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Is Rust Still In Beta

James Lee
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 13 min read

It's unclear when the game will hit Xbox One, but it may be soon given the closed beta is listed. Rust is a popular survival game that's become quite the sensation on PC.



Over the holiday break, our very own Brendan decided to tackle the challenge and give building a gaming rig a shot. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it presents a refinement on the already-great formula.

Sharp and smooth Keep your Xbox One games looking smoother than ever with these Re-sync monitors. As such, the beta release represents an accurate preview of what Rust 1.0 will include.

The Beta release also marks a turning point in our approach to stability. During the alpha cycle, the use of unstable APIs and language features was permitted, but triggered a warning.

Many of the top crates in crates.Io can now be built using only stable Rust, and efforts to port the remainder are underway. We don't plan on making functional changes to stable content, though naturally we may make minor corrections or additions to the library APIs if shortcomings or problems are uncovered (but the bar for such changes is relatively high).

While we don't expect to add any new features (or major new APIs) for the 1.0 release, that doesn't mean we're going to stop working on them altogether. Per the train model, the plan is to continue development on new features on the master branch, in parallel with the beta.


For example, let's say we want to know if rust supports cross compiling to 32-bit RISC. The easiest way to list the architectures that LLVM supports is to run cargo obj dump -- -version where cargo-objdump is one of cargo-binutils subcommands.

However, an architecture like ARM can be very broad covering several ISAS and extensions. Custom compilation targets are out of scope for this document; you should refer to the embedonomicon for more information.

We also suggest that you check the awesome-embedded- rust list and the crates maintained by the embedded Working Group. As of 2018-09-19 the official Rust compiler, rust, relies on LLVM for generating machine code.

In particular, the AVR backend should be able to compile the core crate without hitting any LLVM assertion before it's enabled in rust. A likely outdated list of LLVM bugs that need to be fixed can be found in the issue tracker of the rust AVR fork of rust.

TL;DR rust will support the AVR architecture when the LLVM backend is relatively bugged free. As of 2018-09-19 the official Rust compiler, rust, relies on LLVM for generating machine code.

rust oh never change

You may be able to find several forks of LLVM with varying levels of support for the Tens architecture but rust will not be able to use any of those forks due to the maintenance and infrastructure costs of developing rust against different versions of LLVM. The first thing to confirm is that correctly measuring the size of your program.

Rustc produces ELF files for most embedded targets. ELF files have metadata and contain debug information so measuring their size on disk with e.g. ls -l will give you the wrong number.

Runtime crates, like cortex-m-rt, will check at link time that the program fits in the target device memory. If you are measuring size using the right method and your program is still too big then check out our section on optimizations.

To-do (resources team) add link to the optimizations section It is quite common that by oversight the linker configuration is not suitable for the target device.

If you see such a message you will need to check your linker configuration, usually in memory.x for the correct addresses (and ideally also sizes). An embedded MCU will typically stop working if exceptions (which is the Mucus way of signalling special or abnormal events) occur which are not handled and cleared, either by an exception handler or a connected debugger.


The latter case is especially interesting because there's a method of interacting with a connected computer dubbed semi hosting which will work IFF a debugger is properly connected and debugging software running and correctly set up. This method uses special processor instructions (e.g. a service or breakpoint call) to alert the connected system about input and/or output requests from the device.

If no debugger is available to handle such a situation, the system either wait indefinitely or generate an even stronger exception which can only be cleared by a reset. Please note that examples may make use of the semi hosting concept but this should not be used in production setups due to the lack of connected debugger and a host running appropriate debugging software.

An arena for 3-player teams, featuring 2 players on each team with salvaged hammers and 1 player with a nail gun as they fight through the obstacles in the arena to find their enemies, poke them full of sixteen-penny holes, and maybe, just maybe, show them all who’s boss with the hidden chainsaw! The arena will be open and available all wipe for folks who wish to play the game at their own pace, and we’ll have hosted events with prizes each Saturday and Sunday.

To purchase any of these once-in-a-lifetime packages, contact Mr. D on Discord or message us on the Serenity Valley Facebook page, and we’ll make all necessary arrangements to get your account set up, your custom title created (if desired), and get you all set, forever. Raider’s Patches will be made with sturdy reclaimed fabric and printed Serenity Valley Gaming logo, attached with safety pins.

The top 10 submissions will be featured on our blog for all to enjoy, and one lucky winner will receive a free 3-month subscription at the Settler tier to Rust ! Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on May 30, 2019June 14, 2019 Categories Uncategorized Yesterday afternoon, it came to my attention that a raid was carried out Saturday morning involving one of our admin staff, and members of the Cult of Held (Com) Clan.


In the course of that raid, an absolutely suspect amount of materials were brought to bear against the as-yet unnamed, but self-proclaimed zero group in K11. This activity involved the delivery of impossible amounts of Timed Explosive Charges, and later involved a member of staff using their powers to dive underground and throw explosives onto foundations invisibly, from underground.

I’d like to commend those who reported this to me, their integrity in not taking advantage of the situation, and their surrender of the ill-gotten materials. I spent the better part of the day yesterday thoroughly investigating all the server logs, tracking every piece of loot, every explosion, trying to make sure I had a very full picture of the situation.

In the spirit of transparency, I want to explain to everything that has happened, how this entire situation came to a head, and how we’re going to apply the lessons learned from this event to make sure we do better in the future. By the end of this report, I hope that you’ll see that I’m making every effort both to ensure that this cannot happen again, and that those involved are held accountable for their actions.

Several players expressed dismay at this, and when they did start raiding people on the 2nd day of the wipe, there were several complaints about this group. We’ve been discussing the problems they posed, and as they became increasingly toxic, we began making preparations to act against them.

Last week, some players asked me if I would be upset with them for foundation wiping the zero group, mostly as courtesy to prevent chasing people off of the server if I was trying to foster their support, etc. Yesterday, this member of Com logged on, taking more C4, and then began raiding the base in K11.

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Members from 2 other groups arrived to counter, only to find that Com was present and raiding. Another large sum of C4 was dropped off, Com’s raider disappeared, and then things took a turn for the worse.

In response to this, the players present stopped raiding, deposited the rest of the explosives in a hidden location, and reported the events, along with video, to me. Because the video contains clan communications that don’t pertain to the raid and specifically names players involved, I’ve chosen not to present it at this time as part of this report.

In the course of this situation, I’ve learned that we need to stop including sulfur, charcoal, or gunpowder in the senior admin kits. Going forward, only the materials absolutely needed for store building will be included in the large kits, and when the time comes to include explosives as part of the shop’s stock, it will be spawned separately to improve transparency and player awareness of what’s there.

Additionally, we are terminating the policy of letting admin staff play on Main when they aren’t working a shift. From now on, staff can only play on the War zone server, which doesn’t have regular admin support like Main does.

It was expressed to me during this investigation from multiple people in multiple groups that the feeling is that when someone sees the Com clan tag, it means that someone is going to get banned because Com doesn’t like them, or that some impossible loot is going to show up, suggesting that they are cheating or getting admin help. None of what happened yesterday takes away from the thousands of hours that our staff have spent working rather than playing on the server, our network connections, our technology systems, or the fact that he has gone above and beyond to support the server and keep things running when I was unwell and otherwise unable to.


Regardless of week’s events, this does not take away from the tremendous contributions that this staffer has made to our community, and without him, we just as surely wouldn’t be where we are today, just as certainly as if I was gone, too. I’m going to work hard to regain your trust, to make sure that we stand for fair play and respect.

From our old host ( becoming increasingly unstable and failing more and more and more to deliver the performance we were paying them for, to the move to our new dedicated server and our ISP’s hub failure causing lag and an extended downtime, April’s been incredibly trying for us here. No muss, no fuss, no lost progress (beyond a few minutes from a rollback) and roughly triple to quadruple the actual server performance we were seeing before April.

I know that this has been kind of a long time coming, and that I’ve been way too quiet in the last couple of weeks while I’ve been hurriedly getting all the systems, agreements, and funding in place to make this happen, but barring something truly, unbelievably catastrophic happening, we’re good to go, for good. It will have the Serenity Valley branding removed from it as there won’t be admin support there, and we’ll let it run out the next two weeks as a place for people to truly just chill the hell out.

Searching for “Serenity Valley” will get you onto this new server, and as always, you can directly connect by opening your console and typing: War zone will remain as-is until its current lease at expires, at which point we’ll move it to a similar situation as we have now.

As always, please feel completely welcome to reach out to me with feedback or questions, and I’ll get with each of you individually as time permits. Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on May 2, 2019May 2, 2019 Categories Rust About 8 months ago, I relaxed our no-griefing rules, specifically because they were causing entirely too much policing from the admin staff.


As a part of that, we went from, “You can’t do it at all,” to “You can do it, but only with wood or twig, and if you use turrets, you have to take them down when you’re done, and you can do whatever you want against raid bases and outposts.” These adjustments were made to allow players to engage a more aggressive play style, and to reduce the amount of hand-holding and babysitting that the admins would have to do. The people who play do so in good faith that they will have a fair and relatively stable gaming experience.

People who play for free do so in the good faith that those of us charged with running the server will do so in an equitable and transparent manner. In the event that the whole boundary-pushing crap continues, we will go back to, “No briefing,” and the staff will be instructed to pursue it just the same way we go after hate speech.

Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on December 18, 2018December 18, 2018 Categories Rust, Staff, Sired A large group of people showing up and working together isn’t newbie friendly.

Moreover, the newbie friendly element of this server isn’t on restricting people from playing the game, but giving people the chance to play the game in all sorts of different ways, so they can learn what parts of Rust work well for them. Being a newbie friendly server is about giving people the opportunity to learn the game without having a 10-year-old screeching in their mic calling you a retard faggot jew while farming you for kills on the beach and talking about how recently he fucked your mother.

Being a newbie friendly server is about giving people a positive, supportive environment in which to learn the game, it’s mechanics, and nuances. This is the constant swing of the pendulum, and is a part of a natural kind of oscillation of violence in Rust.

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Further, because players are paid in rad pills to play the game, and because items are available in the shop every wipe to help them either skip the grinding of scrap and air drops and monuments, recovering from a bad hit is never that difficult, and if someone joins the game just before a BP wipe, they still have access to resources in order to swiftly put them at parity with other players who’ve been playing through the whole BP cycle. If you’re playing on our Main server and you feel threatened or have been raided by a big group, use your voice.

The thing that distinguishes Rust from so many other games is the social aspect, the fact that you’re dealing with real people, real situations, and things like diplomacy, deception, and clever dealing with people can do more damage than bullets, blades, and bombs. Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on November 7, 2018, Categories Rust Tags newbie friendly, Rust, words not turns Players have had two spooky weeks to build their perfect spooky haunted houses in a special contest area in the desert on the east side of the island.

Between the wonderful new items added by Face punch and the terrifying new NPC’s roaming, it’s been an incredibly exciting wipe! Yesterday, a couple of admins and me had an opportunity to tour the contest area and check out everyone’s hard work.

As with all of our housing contests, each location is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, in 5 different categories, from how well it conveyed its theme, to how well it’s decorated, and then those points are tallied and averaged for a final score. Our Grand Prize winner was Jake, with his incredible “Maze Macabre!” Jake managed not only to create a compelling and interesting haunted house, but he built a whole experience around it, very successfully emulating the feeling, experience, and enjoyment of a real-life corn maze, and he even tried to be present for each person who reached the end of the maze to help them celebrate, to give them goodies, and an impromptu fireworks display for their efforts.

Throughout the facility, and as you wandered deeper and deeper into the bowels of this site, more and more layers of secrets began to be peeled back, revealing that the doctors working to cure people of their ailments were actually creating deranged pumpkin/scarecrow/human hybrids, and running extensive, murderous experiments on them. Our second runner-up was Killer Jerez with what appeared at first to be a simple, straightforward mansion, but one that held a secret.

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We can’t wait to see what you come up with next, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day in February by ripping out hearts and eating them, with the Snoopy return of our late winter Halloween Redux! Today, we have another profound example of why we take such a hard line to hateful speech in all the myriad forms it can take, whether racism, sexism, religious intolerance, or any of the other forms of hateful, exclusionary language that people adopt in these games as “just a joke.” This morning, a gunman charged into a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, opening fire on the congregation.

As he charged in, it was reported that he was screaming, “All Jews must die.” I cannot count on just two hands the number of times I’ve seen someone with that quote in their profile, with that sentiment written on signs in-game, or have just said it in voice or text chat. To the people who are regularly victimized by groups that are actively, actually sharing those sentiments, it makes them uncomfortable and undermines their ability to feel safe and welcome while playing video games with us.

To those sick fucks who harbor these feelings, every time they see this kind of thing posted and not punished and adamantly smashed as being unwelcome and unacceptable, it pushes just a little closer to action. In those minds, in those situations, every time it is allowed to stand as “just a joke,” it reinforces to them that these ideas, these thoughts, and eventually, these behaviors are acceptable.

Whether the mass-shooting this morning, or the nut-bag mailing out bombs in Florida, or the polo-shirt wearing psychopaths carrying wiki torches, these people all started out harboring these ideas in secret until they found people around them that would normalize and make acceptable this behavior. If you talk this kind of filth on the server, you will be banned, I will send every scrap of information we have about you to your local law enforcement’s hate crimes task force, as well as federal authorities, since these messages are being communicated across state lines.

So far, we have supplied information leading to four hate-crime convictions, and two more cases are currently awaiting court dates. Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on October 27, 2018October 27, 2018 Categories Uncategorized We’re doing a huge giveaway in the next few weeks.

Serenity Valley has been growing massively in the last few months, and several of you have heard me talking about some changes and new features coming to the community. From there, the game will have a ~2 week test/repair period, then a couple of months of data gathering and processing while they finalize the private server software.

It’s estimated that servers will be available in February or March, but given the amount of work between here and there, there’s a very real chance that will push later. 3) We’ll be giving away the third and final copy when private servers are available, and it cannot be gained through money, through subscriptions, or through begging.

MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR DISCORD OR STEAM NAME SO I CAN RECORD YOUR TICKET NUMBER! In celebrating the upcoming release of Fallout76, whoever ends up with ticket #76 for this raffle wins 200 tape, every wipe, on main, for life.

If we reach 100 tickets sold, the winner will receive the upgraded Tricentennial Edition of Fallout 76, which comes with a ton of bonus in-game items. Author MrDisproportionateResponse Posted on October 4, 2018October 5, 2018 Categories Contest, Fallout 76, Patrons, Rust Tags fallout76, giveaway, raffle, red The last 12 hours have been INSANE.

Blood can be used to buy duct tape, houses, cars, and other special awards! Finally, each month there will be a Chosen One, a winner granted victory by the grace of Lady Luck.

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