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Is Rust Proofing Your Car Worth It

Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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This is especially important for the undercarriage of your vehicle, which commonly comes into contact with substances such as water, chemicals such as salt, and other dirt and debris from the road. Without some sort of protection, the bottom of your vehicle can rust and corrode, leading to part failure.

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The best time to rustproof or apply undercoating protection is when you buy a brand-new vehicle that hasn't been driven yet. In essence, ask the dealership to apply the protection before you even drive off the lot.

This represents the best time to have an undercoating applied, as the under body of the vehicle is probably the cleanest it will ever be. If you only plan on keeping the vehicle for a few years, you might consider sparing the expense and foregoing getting an undercoating applied.

While the underside of the vehicle has already been exposed to water, dirt, and other debris from the road at this point, applying an undercoating now can protect it from further exposure. When having your vehicle rustproofed or an undercoating applied, you have a few options to choose from.

Whether you prefer the latest technology or a more tried and true method, knowing what the different options are should allow you to choose the best one for your vehicle. Using a weak electric current, this small device can stop the corroding effects of rust.

This method involves spraying a tar-based substance on the exposed parts of a vehicle's under body. The tar-like undercoating acts as a barrier once it hardens, keeping out moisture, salt, and other substances.

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It also requires expert application, or it can crack, letting in moisture. A wax-like substance applied to the entire body of the vehicle, it hardens once it has dried.

One of the downsides of dripless oil sprays is that you need to have holes drilled into the body of the car at specific points to make it effective. The spray also has a high viscosity, meaning that it does not always get into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.

While you could pay someone to apply an undercoating to your vehicle, you can also save money by doing it yourself. After removing any rust, it is time to prime and paint the underside of the vehicle.

The last step in the process requires you to apply an undercoating to the under body of your vehicle. Make sure to apply it to every part that you expect to be exposed to the road.

Allow this coat to dry for at least an hour, or longer if the instructions call for it. A rubberized undercoating is more durable and seals better, protecting the metal from exposure to water.

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The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. In addition, the cost of repairing the damage done by any corrosion that develops can really add up depending on what component(s) are affected (paint, circuits, floor panels, etc.

Service Car SUV/Truck Rust Check$$120150Krown$$120130/$140Corrosion Free$150$170The the best way to prevent weather and salt from producing (or accelerating) corrosion on your car is to treat it with a rustproofing solution. The process involves spraying a rustproofing product on the surface of the under body that is designed to protect it from moisture.

These solutions seep into the hard-to-reach door seam, joints, and crevices that are hotspots for rust and corrosion. Small holes need to be drilled in order for the product to reach certain areas of the car (more about this later), and an annual application is typically recommended.

This product is designed to prevent corrosion on the entire vehicle, and won’t cause any dripping after application. This solution involves an electronic module that sends weak electric currents through the metal of a vehicle.

This is a great short term solution, however the undercoating can chip away and cause moisture to actually seep into cracks, getting trapped under the coat and accelerating the corrosion process. The undercoating also doesn’t protect the rest of the car, and won’t be any help for areas already affected by rust or damage.

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When done by a trusted professional, any holes should be drilled in unnoticeable places such as near the door latch and on the underside of the vehicle, and will be too tiny to spot. The benefits of drilling in order to apply a rustproofing solution outweigh the inconvenience of having small holes that no one will ever know are there.

Other elements such as dry weather and the UV rays from the sun can accelerate rust and corrosion once the initial damage occurs. In winter conditions, salt and other chemicals used for snow or ice removal make its way underneath your car and stick to the metal surfaces.

The combination of salt and water is more damaging than rust, as the solution eats away at the metal, weakening it and causing it to fall apart. Salt and deicing chemicals are designed to lower the freezing point of water, allowing your car to hit pavement in winter conditions.

Cars are expensive, and they give you the freedom to work, play and keep commitments. You may think that depreciation is an inevitable fact of life, but there are things you can do to protect and keep it in good shape.

Rustproofing is a process that adds an extra layer of protection to the metal of your car. Obviously, these machines rely heavily on different types of metal to operate safely and effectively.

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Metal can be molded, and it is very sturdy, which makes it the ideal choice. Rustproof is a special chemical application that helps prevent the advancement of this process.

With a rustproof use, your car can avoid rust for longer, even with normal wear and tear. Prior to 1950, automobiles were growing in popularity, but they quickly degraded in terms of functionality.

To combat this problem, the idea of creating something to protect them from rust effectively became paramount for car manufacturers. However, given the value and price of these transportation devices, it is important to be fully informed of the facts concerning rustproof applications.

Despite all the advancements in technology, most people have seen rust develop on their vehicles after a certain number of years. As rust continues to spread, soon, your vehicle’s viability diminishes.

This is because most car care is devoted to the visible, painted exterior. People will spend time washing and maintaining the paint job, but that is not the only place where rust will begin.

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Some people resist the idea of applying a rustproof coat because they think it is too expensive. You will indeed pay extra to rustproof your car more thoroughly, but there are unexpected ways to recuperate the value.

By these measures, a car that has a rustproof application will not pose as much of a risk to your insurance company. Some people also find out that they have less sound entering the car from outside after it has been rustproofed, which makes sense when you consider the way the technology works.

Insulation between your walls serves a primary purpose to limit air circulation. The additional side effect is that the walls also dampen noise.

Your results will vary depending on the age and make of your vehicle. If you are thinking about investing in a rustproof application, be sure to talk to the experts.

But with consumers often opting for extended-term car loans that can last up to 96 months, a small investment to keep rust away may be a worthwhile consideration. While the CAA recommends rust protection to prolong the life of your vehicle, it prefers and endorses sprayed solutions instead of the modules.


It involves spraying a black, tar-like substance on the floor pans, wheel wells, and other exposed parts of the under body of your car, which then hardens and acts as a permanent shield against moisture, salt, and other elements. This will not protect the whole body of your car though, and it cannot stop corrosion if it has already started, which means it is best applied to brand-new vehicles.

The major risk to tar-based solutions is that if not applied properly, cracks may develop in the hardened coating over time and trap moisture within itself, leading to rust. Heart is one of the largest providers of this method of rust protection and charges approximately $150 per vehicle.

Heart also offers something called Penetr-Oil, which is a very dense, wax-like oil spray applied to the entire body of the vehicle. There is a catch though, as this method involves drilling holes into a car's doors, fenders, and other areas to make sure the substance gets applied everywhere.

Another known issue is that due to the substance's high viscosity, it cannot get into all the nooks and crannies in the same way more watery oil solutions can. As the name suggests, a slight annoyance is that the sprayed oil drips for about two days after application, potentially leaving stains in your garage, driveway or parking spot.

Andrew Tai is CEO of Untangle, which helps consumers find new car deals by providing access to data on what others paid for the same vehicle, current incentives, invoice prices, and more.

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