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Is Trump Jamaica

Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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Commentary Republican candidate Donald Trump just won big on Super Tuesday in the U.S. presidential primary elections. They are so freaked out that Google searches for “How To Move To Canada” are at a sky-high.

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Why not go South to warm weather, beautiful beach and friendly people. The only real annoying load “buzz” you are going to hear in Jamaica are mosquitoes which you can easily get rid of with insect repellent.

Jamaican Food Jerk Chicken Rice And Peas It is no coincidence that Jamaican food is well known throughout the world for its great flavor.

Jerk Chicken and the Jamaican patty is famous but there is so much more food to enjoy in Jamaica. Jamaica ’s “Out of Many, One People” motto extends to Jamaican cuisine which draws from different cultures and people including Taints, Africans, European, Chinese and Indians.

Each of these groups brought their own way of cooking to the island and has created a culinary heritage of food that is delicious and satisfying. You could also sit and watch the waves for hours, without ever worrying about what President Donald Trump is doing back in the USA.

As Congress prepares to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory, thousands of people have gathered to show their support for President Donald Trump and his claims of election fraud. In Part 1, published on December 1, 2020, the object lesson was the popularity of US President Donald Trump.

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We were led to admit that he is a summary on public display of America and mankind. It is worth making a distinction with Trump's personal sins which preceded his presidency, which were all public knowledge, yet the nation voted him into office.

There is in the public sphere undeniable evidence that he has inappropriately spoken and acted with women. But he's also the man in the mirror with the potential that lies within; only needing courage and the resolve to fight for that which you believe in.

Like it or not, Trump saw the evil system and lifestyle he was a part of yet chose to engage to do something about it, despite his flaws and past. He saw the problem, caught a vision to help, to solve it, and therefore declared his intention, stated his position, and pressed forward.

But what are the perceived presidential sins of Trump that are causing people to be so angry at and disconnected from his personal and his political agendas? Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington seem more interested in self-advancement and political expediency, with their self-serving sectarian and lobbyists groups.

Trump dared to challenge the system and its status quo, perhaps because he did not come out of it, or perhaps because he rightly took issue with it. Maybe he felt it has been part of the problem that has held back the full development of the United States.


People have said that all the Christians are concerned about is abortion and LGBTQ, which is not true, yet it is extremely significant to understand why. Nations like Jamaica need the Trumps of this world who, in positions of authority, will stand against the systems, UN, and other nations who constantly want to foist cultural and economic ideas not particularly suited for cultures like Jamaica.

In addition, Trump has boldly stood against the rising influence of China as a new economic and cultural power that's stretching and flexing even in the Western world, and particularly in the Caribbean. The strong utterances of ambassadors like Donald Tania in Jamaica reflect Trump's thinking.

Trump's presidential sin #5: Standing with Israel, recognizing Jerusalem! In effect, Trump has set the stage for the completion of Israel's restoration and unification.

The Jamaica Observer paper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at In his desperate attempts to stave off Ted Cruz’s surge, Donald Trump has resorted to his old tricks of questioning his opponents’ citizenship.

But a lot of people are talking about it and I know that even some states are looking at it very strongly, the fact that he was born in Canada, and he has had a double passport.” What Trump seems to forget is that questions have been raised in the past about his own eligibility for the Presidency based on the Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” clause.

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Back in 2011, when he was making an attempt of sorts at running for the Presidency, many of the typical birther websites were confronting the question. His mother, Mary Anne Trump (née MacLeod) was born in Scotland.

Politico ‘s Ben Smith did a great job summarizing and satirizing the issue: Trump ’s mother, it should be noted, was born in Scotland, which is not part of the United States.

While Ben Smith didn’t mention it in his piece, Trump ’s got quite a bit of an international streak in him beyond his private plane. The short answer is that Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Obama, Sanatorium, Final, and McCain (reaching back to 2008) are all natural-born citizens, and they are all Constitutionally eligible to run for President.

Elizabeth Warren Warren has also named Gordon Woodland, Robert ‘Woody’ Johnson, Doug Manchester, and Kelly Knight Craft as donor ambassadors. “It is an internal US government political matter, and we will not comment,” said Jeremiah Knight, the officer for public affairs at the embassy.

Tania has served as chairman and CEO of ESSCA Group Management, the largest Hispanic-owned business in Arizona, for over three decades. The US Senator from Massachusetts said she has run a campaign of avoiding money from federal lobbyists, noting that she has shunned contributions exceeding $200 from fossil fuel or big pharmaceutical executives.

She also wants to ban lobbyists from donating, bundling, and raising funds for candidates, as well as enacting strict contribution limits and disclosure requirements for inaugural committees. “The affairs were handled by other Trump family members who were not experts themselves and therefore relied entirely upon the aforementioned licensed professionals to ensure full compliance with the law,”.

The Times’s investigation found that Trump and his “siblings set up a sham corporation to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents …” The Times investigation discovered that Trump patriarch and matriarch, “Fred and Mary Trump, transferred well over $1 billion in wealth to their children, which could have produced a tax bill of at least $550 million under the 55 percent tax rate then imposed on gifts and inheritances. Robert Trump told the Times his parents’ estate matters were squared away by the Internal Revenue Service years ago and all taxes were paid.

Elizabeth Joan Trump grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens. The 100-year-old school was established in 1918 primarily for the upper middle class residents of Forest Hills and New Gardens.

In a New York Times wedding announcement from 1989, readers learned that at the “Marble Collegiate Church in New York, Elizabeth Joan Trump, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump of Jamaica Estates, Queens, was married yesterday to James Walter Gray, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray of Dayton, Ohio. The Times reported in 1989 that Gray was a graduate of Northwestern University and that his first marriage ended in divorce.

The mansion that sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at 87 Dune Road in the Village of Southampton Beach sold for $3,718,500 in 2017. Nestled on just over half an acre, the 4,123-square-foot residence with 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, a heated in-ground pool, 2 fireplaces perched on the oceanfront was sold by Trump gray to New York bankruptcy attorney Kenneth Beckstein.

A graduate of New York University’s Titch School of the Arts, he began his career at Charisma Communications, an advertising agency and a production company. His website lists his accomplishments as including winning an Emmy Award for producing the 1983 Superbowl XVI show opening titles.

His site also says he has developed, managed, distributed and launched “several international television networks with programming targeted towards the ethnic population in the United States and Canada.” According to a report, he created programs earning the highest awards and accolades and has eleven productions in The Museum of Television and Radio.

He served as the Entertainment Director of Donald Trump ’s world-renowned Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach, FL, and as Executive Producer of contemporary concerts for the Trump Organization.”>press release from 2014, Gray “created programs earning the highest awards and accolades and has eleven productions in The Museum of Television and Radio. Through the years we have served over 12,000 young people and their families all across America and around the world,” the group says on its website.

In preparation for its Safari Night at Mar-a-Lago with Trump Gray, as she and her husband are referred, the charity updated its mission. The Washington Post reported that following his election, Trump ’s Mar-A-Lago Club more than a dozen charity events.

The last ‘Young Adventurers’ Mar-A-Lago fundraiser before the 2018 event was in 2011 with the Trump gray’s and, inexplicably, NATO Kaolin in attendance.

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