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Is Rust Lord Rare

James Lee
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Rust Lord is an homage to the Marvel superhero Star- Lord portrayed in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise, who makes a living by salvaging items and selling them for profit. The name of the Outfit is a reference to Lord Rust, a character in the Disc world books.

rust lord skin fortnite skins outfit outfits


It is believed that Rust Lord could possibly be the Renegade Raider's duo on the basis that they are both part of the Storm Scavenger set. Rust Lord is a part of the Storm Scavenger set which includes the Renegade Raider Outfit, the X- Lord Outfit, the Spiked Satchel Back Bling, the Rust Bucket Back Bling, the Junk Bucket Glider, the Rusty Rider Glider, the Fang Saws dual Harvesting Tool, the Sawtooth Harvesting Tool, and the Scavenger Wrap.

Requires the player to reach Tier 23 in Season 3 Battle Pass. The outfit is a part of the Storm Scavenger Set that features only two items; the other one being the Rare Pickaxe called Sawtooth.

Sawtooth May 21, 2018Sawtooth is the name of one of the rare harvesting tool skins for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Rust Bucket April 22, 2018The Rust Bucket is the name of the FREE promotional back bling cosmetic items for the game Fortnite Battle...

This costume features Olive Green pants along with Orange Rust leather jacket. In addition, he has on a Blue scarf with a full face metal helmet that features studs and a Red stripe.

This costume is part of the Storm Scavenger Set that features five cosmetic items. Also in the set is the Renegade Raider Outfit (Rare), Rust Bucket Back Bling (Epic), Rusty Rider Glider (Epic) and the Sawtooth Pickaxe (Rare).

rust lord fortnite skin fortniteskins gameplay

This costume features Olive Green pants along with Orange Rust leather jacket. In addition, he has on a Blue scarf with a full face metal helmet that features studs and a Red stripe.

This costume is part of the Storm Scavenger Set that features five cosmetic items. Although you can no longer get the Rust Lord Skin, you would have had to buy the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass.

Rust Lord is an Epic rarity Fortnite skin (Outfit). Rust Lord skin is a male outfit presented by a person with a hidden face.

He is wearing a shield for his head in black and red colors with small sharps on it, so it looks not only protective but also fancy. The man is wearing a blue scarf on his neck and a red leather jacket.

He is wearing two belts on his waist one right on another and khaki jeans with lots of pockets for guns. Name Rust Lord How to get Battle Pass Season 3PriceCost of the Battle PassRarityEpicTypeOutfitSetStorm ScavengerGenderMaleHere we have collected Fortnite Wallpapers, PNG pictures, Appearance History & Coming back information.

rust lord fortnite skin fortniteskins gameplay

Click on the pictures to download Rust Lord Wallpaper in high resolution. Rust Lord easy drawing This skin included in the Storm Scavenger set.

This has made it one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020, but only on some platforms and lobbies. After you get a number of kills wearing it, it will begin to glow green.

These cool features, unfortunately, haven’t returned to the store since Season 6. It was part of Season 6, so while plenty of people were playing it had a short window of release.

A lot of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020 hail from some specific event! Depending on your perspective, Grumbles might be the creepiest skin around or the goofiest.

This makes it one of the rarer skins in the game, especially since so few people want to wear it. Midnight Ops is a rare skin that hasn’t been seen in the game in quite some time.

rust lord fortnite skin skins outfit gameplay

This is an Epic rarity skin meaning it cost quite a bit in the first place. This is another Epic tier skin that hasn’t been seen in the item store for some time.

Old pumpkin head makes a change from the constant tomatoes though. This purple variety of skin was originally part of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

It isn’t the most interesting skin out there, but it does demonstrate that you’ve been playing the game for a long time! Money in a cosmonaut outfit is at least a stylistically cool entry to the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020.

It isn’t as rare as some other Battle Pass exclusive skins, but you don’t see it all the time in the game. This one is the Female variant of all the Astronaut stuff that went on back in Season 3.

Like the others, this is a real demonstration of how long you’ve been playing Fortnite for. It is loud and a bit distracting, but that’s half of the fun of having the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020.

rust lord fortnite skin skins outfits outfit

For those who weren’t’ busy on the year’s most romantic day, there was a Fortnite skin available! This one did previously rank higher as the rarest Fortnite skins.

Since it tied into a Season’s theme, it isn’t likely to come back to the shop anytime soon. The Leviathan is a skin that was quite simple to obtain, pick it up in the shop.

Until then, Fish bulb deserves his status as one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020! This is one of the duller entries on this list, it kind of just looks like a scruffy default.

This is one of the 50 rarest Fortnite skins, despite coming back to the shop for a little while. When Skull Trooper returned in 2018, the original skin got a Purple Glow.

Since it has been out of the rotation for a little while and had such a high barrier to unlock it isn’t seen all that often anymore. This skin was your reward for progressing through to Tier 100 of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

fortnite rust lord skins list skin outfits season pass battle epic

This is a fairly popular skin to see in loading screens, but rarer in the actual game. By being seasonally limited, a lot of them have ended up on the 50 rarest Fortnite skins.

Since this Battle Pass hasn’t been active very long, you would have to have been playing pretty much constantly to already get this skin! Season 2 are some of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020, and they’ll only get rarer than time passes.

The Royale Bomber is a skin exclusive to those who have picked up the Fortnite PS4 Bundle. This is quite a few more people than some other bundles through the years, but buying a whole PS4 is still a high barrier for a fairly dull skin.

This is a bit of an issue for a lot of players since you would have to purchase a brand-new games console to get access to it! Tomato Head has remained an iconic part of Fortnite, even on a brand-new map there are hints of his former prominence over the entire game.

Everybody loved Tomato Town, so what better to remember it than with this now rare skin? If you want to flex by being hard to miss yet still evading enemy fire, go for this one.

raider renegade fortnite skin skins outfits season rare generator human card verification aimbot fortniteskins

It specifically ties in with the Year of the Monkey, which isn’t going to come around again for a while. It is probably safe to assume that this is based on Sun Kong, the lead character in Journey to the West.

The monkey king is from a 16th-century Chinese novel that inspired Dragon Ball Z, characters in Data 2 and League of Legends, and one of the rarest skins in Fortnite in 2020. This skin comes from reaching Tier 100 of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

As with other Battle Pass rewards, this one shows off how much XP you managed to grind through the Season. Some goofier rare skins have a real charm over the popularly seen ones.

While it is a pretty fun console with great exclusive games, not a lot of people bought it specifically for Fortnite. It is the Mario's and Zelda on the console that brings players in, not a Fortnite bundle.

It complements the other half of the Red Riding Hood skin. It isn’t the most fear-inspiring skin, but it is rare enough to set you apart from the rest of the Battle Bus.


This skin was originally released for Christmas if the elf thing didn’t give it away. It isn’t the unique skin in the world after some recent events, but it will turn a few heads.

The rarest Fortnite skins aren’t always the unique, but they are typically different. It demonstrates to anyone you happen to run into that you’ve been playing for a while and good enough at Fortnite to get through that Battle Pass.

This isn’t the best way to play a game though, you do need some element of surprise. However, the original ghoul trooper received a small change.

This has lead to two Ghoul Troopers being available in the game, each with a few unique elements, but both very rare. It was only released to players who bought a particular Samsung Galaxy phone.

This makes it similar to the Galaxy skin, but even more obscure since the brand is much less widely known. It is one of the rarer skins not because of its age or exclusivity to unlock, but just because Epic hasn’t re-run it any time recently.

rust lord figure

This season of the game didn’t really have many players, and even less who were forking out money for skins. The Black Knight is unlikely to be available again, making it one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2020.

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