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Kimberly Guilfoyle Engaged

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His wife, Vanessa Trump, filed for divorce in 2018, and he did go through that whole Au brie O' Day cheating scandal (circa 2011). Prior to becoming Don Jr.'s live-in girlfriend, Guilfoyle was married to California Governor Andrew Newsom and furniture heir Eric Violence (who's the father of her son Roman).

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While it's nice to see the president's eldest son happy again, there are a few peculiar things about his latest relationship that are hard to ignore. The couple was first spotted arriving together to a party for President Donald Trump's new ambassador to Germany.

While we can't confirm exactly how they went from friends to lovers, we can definitely say that the pair ran in the same circles since at least 2007, as evidenced in these throwbacks photos regurgitated by the Daily Mail. In one throwback photo from 2008, Don Jr. has his arm around his then-wife, Vanessa Trump, while Guilfoyle and her second ex-husband Eric Violence are standing next to them, smiling joyfully.

“Even he can tell the difference between the attractive women on Fox who have a little of substance, and those who will be derided as airheads,” a source revealed. Every girl wants their boyfriend's parents to like them, and KimberlyGuilfoyle looks like the poster child for winning over a man's folks.

President Donald Trump has basically branded her as the face of his re-election campaign, and she appears to be a welcomed member of the FAM before she's even scored a ring. A source told the outlet that the “fawning press coverage” Guilfoyle and Don Jr. initially drew at a White House Fourth of July event was not well-received.

The new couple supposedly outshone Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner that day, which is, apparently, a no-go. “Don was contacted by an official informing him that he would need to clear his guests the next time he visited.

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And as Thanksgiving approached, the president made it known that Guilfoyle wasn't welcome to join the family at Mar-A-Lago,” The Atlantic reported. “Over the years, Trump had frequently made suggestive comments about Guilfoyle's attractiveness,” according to the publication.

While most folks get to fight for legroom and an armrest when they travel commercially, the rich and famous don't typically have these problems. One perk of having money is traveling large, so we are not surprised that KimberlyGuilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. do just that when they jet around the globe.

The 2020 Republican National Convention was all about President Donald Trump, but it also gave some of his biggest supporters a chance to shine. Speech, which had great content, but as Late Show host Stephen Colbert put it, his “sweaty face and wet, bloodshot eyes” kind of took away from the message.

Actress Debra Messing also commented on Don Jr.'s performance on Twitter, writing, “WOW. It's no secret that Donald Trump Jr. is an avid gun enthusiast, enjoys hunting, and is passionate about his American right to bear arms.

We can't help but wonder how common a “gunroom” is on people's must-have house hunting lists? Nevertheless, the couple wound up going under contract for the 9,200 Bridgehampton home anyway with a plan to add a custom gunroom later, according to the same source.

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When you dig into it, the property sounds like it's worth every bit of the $4.5 million they paid for it (especially since it's in a prime Bridgehampton location). The house sits on 3.9 acres, is in a gated community, has a pool with a waterfall, and is close to the beach and shopping, according to Realtor.

According to The Washington Post, “the couple seemed to treat each step of their careers, and each other, as a means to an end.” According to The Washington Post, only three days after Newsom was sworn in as mayor, Guilfoyle flew to New York City to start a new job as a host on a show for Court TV.

Guilfoyle and Gavin Newsom announced their divorce in a statement issued by the San Francisco City Hall mayor's office: “Unfortunately, the demands of our respective careers have made it too difficult for us to continue as a married couple. A friend of the couple said Newsom and Guilfoyle's bi-coastal arrangement took its toll on the relationship: “It's no secret that they have been leading separate lives,” the source said.

Since their split, both parties have moved on to other relationships, and for Guilfoyle, her new partner is bringing her into the presidential spotlight. KimberlyGuilfoyle got to know the Trump family while working in New York, especially when she joined Fox News in 2006.

She wrote, directed and produced three documentaries: Miss Representation, The Mask You Live In, and The Great American Lie. The Republican power couple has devoted much of its time to campaigning and working on behalf of Trump Jr.'s father, President Donald Trump (via Elle), but Guilfoyle and Don Jr. have enjoyed some time to themselves.

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According to their Instagram feeds, they stay very active by taking adventurous day trips together. “Enjoying the outdoors with @donaldjtrumpjr,” Guilfoyle captioned a photo from a fishing trip in May 2019.

After dating for just over two months, Donald Trump Jr, 40, and former Fox News host KimberlyGuilfoyle, 49, are reportedly engaged. After a whirlwind romance that saw her leave the cable network to join the Trump Super PAC America First, the pair have reportedly decided to wed, even though Don’s still not divorced from wife Vanessa.

A massive diamond engagement ring can be seen in a picture Kimberly shared on Instagram on July 25, holding hands high in the air with Don and writing in the caption, “A winning team! “ Kimberly was simply wearing a cocktail ring, and it was actually on her middle finger.” Meanwhile, Don and his ex, Vanessa, appeared in divorce court on July 26, just one day after the engagement rumors began.

“They know people say it’s too soon and have been passing comments about their relationship, but they don’t care,” the insider told Radar. “They want to get engaged right way and are only waiting for his divorce from Vanessa to come through.” Don and Kimberly were first linked as dating at the beginning of May, so this relationship has moved at warp speed.

Guilfoyle, a journalist and senior adviser of President Trump's 2020 campaign, revealed the special milestone Saturday in a sweet Instagram post. Photos showed the smiling couple sitting down for a meal inside their home in the Hampton's, while heart-shaped balloons and chocolate covered strawberries laid nearby.

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Guilfoyle and Don Jr. shared two special meals to celebrate their anniversary Friday It was revealed in 2018 that the couple began dating and Guilfoyle even earned a stamp of approval from the first family.

Don Jr. (left) said of Guilfoyle (right): 'You could walk into a room with the biggest titans of industry two minutes later and fit in with either one of them' Guilfoyle and the eldest Trump son are said to be a great match since the two have a lot 'in common' and politics being a big part of it.

Don Jr. loves that Kim is 'so smart' and understands the political landscape so well, the source said. DailyMailTV interviewed the two on a secluded ranch 90 minutes southwest of Bozeman, Montana, where Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Glendale and a group of donors is aiming sniper rifles at targets between 100 yards and 1 mile away.

DON'T TELL HARRY AND MEGHAN (OR JAY AND BEY): Trump Jr. said he's heard he and Kimberly are 'the most Googled couple on the Internet' Since then, charming photos of the couple were shared throughout Guilfoyle's Instagram and received likes by the thousands.

The couple have appeared thick as thieves, with Guilfoyle and her son joining the presidential family for the holidays last year. During the bash, President Trump toasted Guilfoyle and joined attendees in singing 'Happy Birthday' to her as she was brought a cake with a large, sparkling candle on it with the flames shooting up toward the ceiling.

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'Four more years,' Guilfoyle yelled after her birthday song, urging the crowd to join her in supporting the president. 'You’re so freaking beautiful I might take you home tonight,' Eric said, putting his arm around Guilfoyle as she hugged him.

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