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Is Rust Meaning

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. However, another jail monitor described lingering problems with condensation and rust in shower areas.

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It allowed him to shake off any rust he had, and it proved crucial in the victory. Large white clouds loom overhead, casting shadows that give shelter to livestock and cool the steady string of rusting grain silos that dot the topography.

Citrus rust mites, which are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye, just damage the skin. After 10 weeks away from the team, there is little time to knock off a lot of rust.

Others sprinkle salt in the dirt, believing that the mines will rust and fall apart. There's the room fitted out with rusting, vine-engulfed bars that once kept prisoners in check.

Printer Friendly Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. c. A stain or coating resembling iron rust.

Deterioration, as of ability, resulting from inactivity or neglect. A plant disease caused by a rust fungus, characterized by reddish or brownish spots on leaves, stems, and other parts.

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To deteriorate or degenerate through inactivity or neglect: My golf game has rusted from all those years of not playing. Botany To develop a disease caused by a rust fungus.

(Chemistry) a reddish-brown oxide coating formed on iron or steel by the action of oxygen and moisture b. Any of various plant diseases characterized by reddish-brown discoloration of the leaves and stem, esp that caused by the rust fungi.

4. any growth, habit, or agency tending to injure or impair the mind, abilities, etc. 5. a. any of several diseases of plants, characterized by reddish, brownish, or black pustules on the leaves, stems, etc., caused by fungi of the order Ordinals.

c. Any of several other diseases of unknown cause, characterized by reddish brown spots or discolorations on the affected parts. Any of various plant diseases caused by parasitic fungi that produce reddish or brownish spots on leaves.

Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © Harper Collins Publishers 1995 (last) noun the reddish-brown substance which forms on iron and steel, caused by air and moisture.

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And Dorothy oiled them and the Scarecrow bent them carefully until they were quite free from rust and as good as new. The most were masses of rust, but many were of some new metal, and still fairly sound. “His people love to do anything in their power for their beloved Emperor, so there isn't a particle of rust on all the big castle.

“The rust on the ponderous iron-work of its oaken door looked more antique than anything else in the New World. For every sound that floats From the rust within their throats Is a groan. All down her sides, this spectral appearance was traced with long channels of reddened rust, while all her spars and her rigging were like the thick branches of trees furred over with hoarfrost. Where unrecorded names and navies rust, and untold hopes and anchors rot; where in her murderous hold this frigate earth is ballasted with bones of millions of the drowned; there, in that awful water-land, there was thy most familiar home. Nothing can be a stronger proof of the malignant quality of the air than that the rust will immediately corrode both the iron and brass if they are not carefully covered with straw. At one end of this ghastly apartment was a large fire-grate, over the top of which were stretched some transverse iron bars, half devoured with rust. Mazarin opened the coffer; a knife, covered with rust, and two letters, one of which was stained with blood, alone met his gaze. The muzzle was eaten by the rust of centuries into a ragged filigree-work, like the end of a burnt-out stove-pipe. The first thing he did was to clean up some armor that had belonged to his great-grandfather, and had been for ages lying forgotten in a corner eaten with rust and covered with mildew. Mass noun 1 A reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture.

The red or orange coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture, consisting chiefly of ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide formed by oxidation. Any growth, habit, influence, or agency tending to injure, deteriorate, or impair the mind, character, abilities, usefulness, etc.

Any of several diseases of plants, characterized by reddish, brownish, or black pustules on the leaves, stems, etc., caused by fungi of the order Ordinals. Any of several other diseases of unknown cause, characterized by reddish-brown spots or discolorations on the affected parts.

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Decay, wither, deteriorate, dilapidation, rot, decomposition, wear, blight, mold, corruption, oxidation, tarnish, decline, stale, oxidize, degenerate Book Your Data does a great job of showing how rust badges and reviews featuring loyal and even popular customers can establish t rust with new visitors right away.

And the saga of Rust Cole and Marty Hart had, sadly, come to a close. The Rust Belt city underwent its industrial boom during the Civil War when its steel mills helped produce weapons.

Some mutterings of Rust Cole come from the perfectly elliptical and safely imprecise musings of Thomas Light. Lizzie, indeed, is fond of work; she is busy all day long, and it is evident that her sewing-machine is not allowed to rust.

Clement was too sensible of Michelangelo's merit to allow him to rust out his powers in petty tasks. Gracious and commanding, he made his friends welcome with a courtly ease which no brooding years of solitude could rust.

Any of a group of parasitic fungi of the order Ordinals that are plant pathogens, especially of cereal grains, and that can produce allergy in humans when inhaled in large numbers. The American Heritage Sherman's Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Any of various basidiomycota fungi that are parasitic on plants and produce reddish or brownish spots on leaves. Rusts attack a wide variety of plants and can cause enormous damage to crops.

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