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Is Trump Running In 2024

James Smith
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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Prior to his 2016 run, Trump expressed interest in at least four different presidential bids spanning all the way to the late 1980s, only to ultimately back out. “ Trump has probably no idea if he will actually run, but because he only cares about himself and his association with the party has only been about his ambitions rather than what it stands for, he will try to freeze the field and keep as many people on the sidelines,” said a former White House aide.

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Trump hasn’t announced his candidacy yet in part because he won’t acknowledge he lost, falsely asserting widespread voter fraud gave the race to President-elect Joe Biden. On Monday, electors will meet in states across the country to officially cast their votes, a move expected to cement Biden’s win and prompt more Republicans to accept the victory.

Many in the MAGA base and even some prospective 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls have already thrown their support behind another Trump White House bid. “There’s nobody really better than him to carry the torch,” said John Frederick's, a conservative radio host who served on the Trump campaign’s 2020 advisory committee.

The visit would allow him to promote his policies there, including agreements his administration helped negotiate to normalize relations between Israel and several Arab nations. Among those he’s called are Fox News host Sean Hannity, former White House communications director Bill Shine, longtime allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bessie and former U.S.

Hoping to stave off that irrelevancy, Trump is expected to start promoting his candidacy immediately after leaving office, basing his early messaging on the unfounded allegation the last election was stolen from him. “The oxygen of his life is attention,” said Steve Scale, who ran Unite the Country, a super PAC that supported Biden’s candidacy.

Some Republicans fear Trump ’s boasts about running again will crowd out the 2024 Republican field, including three people who worked in his administration: Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, preventing the party from evolving beyond him. Fifty-three percent of Republicans said they would vote for Trump in a primary in 2024, according to a POLITICO and Morning Consult poll in late November.

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Some Republicans complain that Trump ’s early candidacy could take money and attention from other candidates in 2022, 2021 and, more immediately, the pair of Senate runoffs in Georgia next month that will determine which party controls the upper chamber. “Donald Trump has put himself ahead of the party and the country,” said Dan Eberhard, a major Republican donor.

If Trump formally files paperwork to run, he could begin raising money for his race immediately. If he announces informally, he could continue to raise money for his new political organization, Save America PAC, which he created days after Biden was projected to win.

A Republican who speaks to the president said Trump and his aides are discussing whether he should delay his official candidacy because of requirements to file financial disclosure reports on his businesses. Meanwhile, New York investigators are examining whether Trump improperly inflated assets, evaded taxes and paid off women alleging affairs in violation of campaign finance laws.

The Republican who speaks to the president said they would advise Trump to wait to announce any candidacy, not because of his legal troubles but because he might be more desirable as a candidate. Lara Trump, the president’s campaign adviser and daughter-in-law, said on Tuesday that she believed Donald Trump will stand for office again in 2024 if Joe Biden is inaugurated on 20 January.

“Look, if he does not remain president for the next four years, I truly believe that he will probably consider running again in 2024,” she added. Her statement came ahead of the congressional vote on Wednesday that is set to affirm the electoral victory of president-elect Joe Biden.

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Appearing on Fox News, Ms Trump defended the decision of the GOP leaders to oppose the congressional certification. “I think he believes he won the election and I think there are many people who agree with him,” she said adding that there are “thousands of affidavits” filed across the country from people who claimed to have witnessed electoral irregularities.

But most disturbing were his pardons of his political allies Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, both of whom were convicted as a result of Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Once seated, the next Congress should immediately begin the second impeachment of President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Once seated, the next Congress should immediately begin the second impeachment of President Donald Trump. Mueller's report listed 10 instances that might qualify as obstruction of justice, one of the generally agreed-upon high crimes and misdemeanors that can get a president impeached.

USA TODAY House Democrats prepare to introduce an article of impeachment against Trump over riots Meanwhile, the Republican-led Senate panel's report found that Manafort, while chair of the Trump campaign, provided a Russian intelligence asset with internal information.

The polling data and strategies Manafort shared are likely to have been used in the Russian influence campaign that helped swing the election to Trump. Compare his praise for Stone with his exile of his former lawyer Michael Cohen for his perceived betrayal.

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Let's say the House opens an impeachment inquiry in the early days of the new Congress, before Trump leaves office. It will be months into President Joe Biden's time in office before articles of impeachment are filed and voted on.

Here's where things get interesting and kind of wonky: Removal from office is the default consequence of being found guilty, to the point that the Senate long ago stopped voting on it separately from conviction. Imagine: Trump is an ex-president, out of power, no longer any immediate assistance to the Republicans still in Congress.

As the U.S. House moves toward drafting articles of impeachment against Donald Trump for his egregious misconduct in inciting a mob to attack the Capitol to prevent the lawful recognition of Joe Biden’s election victory, the obvious objection will be that there’s simply not enough time to remove him from office. But there is a case increasingly being made for proceeding with impeachment and forcing a Senate trial of Trump that would conclude after January 20 in order to ban him from holding office in the future.

It’s probably accurate to say the weight of expert opinion is that it’s entirely possible to impeach and convict a former president (or other former federal executive or judicial officer), because otherwise it would be easy for scofflaws to evade sanction simply by resigning. The advantage to this approach, of course, is that it takes the pressure off Congress to act instantly, while maintaining deterrence against any wild Trump misconduct until he is safely out of office.

Certainly such possible 2024 candidates as Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham would be crossing their fingers behind their backs if and when they defended Trump in a Senate trial. Possibly, though they have arguably already reached that level, and if denied their leader, would probably shift their dynastic allegiance to Don Jr. or Ivanka or Lara, none of whom are exactly presidential timber even according to the low standards set by the old man.

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The most important reason for persisting beyond January 20 with impeachment proceedings, however, is simple justice: Trump compounded his frequently criminal presidency with behavior the last two months that cries out for condemnation and punishment. 45, who, according to The New York Times, is considering announcing another run upon leaving the White House in January 2021.

Writing for Newsweek, Joshua Speak noted that while others have tried to run for president again after losing as the incumbent, only one, Grover Cleveland, has been successful. Roosevelt ran under the Progressive Party instead, soundly defeating Taft in both the popular vote and Electoral College, but still losing to the Democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson, according to Speak's op-ed in Newsweek.

Martin Van Burden reportedly tried a similar tactic in 1848, running as a candidate for the Free Soil Party, which helped carry Whig Party candidate Zachary Taylor into the White House. There are certainly other Republican candidates who are already eying the opportunity to run in the next election, and Trump would still have to campaign against them in the primary.

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