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Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Is Trump Still Tweeting

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 7 min read

President Donald Trump is retweeting calls to throw the Republican leaders of Georgia’s government in jail, sharing delusional election fraud claims from a fringe website called The DC Patriot, and falsely claiming he won a “landslide victory” that was stolen from him due to “tremendous problems” with voting machines. And it happens to come the day after the Electoral College voted to confirm President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

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If his tweets are anything to go by, Trump has transcended into some parallel universe where he not only won the election but is also preparing to throw the book at all the people he blames for “stealing” it from him. Trump appears to have totally bought into the thoroughly debunked QAnon conspiracy theory that Dominion voting machines switched votes for him to Biden, sharing a tweet from right-wing radio host Kevin McCullough purporting to be a “forensic audit” of the machines.

Trump also continues to slam fellow Republicans who haven’t gone along with his election fraud claims. On Tuesday, Trump retweeted lawyer Lin Wood, who has encouraged Georgia Republicans to boycott the runoff elections there, which will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in jail, something he has no authority to even try to do, given he’s not a judge or even a federal prosecutor. “I bet dislikes putting people in jail, especially ‘Republicans,’” Wood tweeted.

Trump tweeted a video Thursday night that addressed the “heinous attack on the United States Capitol.” The social media platform announced the account was suspended for at least 12 hours after Trump tweeted multiple times, including a video as extreme supporters of the president stormed the U.S. capitol building Wednesday, resulting in the death of four people.

In the video originally posted to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the president tells the supporters they are “very special” and asks for peace, while also continuing to state falsehoods about the presidential election. “As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C., we have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy,” Twitter tweeted.

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Jennifer Gabriel, a Syracuse University communications professor and an expert on social media, told the AP that Wednesday’s events in D.C. are a direct result of Trump ’s use of social media, which he uses to spread propaganda and disinformation. Dec 12, 2020Image via Getty/Tasks Katopodis Donald Trump, who still hasn't admitted that he lost to Joe Biden, has continued to tweet misleading claims about what he believes was a “stolen” election.

The warning Twitter placed on the post links to a series of articles detailing how, unlike what Trump says, voter fraud is particularly rare. But then came the moment in which Trump appeared to reach the acceptance portion of the five stages of grief, coming close to conceding in a tweet that suggested he could remain in office for four years.

“The Supreme Court had ZERO interest in the merits of the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America,” he wrote, which is something election experts have repeatedly disputed. So far, 18 states have joined Texas' lawsuit to overturn the presidential election results to hand a victory to Trump.

Trump has been particularly scathing when talking about William Barr, as he determined earlier this month there is no evidence to suggest there was widespread voter fraud. 00:00 The data this morning is interesting and around it is perhaps celebration of a healthy president.

Right now what's different from my last conversation with Martin Checker our chief content officer is Marty. Marty it is a wide range of topics as the president addresses in terms of his John Farrell mentioned is 39 percent polling which is a stunning statistic.


What is the single issue to jump start the president's campaign. And I think what the polling as John mentioned the polling over the weekend which was PRE diagnosis but post debate his performance at that debate clearly hurt him among voters in American.

And as always a risk that you overanalyze somebody's tweets from the press of the United States. For sure, you know the public has a strange way of deciding what is the issue as opposed to the candidates themselves.

Marty how do you think President Trump's joy ride I should say outside of Walter Reed Hospital over the weekend to visit his supporters from a closed car. Well I think you know there have supporters out in the street were probably thrilled to see him, but he's under tremendous criticism from the medical community and others for putting the Secret Service men in that vehicle at risk because he's clearly infectious.

And even if you're wearing masks that is her medically sealed car. And when they found out about the positive test of Hope X and let's be clear I'm very I'm Jennifer Jacobs that broke that news.

And if she hadn't Marty who knows how this story would have rolled out into the weekend. For instance before he went on a Thursday to his fundraiser in bed minster he knew Hope Hicks had tested positive.

trump weighs replacing repealing aca

The White House is not getting any clarity whatsoever on when Donald Trump was tested during last week. Martin you and I are of a certain vintage where we have been hermetically sealed since February.

And you know full disclosure folks were very fortunate to work for Bloomberg which has really done a great job in this within our headquarters here at 731. If there are X number of 70-year-olds ill off of these shenanigans that's bad odds for one of them isn't it.

And it's also interesting to note that even many of these covered patients show improving signs and then days later essentially collapse. And that is why this whole notion of Donald Trump being released from the hospital today is seems like a fantasy to me that doctors would allow that to happen.

Later in the afternoon, the White House announced that Trump would go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center via helicopter. “President Trump remains in good sports, has mild symptoms, and has been working throughout the day,” Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement.

In November 2019, he made a sudden and still -unexplained trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. A recent book by the New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt stated that Pence was told to be on standby to assume the powers of the president.

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* An announcement of the results by Ronny Jackson, a Navy officer and the White House physician, was so over-the-top that it raised new questions about how true it could be. Jackson has since left that role (after a failed nomination as the secretary of veterans affairs and allegations of questionable conduct), and is now almost certain to enter the House as a Republican from Texas next year.

Apparently without reexamining Trump, Jackson tweeted that the president was “symptomtic” and “has NO comorbidities.” News reports swiftly cast doubt on the first claim, and the second appears at odds with the public record. Woodrow Wilson and Dwight Eisenhower covered up acute health incidents; Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan hid chronic issues.

Twitter put a warning on his tweet: “Official sources called this election differently.” And just as this article is about to be published, Trump tweeted again that he “won the Election!” And Twitter continued with its warnings.

Donald Trump claims he won the election even though it has been called for Joe BidenPhoto: Twitter screenshot Donald Trump has been mocked for suggesting that people needed ID to attend this year’s virtual Democratic National Convention (DNC).

“To get into the Democrat National Convention, you must have an ID card with a picture...” the president wrote in an early morning tweet on Friday. In years gone by, those wishing to attend the DNC have been asked to buy a ticket and provide photographic ID to gain entry.

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Democrats say that tightening voting regulations would unfairly impact minority groups, who are less likely to have ID.

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