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Is Rust Valley Restorers

Daniel Brown
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Netflix has been killing it with some recent shows that don't seem like they're going to totally suck you in, until you find yourself binging the entire season. I'm talking about shows like Blown Away, which I personally binged in one afternoon, The Chef's Line, which took me a little longer, and RustValleyRestorers.

rust restorers valley


RustValleyRestorers is a Canadian show that originally aired on Canada's History Channel, but boy, are viewers on Netflix eating it up. “I've seen buddies dying or running into health problems, leaving their families with all kinds of stuff to deal with.

Source: Rust Bros Restorations from a consumer standpoint, let's just say that he doesn't really pass on that cost to potential buyers of the restored classic cars. They include a 1957 yellow GMC 1/2 Ton, which looks gorgeously electric and boasts a “long wheelbase” and “excellent body,” for $30,000, and some 1960s Fords that are waiting for an offer.

Make sure that you read the fine print on whichever car becomes your crush, because some of them are just, let's call them, non-functional works of art. But Mike is really upfront about the fact that his shop sells partial and full restoration, but they will not ship their cars anywhere.

RustValleyRestorers is a Canadian documentary TV series produced by Mayhem Entertainment and shown on the History channel. The premise focuses on an extremely unique and quirky car community in the Rocky Mountains: Happen, British Columbia.

Updated November 2020: now in its third season, the popular reality TV show RustValleyRestorers continues to bring us awesome restored classics and even more interesting facts about the Australia cast and crew. So, for all you fans out there, we've updated this list with a few new facts and figures about the show's host Mike Hall.

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He is known to do some insane stunts, like hanging on a rope and moving boulders out of the way so that highway traffic can pass safely across the road. Although there was concern and skepticism that this series would even get off the ground, Mike Hall was able to turn his eccentric personality and interesting lifestyle into a viral sensation.

Avery is Mike's car friend who previously had a company that rebuilt heavy equipment, and Conner used to work for him. Mike has realized that just because a show is filming in his shop, it doesn't make him any more productive, or his business any more lucrative.

Because of the differential in these numbers, he has realized that losing money, especially when shown on camera, creates lots of tension between him and his crew. He claims that about 90% of the show is real, such as Hall erupting at his son for dropping a piece of car equipment.

RustValleyRestorers has quickly become the hottest classic car repair show on television today. It has especially taken a whole new life of its own on online streaming services as the show has found an even larger audience on Netflix.

Anyone who knows enough about cars may see the Rust crew talk about the vehicles in front of them and can't help but notice that the dialogue sounds a little, well, simple. As such, Mike and his boys clearly try their best to simplify the car terminology for the average viewer.

rust valley restorers location bros canada where garage mike hall crew filming his

And as a TV show, as mentioned earlier, the show is mostly trying to sell itself to a national, casual TV audience who either may not know much about cars or don't care about cars as much as they care about the people involved. As such, the show creates some superficial drama between Mike Hall, his son, and his pal Avery Sheaf.

Even if neither of these men actually get a script in hand or further instructions off-screen from producers, they do often exaggerate to put on a character persona for the camera. In the first episode, the Rust crew painted an old Dart Swinger with a hot pink color scheme.

Unless they got previous instructions from a potential buyer (or, say, a producer promising a profit), this was a risky move. One thing that stood out to a lot of folks, including Jerry Sutherland of My Star Collector Car, is that during that first episode when Mike Hall and his crew repaired the Dart Swinger, they opted to restore the model to its factory-correct version, but did so with a 318 engine underneath the hood of a car that clearly has a 340 emblem.

Previously, long before RustValleyRestorers ever even went into production, he appeared on Highway Through Hell, a show all about a rescue and recovery truck towing company. In Mike's episode, he talked about being on the verge of selling a five-acre piece of land filled with 340 cars.

A producer heard it when the story went viral and decided to pitch a show idea to Mike. The show and its cast need to manufacture drama surrounding the slightest of inconveniences and turn them into major storylines in order to grip its audience.

rust valley restorers classic bc history custom tv april featured channel tradex courtesy

The two often seem to be at each other's throats, often regarding money and going over budget or conflicting ideas over how to fix a car. We hear a lot about Mike Hall's so-called financial woes on the show.

It seems like a deliberate way for the show to create drama and sympathy for Mike Hall, but it is hard to feel too bad for him or believe he is in any kind of financial trouble when we know just how lucrative television contracts are. Not to mention, for a supposed car expert, it took her three times to get her driver's license.

Think about it, isn’t the ability to restore old inanimate objects to give them a new life, a work of art. This process does not prove any more accurate than for shows like ‘ RustValleyRestorers,’ whose cast who does restoration of delicate and intricate machines that are cars.

Caption: RustValleyRestorers cast’s net worth, bio, and personal life So far, there has been no confirmation from either of the Network, History of the production company, Mayhem Entertainment.

The Australia really exists in British Colombia, and so does Mike Hall’s Junkyard of around 400 cars. Furthermore, RustValleyRestorers is not like one of the many similar shows where they take a broken-down car, put it through technology we have never seen, and through processes we have never heard of to produce a brand-new stunning vehicle.

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Also, while they may produce a stunner of a car every time too, they end up losing more money than profiting, which is an accurate portrayal of the business in real life. Therefore, RustValleyRestorers in Real and now that we’ve put that to rest meet the cast of the show.

Mark Hall, aka Rasta Blast for his dreadlocks and hippie-like free personality, has a great business but often loses money for his passion. Mark Hall’s net worth could easily be in millions, but he lets his free spirit get the better of his career.

He faces a lot of loss from undermining costs on a 1966 Lincoln Continental by a large margin for just $15,000 or selling his Chevelle SS 396 along with some engines and transmission for only $10,000. Even with such disparities in his career Mark Hall still gets a considerable salary from his business as well as being part of a reality show.

So, Mark Hall’s net worth has managed to remain stable at an astounding sum of around $450,000. Sheaf knows everything there is about car restoration, and he makes a hell of a team with Mike Hall.

In the picture above, we catch a small glimpse of him sharing a ride with a woman, could that be his wife? With a father like Muscle Maneuver himself, we are sure his son will grow up to be an even more exceptional car fabricator.

rust cassidy valley restorers mceown cast restorer source

If it comes to it, he will nag and bully his father into reducing expenses like a $2,000 metal-forming brake when they are already running low on fumes. Maybe if some rich millionaire or billionaire who happens to like classic cars comes along, they will set him and his father up for life.

His father’s deal of selling his entire junkyard and cars at $1.45 million still stands. McGown also might be the youngest cast member in our list who loves to work for Mark Hall because he teaches her everything there is to know about cars, and she considers him a “wonderful boss.” Cassidy was born into the life of vehicles as both her father and mother are car mechanics, so; her whole family is into the business.

She loves Alice Cooper and spending the day at the beach, either swimming or walking down the creek. Pit bulls are other things she loves and owns several of them, including the newest puppy, Sierra.

While we have to background on Cassidy’s boyfriend, we would request him to be careful as her bio states that she loves to build cars and break hearts. Just beneath the Rocky Mountains of Canada is an interesting group of guys who are in the business of restoring, trading and selling classic cars.

The name of the company is Australia garage, and they’ve become well-known in the classic car restoration industry thanks to the Canadian television documentary series that follows their work. They specialize in classic car restoration, and they’re always looking to make a trade or a sale with the finished product.

rust netflix valley restorers bros mustang restoration before things unexpectedly poetic absorbs sit nature still source

It truly is amazing to watch them turn an old seeming piece of junk into a beautiful and functional vehicle that’s worth, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Interestingly, Mike Hall, one of the stars of the show, can’t resist the challenge of transforming an old abandoned car into a work of art.

Although he admits that most of them are not currently in running condition, he knows that he can restore them to full operational order and make them look like new in the process. We learned that Mike Hall had made an honest effort to sell his property with the 400 cars on it some time ago.

When he didn’t get any takers, instead of lowering the price, he bumped it up to $1.45 million and it was then that collectors and show executives perked up their ears and decided to check it out. Even if you don’t know a lot about cars or how to restore them, you can pick up some valuable information while watching the show because they go into detail.

We recently learned that a group from the press showed up to take photos of the cool old classic cars. The reviews are in and the cast gets high marks for being a group of funny guys who are also entertaining while they’re teaching viewers a lot about old cars as well as the restoration process.

Avery Sheaf is one of the four guys who star in the show, and he’s one of the most clever mechanics when it comes to restoring these old beauties. Even though the four cast members use some pretty technical language, viewers have commented that this is one of the easiest shows that there is to watch and to “digest.” They’re straight forward in the explanations that they give and the information is easy to understand.

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