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Is Rust Like Minecraft

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 11 min read

In my opinion it's Minecraft, because it's a legendary game with no server wipes, proper single player mode, fast loading screens, modding community, caves (dungeons) and less annoying base raiders. Below, we have options that differ in aesthetics and mechanics, but keep the idea of building and survival intact.

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Like Terr aria, Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft clone that has a lot more going on than its source material. Much more so than other options on this list, Dragon Quest Builders justifies its $60 price tag with a 400-plus-hour campaign that’ll take you to a variety of locales, as well as greater emphasis on combat.

There’s a sandbox mode, too, though the full feature set of Builders is only unlocked after you finish the main story. The story mode essentially serves as a tutorial, just one that’s extremely long and filled with excellent writing.

Released in 2005 and maintained ever since, Roblox is a massively multiplayer online builder focused on making games. As a creator, you can sell your game and items to the community for Roux, Roblox ’s in-game currency.

It’s a story-driven game, fit with a cinematic opening sequence, a tutorial, and multiple quests to complete. Star bound isn’t quite as large as Dragon Quest Builders, with the main story running just over 20 hours, but it’s hard to complain given how cheap the title is.

Though shorter, Star bound is much larger in scope, allowing you to explore multiple galaxies and worlds. Rather than giving you a blank slate like most other survival games, Don’t Starve is very overt in its tone.


Don’t Starve is still a brutal survival game, dropping you in the middle of a dark forest without any instructions or guidance. Lego Worlds also features a quest system, dungeons, and towns, bringing some RPG flair to the sandbox.

You start with nothing more than a rock and torch, and from there, you’ll need to craft weapons and structures to protect yourself from other players and the beasts that roam the island. You likely won’t survive more than a few minutes when you first awaken, with seasoned players scouring the island for new prey.

You play as the only survivor of a plane crash, which touched down in the middle of a dense forest. Quickly after leaving your stranded air vessel, you learn about a society of mutant cannibals roaming the forest.

Like any good survival title, it features deep caves to explore and countless materials to gather. The game starts with you inheriting your grandfather’s old farm, with nothing but a few rusty tools to help you get on your feet.

Stronger features a swath of unique building tools and crafting materials, allowing you to play the game how you want. You can explore and gather new materials, set up a space base with solar panels and generators, or create mini-games for you and your friends to play.

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Oxygen Not Included comes courtesy of Klein Entertainment, the same indie studio behind Don’t Starve. It features the same signature art style as the game that preceded it, though provides a much different take on the survival genre.

At the beginning of Oxygen Not Included, you take control of three applicants who’ve become lost in an asteroid with only a few packets of breathable air. From there, your only goal is to survive, which includes setting up oxygen for your applicants and ensuring their fed, and that they can, ahem, get rid of their waste.

Although Vintage Story ’s voxel-based graphics look like they were ripped straight out of Minecraft, the systems that make up the gameplay are unique. Vintage Story has a robust mod API, as well as readable source code and a modeling tool.

Those who decide to pick up the license, though, will find a sprawling, robust building game. The mechanics of ARK: Survival Evolved are surprisingly similar to those in Minecraft, but the look of the two couldn’t be more different.

Events happen in real-time, so your unattended hut is prime loot territory while you’re sawing logs. You can spend forever on the game’s settlement system alone, to the point where you can completely ignore everything else and still get your money’s worth.


Although it’s clear Bethesda intended the settlement system as an optional feature in Fallout 4, it’s so in-depth that it feels like a game in its own right. Even though Minecraft has been and gone for many of use, the other day I picked it up again and it hit me just how solid the game is.

Even though people have played the hell out of it, it’s still in my eyes adult Lego and for that reason I love it deeply. There are still glitches, it can still be annoying, but if you’ve got some buddies and some time then you just can’t beat a little ark to fill that Minecraft urge.

It’s one of the most fun base-builders and opens up a whole new world of creativity, something I always want in games. Don’t get me wrong, the chances are you’ll die every time you join the game… I mean that seriously.

But once you get the hang of it, you understand base building and you loot, something will change… Instead of being the hunted you’ll become the hunter and that’s one of the most exciting experiences I’ve felt inside a game. It’s am ix between Minecraft, an FPS like Team Fortress and a castle defense game.

You can also create and lay down blocks, bombs, turrets, bounce pads, poison traps and hundreds more. Back when Minecraft wasn’t available for Xbox I got myself a copy of Fortress Craft and was amazed at how awesome it was.

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With tower defense, base building, looting and exploring this game has it all and for the cheap price of $5 you can’t go wrong, can you? It’s pretty much a zombie survival with killer animals, base building and lots of hiding.

It’s nothing like rust in terms of fans, but there are elements that really remind me of a mix of Minecraft, rust and 7 days which is lots of fun. It’s taken adventure, building, creating, exploring, survival and crafting and packaged it up in a different box that many of us have not experienced.

The developers, listen, which is so important and so different, as many just ignore, block or fight feedback of their game. Now the playing style isn’t really my type, but it’s on the list due to the high reviews, feedback and what my friends have been saying.

A few years back I spent many hours playing this game thanks to a YouTuber called, Sips and his walkthroughs. I’m not a massive fan of 2d games, but with the right mindset, this can be lots of fun, especially the tower defense aspects that always get me excited.

But following the game’s release in early 2018, the title never gained much traction on streaming platforms like Twitch. While the initial focus of the server has been largely on role playing, much in the way that made Grand Theft Auto a popular content form on Twitch, elements of PVP have come to the forefront of the server as well.

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Rust ’s more than 27 million hours watched is led by QC, Shroud, TSM’s Myth, and MTV’s Skunk. The four streamers combined to make up more than 10 million hours watched playing Rust from Dec. 27 to Jan. 4.

And one of the main reasons appears to be a creative difference between some streamers involved. “I’m predicting now that QC is making a base, they’re going to gather, and they’re going to start fucking people up.

MTV member Abe added in a post to Twitter that the original server will remain available for those who’d rather focus on the more competitive and PVP aspects of Rust. Streamers who want to play without the anxiety of impending destruction of their bases by people looking to burn the world down can rest easy.

With players like Shroud and QC at the forefront of Rust on Twitch, the potential head-to-head that could manifest from streamers participating in a PvP-heavy server would be a content gold mine. The inverse could be true if there aren’t enough notable players who join QC and crew on a PvP-centric server.

We won’t know how it’ll pan out for a few days, but the continued viewership success of Rust on Twitch will likely be determined by the decisions that top influencers make regarding what server to play on when Jan. 7 rolls around. Our list of games likest features other survival adventures where you will battle the environment, AI and other players.

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Rust quickly captivated a large audience when it began its alpha (through Steam Early Access) in late December 2013. AI controlled enemies weren’t completely removed from the game though to ensure a good balance of Eve and PVP experiences.

Crafting and shaping the game world is also at the heart of the Rust experience with players able to forge tools, weapons and houses to increase their chances of survival. Planet Calypso leverages the framework of Entropic Universe to create a science fiction MMO with a wealth of content, mechanics and sizeable community waiting to be explored.

The game is being developed by Job and Lighter and takes place on a persistent single server. Haven and Hearth is free to play and offers plenty of unique features that create a realistic experience.

The games focus is on two core gameplay aspects, permanent death and lasting changes to the... Stranded 2 is a free to play 3D game that challenges you to survive by yourself on an island.

Building on the original game by offering improved graphics, larger islands, additional items and better randomization you’ll get plenty of more hours of Stranded gameplay. Fallen Earth is set in a post-apocalyptic game world and offers it to players with a free to play MMO experience.

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Most war games have you take on the role of a soldier in the middle of the battlefield with weapons and armor. In the day, you cannot leave the house because of snipers, so instead you stay home and maintain the dilapidated hideout that you’ll slowly improve over time (if you last that long).

In The Long Dark players will be taking on the harsh environment of the Canadian wilderness. After a global disaster leaves the world without power players step into the shoes of a crash-landed pilot who finds himself surrounded by the cold dark environment of the wild.

Gameplay in The Long Dark happens in a first-person perspective with players controlling their lone survivor across the frozen Canadian landscape after a global event. The game started out as a title on the Xbox Marketplace and eventually made its way to Windows.

The game plays out in an open world environment with players taking control of their survivors in a third-person perspective. State of Decay is packed full of unique elements with a crazy amount of depth for players to explore.

Warm Online is a sandbox style MMORPG that has a creative focus allowing you to create your own adventure. The game also has a stand-alone version released on Steam in 2015 called Warm Unlimited.


Ignoring the rocky history that this franchise has had with countless development issues and decisions that have been less than well-received by the community Infestation: The New Z has thus far avoided the same fate a few months into release and hopefully this trend continues for the title so that it may finally see TH... The popular AI director also makes a return with plenty of tweaks to ensure players are always challenged.

Just like the original game plot elements are kept minimal with players following four survivors of an infectious disease that has turned the population into zombie like creatures. This CastleMiner Z block based gameplay also features mechanics that are familiar to the genre with zombie...

Starting the battle royale craze in 2017 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) quickly commanded an audience of millions and gave birth to a wider genre that would dominate the gaming industry for years to come. Based on a mod created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene...

In Dead Island you’ll have to explore an open world environment and try to prevent being eaten by using whatever weapons you can find around the place. Dead Island is a great role-playing experience for fans of survival horror and is available on Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

After a night of wild partying the player wakes up as one of the four available characters (each with their own stats and skills) an... Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of the more unique games to be released in recent years with its offering of stealth gameplay combined with free roaming sandbox mechanics.

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As the name might suggest players spend their time being hunted in a procedurally generated game world by killer robots. Unlike the zombies, mutants or humans of other games these British themed robot opponents give Sir, You Are Being Hunted a unique setting over other stealth and survival titles.

The Left 4 Dead base game takes place across four varied and unique acts all with a movie design to the campaign, their own tagline and five separate... Salem is a free to play MMO with a focus on exploration and crafting mechanics.

Sea tribe is behind development of the game who also run the popular hardcore MMO, Haven and Hearth (to which Salem has many similarities). Just like in Haven and Hearth players can expect permanent death in Salem so it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Salem is set in 17th century New England and as the name might suggest has obvious ties to the witchcraft of the era, with players playing as a pilgrim. On non Wii-U platforms some of these features are taken out or redesigned while still retaining the impressive fundamental design of the primary Wii U version mot notably the fantastic London setting and horror tones that are magnified by the permanent death mechanic with some graphical improvements along...

Using a realistic military shooter as its base and adding layers of deadly difficulty is Escape From Markov, a title under development by the Russian studio of Battle state Games. The core premise of Escape From Markov has players scavenging instanced maps for resources while avoiding the threats of other players and AI which in turn can be used to improve your own gear to take on greater challenges.

rust minecraft

Starting development in 2012 Escape From Markov was first shown to players through a 2016 alpha a... Set in a deep medieval fantasy realm the struggle of life in Mortal Online is a real challenge for even MMO veterans.

Your game starts in Mortal Online similarly to other MMO titles with you carving your own character out of stone with visual customization, race and stats at center stage. With your character foundation established you’ll embark into the world where both Eve and PVP for...

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