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Is Rust Bad To Ingest

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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For example cooking with a pair of tongs(only two weeks old)that shows rust on the outside?- Dylan dawn (age 29)San Diego, ca USA I use water from a metallic tank to cook, bath and do other household chores.

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It's true that sometimes too much iron in a person's diet can be harmful, but is there any reason to think that's happened to you? Here's a link describing what the Institute of Medicine thinks about iron in the diet:.

The idea that even if a utensil is clean, the rust can collect in the body, however, is almost never true. The amount of rust needed to be ingested would be extremely large, or you would have to have a particularly awful immune system.

There have been reports of people ingesting a large amount of rust from other means, but never from off of any type of utensil. Steel cleaning kits use special chemicals in which you soak the utensils and remove rust.

Another method of rust removal would be to go to any local sheet metal shop and ask them to use a fine steel wool scrubber. While tetanus is a potentially fatal infection of the nervous system, it's caused by bacteria (spores of the bacterium Clostridium retain, to be specific), not by rust itself.

So if for some strange reason your bakeware has been exposed to those particular elements (and if you're not up to date on your tetanus vaccinations) it's probably better to replace the rusty item outright. In fact, with a few simple tools and a little elbow grease, there are plenty of ways to thoroughly remove rust from cast iron.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Rust can happen when metals are in contact with water, air, oxygen, or acids.

The main catalyst of metal rust is water, because its molecule can penetrate pits in any exposed iron. When metals are exposed to the corrosion-causing agents for quite long time, some parts will turn into orange-colored powder, known as rust.

These bacteria live in an anaerobic environment, usually surrounding the place where rusty metals are located. It means, if you touch rusty irons with your bare hands, you cannot be infected by tetanus because of this.

If you ask why a wound caused by rusty metals carries tetanus, you need to know that it is not the rust which has something to do with the disease. The spores of Clostridium retain live in humid, dirty places, such as soil and compost.

These bacteria soon get into your body, spread through your blood stream, ends in your nerve system. Here, during the incubating period, the bacteria release toxin that induce nervous system disturbance.

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Clostridium tetani­-induced nervous system disturbances will cause locked jaw, neck stiffness, body irritability, high fever, and swallowing difficulty. Prolonged pain killers use to fight these effects can cause kidney failure and heart attack, which further lead to death.

If you happen to cook with a rusty iron pan, you might wonder whether you will get cancer or food poisoning, because rust seems to be a kind of issue. In fact, cooking with a rusty pan does not necessarily put you in a risk of become poisoned.

Thus, the iron you might be eaten because of the cooking process done with a rusty pan will be excreted by your body. Sparkling, clean, clear and refreshing water is a desired commodity.

Small amounts of rust won't warm the body because oxidized iron is a nutrient. Iron can be healthy for the body because it helps transport oxygen to the blood.

The Department of Natural Resources mainly considers rust in water an “aesthetic contaminant” because it is more likely to harm clothing in the laundry by staining it, than a person drinking it 3. Rust and mineral deposits begin to build, oxidize and can flake off.

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If mold in pipes or sinks gets into drinking water, it will make the person sick. There is nothing worse than seeing rust on our cars because that's a signal that we are not paying attention to the important details.

To find a brown spot on the fender, a bubble in the paint on the bottom of a door, floors soaked suddenly after hitting a puddle, these are situations that scare us because they imply that something is not right and that we should invest money to solve it before it's too late. This process is commonly evident on door hinges, bike chains, and padlocks especially when exposed to outdoor weather conditions”, meanwhile, How Stuff Works explains that “Because rust only needs an anode, cathode, and electrolyte to form, cars are susceptible to it.

There are two types of people with regard to this problem, those who believe that it is not necessary to apply a rust proofing to our vehicles and those who believe that it should be done too often. The important thing is to get a company and qualified personnel to perform this type of procedure on our vehicle.

Luckily, rust proofing is a procedure that can be applied to any type of vehicle, and even though most cars built these days aren’t going to completely rust out like you’d see decades ago, in any case, is always important to give the necessary care to our car at home with the right products. At the moment when we begin to notice signs of corrosion, we can apply this type of procedure.

But this is a common myth in the streets, the reality is that although the car has signs of oxidation, it can be fixed. We must also remember that there are different types of rust proofing, so depending on how severe our case is a specialist can tell us what the best option is.


Small details matter and the first sign that surface rust can occur is when the paint is broken down by mechanical damage or otherwise. Start by using an abrasive wheel or sandpaper to cut through the paint and corrosion until clean, bright metal is visible.

If your vehicle has already developed rust in various parts of the body, do not panic, you still have several solutions available to solve the problem. Also, when we apply this type of techniques in our car, even when there are already rust features in the body, we help to protect the parts that are in better condition.

And although winter can become one of the most complicated seasons for rust proofing our vehicle, there is no evidence that will affect the results regarding the quality of the process. Mighty Auto explains that “the real culprit when trying to rustproof is salt, dirt, and buildup.

A common myth is that oxidation always occurs on the surface of the body where we can notice it instantly. The truth is that rust travels through the body of the car, and if we are negligent, and we do not pay attention to the signs of early rust (in addition to taking care of our vehicle with the right products) we'll face severe problems that will not only affect the look of our car, but also, will cost us a lot of money.

What happens is that most of the cars we see today on the market have plastic covers around the body of the chassis to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel economy. However, that does not prevent large amounts of moist dirt from accumulating between the vehicle's undercarriage and the plastic covers, which helps encourage the creation of corrosion over the years.


Besides, it is essential to remember that in the early stages of oxidation it takes less time and money to fix the affected area, and in this way, we will prevent it from expanding throughout the vehicle. Technically, yes we can, there are products on the market, such as rustproofing kits, specially designed to apply on our vehicles and prevent rust from the comfort of our home.

However, it is always advisable to visit a specialized center in our town that can offer a quality result with professionals trained in this type of problem. The products mentioned above are ideal as a precautionary measure but when oxidation is already seen, it is best to go to a specialized center.

This idea may have never crossed your mind, but depending on where we live our car may be more likely to develop oxidation. Some people argue that this type of procedure is a complete waste of money, but the reality is that when we talk about rust proofing there are no simple answers, it is not black or white and by this, I mean that each case is different.

Moreover, Reader's Digest explains that we need to take into account the length of time we will own our vehicle. “Those, with a short-term lease, won’t see much benefit in rust proofing save for a slightly higher residual value.

It is better to invest at an early stage in products that help us take care of our vehicle than wait for the rust to appear and try to solve it. If we invest time in taking care of our vehicle, we do not expose it to changes of severe climates without the necessary protection, wash it when it is due and with the necessary products, we will be able to expand its useful life and save a few thousand dollars.

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Some people have the mistaken perception that washing a car regularly is not a good idea because it can cause damage to the paint and corrosion problems, but in reality, it's the opposite. By washing our car we eliminate all those impurities that stick to the body and can cause corrosion over time.

Mike Quincy, an Automotive Analyst at Consumer Reports, explains, “wash a car regularly, especially in the winter after you’ve been driving on salted roads” is a good way to keep our car as rust free as possible. This means that dirty or salty water trapped somewhere in our car's body makes that spot rust faster.

Control Direct suggests that “your vehicle should be inspected every year to check for corrosion damage and repair any small areas that have become exposed due to the under body coating layer becoming damaged from road debris.” It is true that the external pollutants that face our vehicles daily help to wear them faster.

Of course, avoid exposing to the sun for long hours and routes with salt to make the vehicle's life longer, but don't expect even that will prevent it from developing rust at some point. They aren't just to transport us from one point to another, so we must take care of every detail from mechanical performance to aesthetic.

Rust is like cancer for vehicles and if we do not take care of the small details it will not only cost us more than buying a new vehicle, but at the moment we decide we want to sell it, the value will decline, and this is because nobody will invest in a car that has corrosion problems because the investment of money to fix those problems will be more expensive than what they paid initially for the car, and that's why sometimes prevention is better than a cure.


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