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Is Rust Going To Be On Ps5

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Aside from Among Us and Homophobia which both took over the internet in 2020, Rust is another popular game which is experiencing a huge resurgence thanks to its new Offline TV server. Lots of streamers have been playing the game, and this has resulted in some people asking if Rust is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X.

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We know from all the messages that you’re excited to play it, and we hope that with the dawn of 2021 we can restore your trust as we edge closer to being able to share something with you.” While you can’t play Rust on PS4 or Xbox One as of this moment, you can sign up for pre-order and beta notifications over on the game’s console website.

We'll forgive you if you'd forgotten all about Rust, the popular survival game that was announced for PlayStation 4 over a year ago. It's still a very popular title on PC thanks to its lawless nature; you're thrown into a sandbox environment and must do what you can to stay alive, and other players can help or hinder you.

Anyway, as we said, it was announced for PS4 last year (and now, via backwards compatibility, PS5), with a vague release window of “2020”. With only one month of 2020 left, fans looking forward to the console port are wondering what's going on.

Of course, there's always the chance publisher Double Eleven will suddenly drop the game onto PS4 with an “It's out NOW!” Having grown up alongside PlayStation, Stephen has developed a wide knowledge of video games, from AAA blockbusters to the smallest indie gems.

The survival game from Face punch Studios originally released in early access on Steam back in 2013, and it was expected to be arriving at PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2020. Crafting, vehicles, and other updates are constantly making the survival game even more interesting.

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Rust has continued to grow in popularity over the years, and it will open itself up to a new audience once the game releases on consoles. Fans were excited to see how features like Rust's PVP and raiding would translate on home consoles.

According to a statement from Double Eleven, both the publishing company and developer Face punch Studios have delayed Rust due to moving employees home. The announcement optimistically states that it expects to have something to share in 2021, implying the game will release then, but not outright saying it.

This means additional delays from the pandemic are possible, so a 2021 release for Rust on consoles may not happen. Either way, it means Rust probably won't appear on PS4 and PS5 until at least late 2021, so fans have may to wait a little longer to play one of the best survival games on consoles.

Thankfully, the game is still widely available on PC, and people can still play it via Steam while they wait. It appears Double Eleven and Face punch Studios are aiming for a 2021 release window, although an exact date wasn't shared by either company.

The survival recreation from Face punch Studios initially launched in early entry on Steam again in 2013, and it was anticipated to be arriving at PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2020. Rust has continued to develop in recognition through the years, and it’ll open itself as much as a brand-new viewers as soon as the sport releases on consoles.

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Proceed scrolling to maintain studyingClick on the button under to begin this text in fast view. The discharge window was a bit imprecise, but it surely was confirmed as taking place someday in 2020.

Followers had been excited to see how options like Rust ’s PVP and raiding would translate on residence consoles. Based on an announcement from Double Eleven, each the publishing firm and developer Face punch Studios have delayed Rust as a result of shifting workers' residence.

The announcement optimistically states that it expects to have one thing to share in 2021, implying the sport will launch then, however not outright saying it. Both method, it means Rust in all probability will not seem on PS4 and PS5 till at the least late 2021, so followers have might to attend slightly a bit longer to play considered one of the very best survival video games on consoles.

Fortunately, the sport remains to be broadly out there on PC, and folks can nonetheless play it by way of Steam whereas they wait. It seems Double Eleven and Face punch Studios are aiming for a 2021 launch window, though a precise date wasn’t shared by both firm.

Nonetheless, Rust remains to be positively coming to consoles in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later. Double11 ’s 2013 release Rust, has been a surprising fan favorite recently with a peak of 130 thousand concurrent payers on steam in the last 30 days.


Other popular titles such as Day and Ark are seeing a resurgence, but Rust is flooding our YouTube and Twitch feeds. Streamers penguinz0 and QC are undoubtedly contributing to its popularity and lockdowns have the gaming world craving for content.

Despite Rust ’s dated aesthetics and accepted bank, it refuses to drift off into that sweet night, that is inhabited by, oh, so many other forgotten games. Sprinkle in the thirst for revenge and self-worth being linked to showing off new bases, buildings, and weapons to your buddies, and you’ve got a volatile mix of emotions which promotes one serious case of Rust addiction.

The constant power struggle that occurs between the survivors and raiders keep the game alive and the conflict between creating something and the undeniable glee in destroying someone else’s hard work. Whether it’s building a home or a gigantic armored keep, the creative side of Rust allows players to design a new reality on top of a blank slate.

For those crazed scientist types and paranoids amongst the gaming community, draftable traps and explosives will keep those pesky marauders at bay, whilst dispatching them in a smorgasbord of violent ways. As well as aggression, Rust has equal measure architecture, with a massive selection of varied buildings, foundations, and structures which can be used like Lego bricks to create your all-time badass dwelling.

Groups of roaming bandits can strategize and put their mental effort into resource management, siege tactics, espionage and death, rather than farming, horses and building Viking walls. This small detail is the sole reason survival games but more specifically Rust has been able to last as long as they have.


Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game that requires you to look for or steal resources to live as long as possible in the wilderness. You must manage your resources while maintaining your hunger, thirst, and health, while also dealing with any other humans you encounter, which will probably end in a fight.

Console players who have an interest in Rust will be happy to know that the game is set to come to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020. Following the announcement, Face punch chief Garry Newman was interviewed on the PlayStation Blog about the development of the upcoming port.

The highly popular survival game is making its way to the PS4 after years of fans clamoring for it and much discussion over whether it would happen at all. “So the only thing we have to do to make Rust the best Console survival game is avoided tripping over ourselves in terms of controls and performance.

Supplies can be obtained or stolen to give you a fighting chance, and there’s also the perennial threat of bears, wolves, and there hostile wildlife to contend with, while combat features firearms and primitive melee weapons. Crafting is also a major component in Rust, and players can increase their chances of survival by constructing bases and joining clans.

Raiding is an integral part of the game too, coughing up valuable opportunities to loot essential supplies. Rust was released in Early Access back in 2013 and left the program in February last year.

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By GAMING bible With plenty of games slated to release alongside Sony's powerhouse console, there's enough here for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Whether you're a fan of Insomniac's Spider-Man or just want to experience the bizarre nature of Bugs, here's a look at all the confirmed launch titles for the PS5 that we know of so far. From the reveal trailer, we're expecting some incredible things from one of Sony's best developers.

In Death loop, players assume the role of an assassin who is trapped inside a time loop that causes them to revive each time they die, rinse and repeat. We've seen this kind of storytelling device in other mediums, but what makes Death loop one to look out for is the pedigree of the team behind it.

If that didn't sell you in the reveal trailer, then the visuals will, showcasing some astounding power behind the PS5 and its unique art direction. The game has been highly anticipated since it was previously leaked to include vikings, and the era is ripe for plenty of great exploration potential and unique world-building that we can't wait to see in action.

Falling in the camp that loved Odyssey, this is one that should be on your radar too if you're looking for familiar gameplay and mechanics. This Gearbox-published combat-driven title features stylish action, awesome-looking armor and gear, and gameplay that sets itself apart from most games in the genre.

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The PlayStation 5 is set to launch on November 19th, 2020 in South Africa, and with it comes an option... As this generation draws to a close, I’ve found myself scrambling to play several exclusives and “AAA...

In 1996, Cap com released a revolutionary survival horror game, titled Resident Evil (or Biohazard in... Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of many games that I’ve gone back to replay, and enjoyed far more without...

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