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Is Rust Remover Corrosive

David Lawrence
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
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Article Summary To remove rust and corrosion, try using white vinegar. After at least 10 minutes, remove the item and scrub off any leftover rust with a soft-bristled brush.

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The acidity of the vinegar will eat away at the rust, making it easier to remove. The acidity from the lemon juice will dissolve the rust, and the abrasiveness of the salt will help you scrub it off.

Rust stains are difficult to remove because of their bright color and stubborn resistance to typical cleaners like bleach and soap. Rust removers aren’t good for delicate like wool or silk, but for most other surfaces, you’ll find your solution below.

Naval Jelly, a phosphoric acid-based, caustic rust remover, is suited for heavily rusted iron or steel, but should not be used on delicate materials like fabrics, as well as aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, cement, fiberglass, marble, plastics, or painted surfaces (it will remove paint). On the plus side, naval jelly gets rid of rust in about five to 10 minutes and any excess product can be removed and cleaned with water.

Research from the U.S. General Services Administration also shows its power to remove rust stains from concrete, limestone, and marble. In home cleaning products, sodium hydrosulfite eliminates the need for scrubbing away stains and can be used in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and washing machines.

Typically, these products require you to soak rusty items for a minimum of 30 minutes to overnight, time well spent that results in rust -free, stain-free tools and surfaces. Soaks are best for removing rust from tools, automotive parts, and other metallic surfaces you don’t want to scratch by scouring with abrasive pads or harsh acids.

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It’s also safe to use on non-rusty steel, plastics, PVC, cast iron cookware, toys, and most painted surfaces that may be in contact with rusty metal hardware. If you live in an area with hard water and high iron content, consider keeping a bottle handy to banish corrosion not only on (and within) plumbing and appliances, but also from clothing and fabrics.

It works wonders on rusty tools, outdoor equipment, car parts, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic tile, glass, and fiberglass surfaces and is also a great alternative to ammonia- and bleach-based products on hard water deposits, soap scum, and rusted toilets. Heavy-duty trucks, suspension bridges and even mighty warships can all be brought low by a little oxygen and moisture.

In unfavorable conditions and without adequate protection, ferrous metals can literally dissolve in thin air, turning into a heap of reddish crumbles. A range of products is available today that can eliminate stubborn oxidation rust spots on tools, car parts, antiques and, well, basically anything made of iron, all without the need to painstakingly grind it away or sandblast down to solid metal.

Removing rust with these products is as simple as tossing any grungy-looking items into a bath of rust dissolved and letting the solution go to work, attacking oxidation without harming the base material and often without affecting rubber, plastic or even a painted surface. Craig Cole/Roadshow There are many versions of this sort of product, which are like a lot of elbow grease crammed into a little bottle.

We rounded up five readily available rust removal products to find out if they work as well as their manufactures claim. We soaked several rusty steel components in each one, following the manufacturers' directions and diluting if required.

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The items soaked include a section of sheet metal and two different sizes of threaded rod with rust buildup. This means Rust 911 is a tremendous value compared to some of its competitors since its per-ounce price is very low, something that makes it more economical to soak larger components in, perhaps automotive parts like bumpers or radiator supports.

When diluted, it starts out as clear as water, but over time it turns inky black as it eats away rust. Unfortunately, it had a little more trouble with the threaded rod test pieces, though to be fair, they may have been slightly contaminated with oil or paint in sections that limited its ability to dissolve the rust.

It's noncorrosive, emits no fumes or foul odors, won't harm paint and it can be poured down the drain when it's all used up. Larger items can be debuted by saturating paper towels in this product and draping them over whatever needs to be cleaned.

Capo- Rust is slightly yellow and somewhat foamy when poured out, while its rivals are crystal clear. Like the competing products evaluated here, this one had no trouble eliminating rust from the sheet-metal sample, eradicating most of it in just 2 hours and leaving behind a smooth surface.

It also did an excellent job cleaning up the threaded-rod sections, getting deep in the grooves and removing rust, though it did seem a tiny bit slower to work than the others. Strangely, Evans- Rust did leave the parts slightly black, darker than the components soaked in competing products, so be aware of that.

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The ready-to-go bath version works straight from the bottle (a concentrated formula is also offered), it's easy to use and highly effective, but that's not all. Some older paints and inks contain iron oxide-based pigments, and this rust remover product could easily damage them.

Also, like other products here, this one will remove sacrificial oxide coatings like zinc phosphate and bluing, so be aware of that. Craig Cole/Roadshow the premixed, ready-to-use rust dissolves tested here, WD-40 RustRemover Soak is a strong value, checking out for around $23 per gallon.

Like the products listed above, it's super safe, won't harm other materials and can be reused over and over until it stops working. For best results, the manufacturer recommends getting rid of as much oil and grease as possible from the items you're looking to soak.

It's a good idea to remove loose debris and dirt residue, too, with coarse sandpaper or wire brush. Completely submerging things is the way to go here, and once parts are finished, rinsing them off with water and drying them is smart.

Despite its low cost, WD-40 RustRemover soak did a great job on both the sheet metal and threaded-rod samples. It removed stubborn rust from deep in the threads and left the sheet steel smooth and clean, complete with an almost-galvanized look.

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It starts working in as little as 20 minutes to clean up heavily rusted metal, though, of course, you can soak things for much longer than that, even overnight. Without scrubbing or other work, one gallon of POR-15 RustRemover can eliminate rust from up to 300 pounds of heavily oxidized steel.

Biodegradable ingredients; safe for rubber, plastic and paint; non-toxic, acid-free, contains no Vows, 100%-biodegradable formula. An eye- and skin-irritant: Use in a well-ventilated area, do not ingest, keep away from heat, sparks, open flames or hot surfaces.

If your garage or workspace is freezing cold in the winter or if the attic of your townhouse gets boiling hot in the middle of August, you might want to consider finding a more temperate place or time to use them for maximum effectiveness. No, you don't have to spit-shine the parts you're trying to DE- rust, but if you clean off any heavy dirt and remove grease and oil, they will almost all work much better.

Four of the five products tested in this article are safe to use, containing no solvents, acids, Vows or other nasty ingredients. Nearly all these rust dissolves are also environmentally friendly and will not harm other materials like plastic, rubber, paint or non-ferrous metals.

Depending on how many components you're looking to clean up and how severely they're rusted will determine which product will work best for your application. Depending on how severely rusted the parts are that you're trying to clean up, soak times can last from 15 minutes to two days.

At this point, they're generally safe enough to be poured right down a drain, making cleanup and disposal a snap. Whether you're working on a crusty carburetor base, revitalizing an old axe head you inherited from grand pappy or even sprucing up some antiques you just picked up from a garage sale, rust -removing solutions can be super handy.

In certain applications, they essentially eliminate the need for sandpaper, steel wool and wire brushes, plus the associated time and effort required to clean things up. Climb in the driver's seat for the latest car news and reviews, delivered to your inbox twice weekly.

Corrosion is the most advanced and effective corrosion prevention compound, lubricant and penetrant in the world! Although it may look similar to other oil-based anti-corrosion sprays, Corrosion utilizes revolutionary Polar Bonding ™ and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTC) technologies that together do far more than merely slow down the corrosion process like those so-called 'corrosion inhibitors'.

Corrosion is the only product readily available to the public that meets the U.S. Navy's tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement MIL-PRF-81309H. To chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum, which are highly resistant to oxidation.

This is especially true in outdoor, coastal and marine environments where direct exposure to rain and sea spray will quickly displace ordinary lubricants. Use Corrosion on sheaves, hinges, locks, cable/wire rope, windlasses or any metal part needing lubrication.

Even though Corrosion has a dielectric property in excess of 39,000 volts, because it forms an ultra-thin film it does not interfere with electronics or heat dissipation. A must for all marine battery terminals, and a mission critical product for drones and all Remote Control hobbyists.

Compare that to most products in the spray lubricant category, which can be 50% or more VOC (for example, according to their current Safety Data Sheet, WD-40 is 49.5% solvent). It was developed specifically to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion and the resulting rust and corrosion.

Corrosion Heavy Duty is dripless and resists displacement or removal by splash, rain, seawater or even pressure washing. Unlike wax-based corrosion inhibitor barrier coatings, Corrosion HD will not dry, harden or crack.

For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture, the answer is Corrosion Heavy Duty. Featuring the latest advances in Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTC) technologies, Corrosion Aviation is specially formulated to displace moisture, stop corrosion instantly and provide long-lasting protection.

Kills and prevents corrosion Long-lasting Polar Bonding Technology U.S. military proven to be more than 2X more effective* than other airframe corrosion prevention and control products Displaces moisture Penetrates and lubricates Self-curing Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTC) technology Effective on all metals Safe on electronics Contains no waxes or silicons Apply to airframe interiors, battery terminals, hinges, cables, wheel hubs, rotor heads and trim drum actuators.

It may also be applied to electrical and avionic components such as micro switches, cannon plugs, antenna bases, circuit breakers and buss bars. Corrosion is the ultimate cleaner, lubricant and protectant for firearms of all kinds and in all conditions: black powder, high-volume semi / full-auto fire, suppressed weapons, concealed carry, extreme hot / cold / dirt / wet outdoor environments, and when going for long periods of time between cleaning and lubricating is required.

A breakthrough lubricant starting with the revolutionary Corrosion core Polar Bonding technology, we added a package of extreme pressure additives specifically engineered to make your fishing reels achieve their ultimate performance. Like all Corrosion products, Reel sticks to metal like a magnet, so it cannot be easily displaced by pressure, friction or moisture.

Improves reel performance Displaces moisture Stops/prevents rust and corrosion Will Not Harm Plastic, PTFE or Mono filament Reel also has a high dielectric characteristic, so it's safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

Compare that to most products in the reel oil and spray lubricant categories, which can be as high as 50% or more VOC. Alma Write is a special formulation of surface cleaners and acid designed to restore aluminum to a bright, clean appearance.

Removes oxidation to restore a bright, clean aluminum finish Controlled rate of etching helps prevent streaking when working with large aluminum surfaces Easily removes concrete, exhaust soot and road film High foaming / clean rinsing formula. Corrosion XD penetrates existing rust and corrosion, displaces moisture and prevents electrolysis.

It leaves a non-hardening, self-healing coating for maximum protection against moisture intrusion, while providing outstanding, long-lasting lubrication for all moving parts. Safe on point, glass, gel coat, wiring insulation, most rubber, plastics and electronics.

Designed to withstand extreme corrosive environments including sulfuric and direct saltwater spray. Conforms to the scope and intended use of MIL-C-16173D (Grade 1)Non 8030-00-62-6950NATO 6850-66-132-5848NATO 6850-55-132-6099 The world's most effective and long-lasting corrosion inhibitor spray, Earwax is a tough, synthetic wax-based, resilient corrosion inhibitor barrier coating that provides long-term protection for metal surfaces.

Preventing corrosion of metals in aircraft, vehicles and structures is a critical priority for the military, especially in the harsh naval aviation environment where humidity, salt, and heat can reduce metal parts to piles of rust and corrosion. Applying corrosion preventive compounds (PCs) into the internal spaces of airframes is effective in combating metal degradation.

However, due to limited performance, traditional PCs require repeated applications during regular maintenance intervals. Vanguard IV was developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-81309 (Corrosion Preventive Compounds, Water Displacing, Ultra-Thin Film) and exceeds those specification requirements.

The coating itself is sufficient to last for years, but it is also an excellent primer for latex, epoxy and oil-based paints. Rust Reconverted LT extends the life of anything made of ferrous metal or alloys.

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