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Is Rust Unhealthy

Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
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Iron and its related alloys react to oxygen and water in a specific way. We know this coat as rust, but its full chemical formula is iron(III) oxide, or Felon.

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Typically, a piece of iron can take days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years to get that first coat of rust. It’s an extremely common reaction, since iron tends to react easily when it comes into contact with oxygen.

The intensity of rusting will be affected by the amount of exposure the piece of metal gets to water and oxygen. Jewelers and people who work with optical components often use a compound called rouge,” also known as “jeweler’s rouge” or “red rouge.” The compound contains a fine ferric oxide powder capable of giving different surfaces a shiny finish after a good polishing session.

Though not as potent and fast as other polishing products, rouge is still widely used by many jewelers and opticians; you can even use a specific type of rouge called a “stropping compound” on leather strops to help sharpen knives and razor blades better. Average rouge is sold as either paste, powder, polished or laced cloths, or a single solid bar.

Producing steel and iron alloys requires a lot of feedstocks, i.e. raw unfiltered material. For instance, 0.5% of iron(III) oxide makes up calamine lotion, which we use for itches and irritation.

In addition, the lotion gets its famous pinkish hue as a result of the reddish rust mixed with zinc oxide. Since our bodies already produce iron naturally, there are no real dangers to us adding a bit extra.

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In other words, if your body accumulates iron too quickly, then it’s probably a good idea not to drink water that’s literally full of it. Tetanus is caused by the bacteria called Clostridium retain, found in animal feces, soil, and dust.

If you were to actually swallow a rusty nail or a large piece of metal with lots of rust on it, you might get a lower form of tetanus. People who weld, solder, or mine tend to inhale lots of rust dust, which in turn can lead to sclerosis.

However, the disease takes years to fully develop, and we can prevent contracting it by using proper protection like masks. After all, if we use rust in cosmetic and medical products regularly, there’s no real reason to fear if we swallow a bit of it.

Well, from what I’ve learned, there are quite a few households that have pots, pans, silverware, and cups that have some minor rust on them. Moreover, there are often images floating around online of what typical water pipes look like, and they are almost always rusty on the inside.

Therefore, enjoy your meals and don’t worry about ingesting some iron(III) oxide; it might even be good for you. While tetanus is a potentially fatal infection of the nervous system, it's caused by bacteria (spores of the bacterium Clostridium retain, to be specific), not by rust itself.

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So if for some strange reason your bakeware has been exposed to those particular elements (and if you're not up to date on your tetanus vaccinations) it's probably better to replace the rusty item outright. If your rusty cookware happens to be made of cast iron, most culinary authorities say it's completely salvageable.

I use water from a metallic tank to cook, bath and do other household chores. Now I noticed there is a lot of rust in the tank that won't come off after washing it severally.

Here's a link describing what the Institute of Medicine thinks about iron in the diet:. And the batteries were old and rusted, I didn't think about it but I put my fingers in my mouth and felt a scratchy feeling in my throat.

I'm currently breastfeeding, is it going to hurt me or my son?- Kayla (age 25)Peoria, Illinois, US Metals containing iron, such as most kinds of steel, will rust when exposed to air and water.

It makes them weaker, by replacing the strong iron or steel with flaky powder. Some oxides on some metals such as aluminum form just a thin layer on top which slows down further corrosion, but rust can slowly eat away at even the biggest piece of iron.

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If a piece of iron's strength is important for safety, such as a bridge support or a car's brake caliper, it is a good idea to inspect it for rust damage now and then. Rusty car mufflers sometimes develop holes in them, and the sheet steel making the outer bodies of cars will often rust through, making holes.

Rust is an insulator, meaning that it doesn't conduct electricity easily, unlike iron, which is a metallic conductor. Rust is formed when an iron surface is exposed to oxygen in the presence of moisture.

Many metals oxidize when exposed to the atmosphere, but iron has particular problems with rust. Aluminum, for example, forms a thin very tough sapphire-like oxide coat.

It's very protective for most purposes, but it's electrically insulating, which is why there are big problems with aluminum wiring. Corroded pipes are common in North American cities, where some water systems are more than 100 years old.

In fact, the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for iron in drinking water are based on aesthetics (taste, odor, color), not safety concerns. You’ll know the problem is in the pipes in your house or apartment building, not the municipal water supply, if rust appears only in hot water, comes only from certain faucets, or clears after running for a short time.

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Tomorrow, as part of Rust ’s usual Thursday update, penis size will become a variable element of your character. And surprisingly, Face punch say that the “feature” wasn’t a deliberate addition at first, but something that emerged as part of the package of algorithms that drive random generation of stuff like head size and jaw definition.

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And these were games where what you looked like was completely irrelevant, where it was obviously just on some list that a publisher handed a developer. Assigning based on steamed means that everything we add gets evenly spread across the player base.

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The long term goal in the back of our heads is to hide player names and have them only recognizable by familiarity. “That's easy for the male model because there's nothing sexy about a limp penis, in fact it's probably got an inverse sexual property.

I have been told once a bbl pits or rusts its pretty much useless as a scoped shooter. I mean I would hate to put a scope on it if it was going to be a waste of time.

If ya clean it good from now on it won't get much worse, so I'd see how it consistently groups and go from there. I have an old posterized 1917 Enfield with a scope and have been able to make some guys with expensive “sniper” rifles feel kinda bad.

Yea rust is the pits... If it's minor it may not have changed how the gun shoots, Give it a try you might be surprised how it does... With fire lapping, you use lab grade lapping compound embedded into the slugs to accomplish the polishing.

Starting with 400 grit, and progressing to 600, 800 and 1200 you fire the rounds, cleaning the barrel as you go. The cleaning between grits is most critical, as you want to leave absolutely no trace of the larger grits when moving up to a finer level.

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The key is to feel how the cleaning rod goes down the barrel. Ballistic fingerprints.... a awful idea by Leonidas There has been quite a bit of talk lately about so-called ballistic fingerprints.

Perhaps a bit of background would be of use here, as some people reading this may not be totally familiar with this concept. When a firearm is manufactured, the tooling that is used to make it leaves small scratches in the metal.

Because the tooling is changed fairly often, and gets worn down a little from part to part, these marks are considered to be unique; like human fingerprints. When you fire a weapon, those marks are left in both the bullet and the spent casing.

See those little scratches left on the sides and base of the case? It has long been a part of police forensics to use the bullets and spent casings taken from a crime scene as evidence.

When a criminal is apprehended, any firearms found in his possession are fired, and the bullets and cases are then compared to see if the machining marks left on the cases of the firearm in his possession match the marks on the crime scene casings. This evidence, circumstantial though it may be, is very ****ING in a court of law.

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The bullet and spent case are retained and digitally recorded by some law enforcement agency and are linked to the weapon through a registration process. Then when somebody commits a crime with a firearm, the 'fingerprints' that are left on any casings or bullets at the crime scene would then presumably be compared with the computerized database of fingerprints, and the offending firearm can then be traced.

It will be expensive to implement an effort of this magnitude. Every one of the thousands of new firearms sold every year will have to be fired, and the 'fingerprints' recorded.

Further, how long do you think it would take for the anti-gunners to demand that his procedure be applied to all the existing (“used”) firearms? Assume further that it will cost $5 for the equipment and personnel to take, fire, record, and return each weapon.

This would probably happen after registration, so that the law enforcement folks could easily contact you. Or perhaps this would happen as a part of registration so that you would actually leave your weapons with the government agency for testing.

Do you think that the law enforcement agencies will knock after supper and politely ask to test your firearm? It is very easy to alter, or remove the machining marks.

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If you attempt this and screw it up, you will ruin your firearm, and most probably your body in unrepeatable ways. This information is presented only for academic reasons -- to show what a really silly idea ballistic fingerprinting is.

Do this a few times, and the machining marks in the barrel are gone, or at least altered forever. The amount of metal that needs to be removed is very small, and actually this procedure is used by bench rest shooters to improve the accuracy of their rifles.

If you remove too much, you will ruin the gun, and your face or hand when you shoot it. Again sprinkle fine emery dust on it and polish off those nasty old machining marks.

Again please note that this is a dangerous thing to do, if you remove too much metal. If they suspect that the weapon is in the database, and if they care, they will remove the prints from the firearm in the above ways, or use a non-printable weapon and pick up the casings.

It is to make it tougher and more expensive for legitimate firearms buyers to obtain weapons -- and to backdoor register guns as a setup for easier confiscation. Do not be fooled into thinking that it is another 'common sense' measure to help legitimate law enforcement solve crimes.

Well, I was all fired up to post a reply (TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION IN THIS POST), but I happen to agree completely with Was's fine response. I'd go poke some holes in a target with that rifle, and then decide if it was “damaged” by the rust (sounds like a light rusting anyway).

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