniture heir “maintains a deep connection to the fashion world” even to the present day.

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The couple went with a swanky St. James, Barbados resort with a Nazarene minister officiating the nuptials for their big day. A now-known fact is that Guilfoyle was already five months pregnant with Violence's child when she walked down the aisle at her destination wedding, according to the New York Post (via People).

The same source also refuted anyone's claims that the marriage was a shotgun attempt to unite before the baby arrived, declaring, “The wedding was planned long before she learned she was with child.” The duo's son, Roman Anthony, was born in October 2006, just five months after their big day, according to Town and Country) .

Her first union only lasted five years, and her second marriage wound up having less longevity than the first, despite the fact that she had a child with hubby number two. The exes had a signed prenuptial agreement in place and were “vowing to remain friends” while sharing joint custody of a then 2-year-old Roman (via Page Six).

She gave us another look into her way of thinking in a 2018 interview with The Washington Post, where she said, “I am always changing and doing stuff ... Grass doesn't grow too long under my feet. KimberlyGuilfoyle didn't waste any time (or money) finding some swanky new digs when she split from Eric Violence.

The home boasted ten closets, a dry bar, and it basically sounds like every divorced woman's dream. According to a previously referenced source, when it came to a budget for her new digs, money was apparently no object, as the taxes and maintenance fees were $2,464 a month alone on the place.

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According to Variety, she only kept her rebound home for three years before putting it back on the market, relisting it for a sizable profit ($1,595,000). The former television anchor is still “very close” with her furniture heir ex's family, despite the fact that they've been divorced for years, as revealed by Mediate.

In fact, the same publication spied the 50-year-old girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. “checking out wedding dresses” at Bridal Fashion Week in the Big Apple in April 2019. Despite the event being usually attended by women actually in the wedding dress market, you didn't miss any engagement announcements.

Gavin Newsom declined to speak ill of ex-wife KimberlyGuilfoyle after she called out the state for its handling of current drug and homelessness crises during her Republican National Convention address. Newsom, a Democrat who was married to the former Fox News host from 2001 to 2006, was taking questions from reporters Wednesday when he was asked, “I’m curious if you are watching the RNC, and if you had a response to your ex-wife who said in prime time … that California is ‘a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets and blackouts in homes.

“Let me just extend appreciation for your effort to get my response and I respectfully defer to the next question,” Newsom said before moving to another reporter. The former couple, dubbed “the New Kennedy's” in a 2004 Harper’s Bazaar spread, remained friendly after their split despite their political differences.

KimberlyGuilfoyle pre-records her address to the Republican National Convention. Getty ImagesRecounting a recent phone call between the two, the Trump campaign surrogate, who had begun dating Donald Trump Jr. by that point, “playfully threatened” to bring her new boyfriend to the Golden State to campaign against him. Guilfoyle did not mention Newsom by name during her 2020 RNC remarks Monday night, but she pulled no punches when discussing her home state.

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It is a place of immense wealth, immeasurable innovation, and immaculate environment, and the Democrats turned it into a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets, and blackouts in homes. Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle is an American attorney who is currently an advisor on President Donald Trump’s team.

She was a host on the show until 2018 when she left the media outlet to work for President Donald Trump. This piece will look at Kimberly ’s parents, her ex-husbands, and her relationship with Donald Trump Jr.

His father, Anthony Guilfoyle, left Ireland in his twenties and moved to San Francisco to work as a contractor. Her Puerto Rican mother, Mercedes Marie Serena, was a special education teacher, who shared a close bond with Kimberly.

Anthony passed away in 2008, having served in the U.S. army and worked as a political adviser in San Francisco. After a lengthy courtship, Kimberly and San Francisco’s future mayor Gavin Newsom got married in a lavish wedding in December 2001.

Nelson and Kimberly were considered San Francisco’s power couple, and in some circles, they were referred to as ‘the new Kennedy's.’ However, cracks in their relationship began to show after Kimberly moved to the opposite coast to pursue a journalism career. A year after the divorce, reports emerged that Gavin had an affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his then-campaign manager, in late 2015.

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Gavin didn’t deny the affair, and according to People, he said, “Everything you’ve heard and read is true. In October 2006, they welcomed their son Roman Anthony, and in June 2009, Eric and Kimberly announced their divorce.

In March 2018, Vanessa Kay filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. on the grounds that he’d cheated on her with singer Aubrey O’Day. Donald and Vanessa subsequent tabloid war kept the couple at the top of gossip headlines.

After Vanessa detailed her past romance with a former gang member, Donald’s team retaliated by revealing his relationship with Kimberly. KimberlyGuilfoyle waves after speaking at a campaign event for U.S. President Donald Trump at ... Extreme Manufacturing on September 13, 2021 in Henderson, Nevada.

The complaint alleges Guilfoyle told the assistant to “submit to a Fox employee’s demands for sexual favors, encouraged her to sleep with wealthy and powerful men,” demanded they share a room on business trips and “required her to sleep over at her apartment,” all of which made her feel “deeply uncomfortable,” according to the New Yorker. Since her departure from Fox News, Guilfoyle has led a joint fundraising effort between the Trump reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee.

She’s become a prominent Trump surrogate and made waves with a fiery speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention. “They want to destroy this country and everything that we have fought for and hold dear,” she said, arms raised, creating a striking and meme-able image.

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It later emerged that Newsom, then 39, was having an affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his then-campaign manager and former deputy chief of staff, Alex Tour. Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor in San Francisco and Los Angeles whose now the 49-year-old co-host of Fox News’ The Five, married Newsom in 2001 and filed for divorce in January 2005, citing the strain of a bi-coastal marriage.

“Everything you’ve heard and read is true,” Newsom, a Democrat, told reporters during a news conference at the time. After their divorce was finalized in February 2006, Guilfoyle married her second husband, furniture heir Eric Violence, later that same year.

Guilfoyle has not publicly commented much on her marriage with Newsom, but in 2014 she recalled her time as San Francisco’s first lady fondly to PEOPLE. Guilfoyle, who was married to Newsom during his first two years as mayor, from 2004 to 2006, once hosted Prince Charles and wife Camilla when they visited San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle has been romantically linked to the president’s eldest son, 40, who is in the midst of a high-profile divorce from wife Vanessa. Trump Jr. recently became embroiled in his own infidelity drama after Page Six reported that he had an affair with former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Aubrey O’Day in 2012.

The pair were seen arriving together at a party in New York City on Sunday evening for President Trump’s new ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenfell. After the party, Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle left together and went to a late dinner at Harry Cyprian restaurant on Fifth Avenue.

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