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Is Rust Valley Restorers Over

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Netflix has been killing it with some recent shows that don't seem like they're going to totally suck you in, until you find yourself binging the entire season. I'm talking about shows like Blown Away, which I personally binged in one afternoon, The Chef's Line, which took me a little longer, and RustValleyRestorers.

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RustValleyRestorers is a Canadian show that originally aired on Canada's History Channel, but boy, are viewers on Netflix eating it up. “I've seen buddies dying or running into health problems, leaving their families with all kinds of stuff to deal with.

Source: Rust Bros Restorations from a consumer standpoint, let's just say that he doesn't really pass on that cost to potential buyers of the restored classic cars. They include a 1957 yellow GMC 1/2 Ton, which looks gorgeously electric and boasts a “long wheelbase” and “excellent body,” for $30,000, and some 1960s Fords that are waiting for an offer.

Make sure that you read the fine print on whichever car becomes your crush, because some of them are just, let's call them, non-functional works of art. But Mike is really upfront about the fact that his shop sells partial and full restoration, but they will not ship their cars anywhere.

If you like cars and white guys in dreads, you'll probably love RustValleyRestorers. The show arrived at Netflix in the summer of 2019, and gained a lot more attention than it ever had on its original Canadian History Channel.

“I've spent close to two million bucks of my money,” he adds, showing off the 400 rusty and abandoned cars that sit in his lot. “Some of these car restoration shows are so professionally done, where nothing ever goes wrong,” says one fan on Reddit about what makes RustValleyRestorers so satisfying.

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And although neither Netflix nor the History Channel has released an official word that the series is coming back, we trust the outlet's thinking. Which is great news for fans who've watched all of Season 1 and can't wait for more.

The Cinematic also made the great point that Netflix usually picks up shows from other networks when they know there's potential for more than one season. And we really hope they're right because fans on Twitter are already clamoring for more rusty car restorations.

“What I know about classic American cars would fit on the back of a postage stamp, but I am so over -invested in RustValleyRestorers on Netflix,” wrote one poetic fan. The Canadian series is a documentary that shows all about a car restoration shop.

Since back then, the RustValleyRestorers is literally restoring the entertainment and distributing happiness. RustValleyRestorers is putting all possible efforts, and they have successfully made it and received so much love and appreciation from its fans that the show is expecting its 4th season soon.

Let me reveal the fact that earlier RustValleyRestorers was supposed to be a web-based Metropolis but later it transformed as a cable-TV documentary that is loved by many. The third season of the RustValleyRestorers was aired on 21st August 2020 on Netflix only and it’s not even a week, the show is already touching skies.


Rusty Valley, no doubt is a commendable series with the story plot been revolving around a 60-year-old hippie, Michael who is fond of cars and the enthusiasm he’s carrying at this age is no less than an inspiration. What’s most interesting about Mike is that he is not here to earn money, I mean Australia is not his primary source of income, rather the man is already owning a successful construction company and whatever he earns, he invests here in the old cars and now he’s having Australia.

And, as per his calculations, Mike has already invested over 2 millions all in rust and his so called Australia. The show’s first three seasons gained a huge loyal fan base across the globe.

Its popularity forced Netflix executives to premiere its third season on its streaming platform. The documentary revolves around a retired construction company owner, Michael “Mike” Hall, whose love for classic cars made him invest all his hard-earned money in a car restoration company, named Rust Bros Corporation.

In his business, his son Connor helps him along with his old acquaintance/best friend, Avery Sheaf, the lead mechanic of the shop. Even after the virus comes in control, many safety conditions like social distancing rules, sanitizers and masks on set, and regular medical checkups are available.

Since it’s a documentary, addition or removal of a cast member will be in a grave situation, like in the third season when Mike’s mother, Berth Hall, passed away. In the finale episode, Mike’s best friend Avery Sheaf took a cut from the team, as he started his venture.

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Other team members like Greg Greece, the lead body man at the shop, Ricky Palmerston, the chief welder, and Mike’s professional rival Of, will make time-to-time guest appearances on the show. Since Avery is going to start his venture, there might be new members, for the job of a welder, mechanic, lead body, etc.

Some clues were left in the previous installment, which might give a guess to fans about a future storyline. Avery Sheaf had left the group and started his venture, so a friend turned foe like the story could be seen in the next installment.

Avery might realize his mistake or suffer some losses in his venture, which will make him come back to his friend. Now, Mike’s mother is no more, his son Connor will give him emotional support, which will improve the father-son bond and be a delight to watch on screen.

Till now, the cast members have refused to divulge any information related to the storyline. Apart from being the founder of the website, Hitesh is also a creative writer who loves to write about the latest buzz in the business and entertainment world.

RustValleyRestorers has quickly become the hottest classic car repair show on television today. It has especially taken a whole new life of its own on online streaming services as the show has found an even larger audience on Netflix.

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Anyone who knows enough about cars may see the Rust crew talk about the vehicles in front of them and can't help but notice that the dialogue sounds a little, well, simple. As such, Mike and his boys clearly try their best to simplify the car terminology for the average viewer.

And as a TV show, as mentioned earlier, the show is mostly trying to sell itself to a national, casual TV audience who either may not know much about cars or don't care about cars as much as they care about the people involved. As such, the show creates some superficial drama between Mike Hall, his son, and his pal Avery Sheaf.

Radical changes are made without giving the audience a timetable for how long each repair took. Even if neither of these men actually get a script in hand or further instructions off-screen from producers, they do often exaggerate to put on a character persona for the camera.

In the first episode, the Rust crew painted an old Dart Swinger with a hot pink color scheme. Unless they got previous instructions from a potential buyer (or, say, a producer promising a profit), this was a risky move.

One thing that stood out to a lot of folks, including Jerry Sutherland of My Star Collector Car, is that during that first episode when Mike Hall and his crew repaired the Dart Swinger, they opted to restore the model to its factory-correct version, but did so with a 318 engine underneath the hood of a car that clearly has a 340 emblem. Previously, long before RustValleyRestorers ever even went into production, he appeared on Highway Through Hell, a show all about a rescue and recovery truck towing company.

porsche oldest discovers italian guy driving screengrab

In Mike's episode, he talked about being on the verge of selling a five-acre piece of land filled with 340 cars. A producer heard it when the story went viral and decided to pitch a show idea to Mike.

The show and its cast need to manufacture drama surrounding the slightest of inconveniences and turn them into major storylines in order to grip its audience. The two often seem to be at each other's throats, often regarding money and going over budget or conflicting ideas over how to fix a car.

We hear a lot about Mike Hall's so-called financial woes on the show. It seems like a deliberate way for the show to create drama and sympathy for Mike Hall, but it is hard to feel too bad for him or believe he is in any kind of financial trouble when we know just how lucrative television contracts are.

Little is known about his age, history, family, or personal life, aside from the fact that he has one son and is Canadian. Sheaf is part of the cast of the TV show RustValleyRestorers, which aired on the History Channel in 2018 and just recently concluded its second season.

Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view. Sheaf pursued a career on TV following the failure of his previous business.

Sheaf has little personal information available, although he is known as the creative force among the crew on his show, and he is very active on Instagram. Avery Sheaf (on the left) is a Canadian television personality known for his appearances on the Netflix series RustValleyRestorers, alongside his car buddy Mike Hall.

Prior to his time on RustValleyRestorers, Sheaf owned a company, Happen Business, that used to rebuild heavy equipment. As an intentional man of mystery, Sheaf does all he can to keep his personal life private.

As far as social media goes, Sheaf sticks exclusively to Instagram, having joined in late 2019. Sheaf and his crew have become well-known in the classic car restoration industry thanks to RustValleyRestorers being in a documentary format, so it follows their work.

The team specializes in classic car restoration, transforming old piles of malfunctioning junk into a beautiful, functional, and (usually) high-priced vehicle. Sheaf is considered a clever mechanic when it comes to restoring many ancient vehicles, even being referred to as the “muscle car Maneuver” of the group, thanks to his high levels of knowledge and innovation when it comes to making an old car run and shine.

Despite the four cast members using technical language, viewers note that the events of the show are comprehensible at the layman level, featuring straightforward explanations and easy to understand information. Mike has admitted being impressed with how Sheaf can restore classic cars from 1941 in just over a week.

While Sheaf is a man of mystery and stays off most social media, he is quite active on Instagram. He will also play a lot of jokes, show photos of cars stacked on top of each other, take videos of bathroom mishaps, showcase fun at the skate park, or take a second to appreciate and thank his sponsors.

Kenny also has experience editing websites using WordPress, and he directed a newspaper team to produce two issues during Indianapolis' 2012 Super Bowl. In his free time, Kenny is often out socializing with friends, practicing karate, reading comics, discussing the Anagram, or at a game night.

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