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Kimberly Guilfoyle Email

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Saw you on the “Five” and you have decided to talk through your nose just like Dana. I looked over the web for you and found photos of you from which I concluded that you look better when your hair color is more brown than black.

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Why not replay it later in the lineup when other shows are used as fillers. My brother-in-law passed away this past week in Florida.

Joel Figueroa leaves behind a son paresis Opiate use and Medicare prescription costs are down in states that have legalized cannabis.

THC relives pain, breaks down the plaque that causes Alzheimer's, reduces nausea, helps appetite, CBD reduces inflammation, is antibacterial, boosts the immune system, causes the synapses to fire correctly Big pharma is mostly a sham to make money.

Cannabis helps with add, PTSD, epilepsy, alienizes and a dozen plus others You are so offended that people call trump out for what he is and how he acts. Don't hear you talking about his constant lies.

Why is it that you never address this behavior of the pres? I guess it is another example of “look over here” Both did a lot of yelling in their speeches on behalf of Kelly Offer, David Purdue and Trump’s vision of America.

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Gavin Newsom, specifically raised false claims about people being allowed “to steal elections or the White House or the presidency,” while Trump Jr. revealed his new term of endearment for his girlfriend: “Puerto Rican pit bull.” The term refers to the San Francisco-born Guilfoyle having a Puerto Rican mother; her father is an Irish Immigrant. In her speech, Guilfoyle ’s voice rose to an impassioned, ear-piercing yell that was reminiscent of her full-throttle endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention.

The former Fox News host, 51, also yelled out her introduction of her boyfriend Monday night by praising him as “an incredible maverick who loves his father, who fights and believes in this country.” Guilfoyle dancing, incidentally, has become a Twitter meme, with people sharing videos of her swiveling her hips at a pro-Trump rally in December, as well as “getting funky” during Vanilla Ice’s performance at the Trump family’s New Year’s Eve party at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump Jr., 43, revealed his new nickname for Guilfoyle while making fun of the Democratic congressman who closed out the opening prayer for the 117th Congress with “amen” and “a woman.” Beyond being ideological soulmates, Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle appear to enjoy a genuine attraction that they’re not shy about displaying in public.

The two began dating in the spring of 2018, around the time that Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa, the mother of his five children, announced their divorce. The twice-divorced Guilfoyle said she appreciated her new boyfriend for being “an incredible outdoors man” and for possessing certain traditionally masculine qualities.

In 2018, they gave themselves the nickname “Soberly,” while Guilfoyle revealed that she sometimes calls Trump Jr. “Junior Mint,” Yahoo reported. At a fundraiser at the Trump Hotel in Washington in December, Guilfoyle offered to give a lap dance to whomever raised the most money, Politico said, citing two people who were present and another person who was familiar with the episode.

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During an event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last year, Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. joked about how she raised money in hot tubs, Politico reported. At a fundraiser in the fall of 2018, headlined by country star Toby Keith, Guilfoyle joked that Trump Jr. liked it when she dressed up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an attendee told Politico.

The report by Politico came after an investigative story in the New Yorker suggested that Guilfoyle had to leave Fox News in 2018 because of sexual harassment allegations made by a former assistant in a 42-page draft complaint. It’s not likely that the mostly mask-less Trump fans gathered at the non-social-distancing rally Monday night were concerned about the sexual harassment allegations against Guilfoyle, but they may have enjoyed witnessing Trump Jr.’s emergence as a future leader within the Republican Party with the loyal and enthusiastic Guilfoyle by his side.

Sliding out of quarantine like... @donaldjtrumpjr #Operational #MAGA #COVIDNegative Today we celebrate the end of 2020 and the birthday of my sweetheart, @donaldjtrumpjr.

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Ask yourselves…why did Matey Hard feel the need to have this uploaded today after the internet went wild with speculations on how the Trump team contracted COVID-19? Also notice that her video is not uploaded by the Trump campaign where she is supposed to be ‘working’; instead it is uploaded to the propaganda site The Hill, original home of John Solomon until we busted his chops for being an agent of the Privy Council (or the Pilgrims.or the Queen.or the Rothschild's).

All references of her being a “special member” or “top Trump aide” have disappeared on the Wikipedia page and other sites that we checked. And as in normal life, no planning can take into account that a romance begun in deceit might actually turn into a genuine, passionate affair.

In fact, when an East German honey trap was exposed in 1997, one of the women involved refused to believe she had been deceived, even when presented with the evidence. Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife and Fox sex pervert planted right smack in the middle of the Trump family.

CNN quoted one unnamed adviser who said Guilfoyle's speech was “strange in its delivery” and that Kimberly shouting is weird.” According to the Daily Beast, Trump called Guilfoyle to “to effusively praise her” for the RNC speech and compared her to Eva Peron, the former first lady of Argentina who is the subject of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical “Evita,” an apparent favorite of Trump's.

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