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Is Kimberly Guilfoyle Recovered From Covid 19

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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The same day, a local newspaper reported that various Republican officials were self-isolating after crossing paths with her before she knew she was infected. Two other Republican politicians, Troy Downing and Matt Glendale, were also avoiding public and got tested after being exposed at that event, according to the Daily Chronicle.

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I feel good thanks be to God,"”she tweeted on Saturday, "“nd look forward to a speedy rrecovery, soI can resume working to re-elect @realDonaldTrump."” Citing a source, The New York Times reported that Guilfoyle tested positive on Friday ahead the president's speech that night at Mount Rushmore for a Fourth of July celebration.

Don Jr. tested negative, said For, chief of staff to the campaign's joint finance committee with the Republican Party. A day after it was confirmed she had contracted the novel coronavirus, KimberlyGuilfoyle tweeted her hopes for a “speedy recovery” and thanked well-wishers.

Citing a source, The New York Times reported that Guilfoyle tested positive on Friday ahead the president's speech that night at Mount Rushmore for a Fourth of July celebration. In a statement, campaign aide Sergio For said: “After testing positive, Kimberly was immediately isolated to limit any exposure.

RELATED: Donald Trump's Niece Set to Publish 'Harrowing and Salacious' Tell-All After Leaking Family Taxes Don Jr. tested negative, said For, chief of staff to the campaign's joint finance committee with the Republican Party.

Under her leadership, the team has seen three staffers leave and transfer to different positions, citing the culture of the initiative untenable, according to reporting from Politico. After upheaval stemming from workers leaving, more aides explained they felt deserted and scared after Guilfoyle ’s positive test.

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“Great team effort by all involved with a special thank you to the 300k American supporters and donors who contributed and participated,” she continued, adding that the campaign event raised $20 million. PEOPLE confirmed on July 3 that Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host, tested positive for the contagious respiratory virus.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the United States has seen over 3.9 million cases attributed to coronavirus, according to the New York Times. As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE am committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage.

With scientists warning of the long-term effects from the coronavirus, the fact that so many prominent Republicans have been diagnosed with the virus should be of concern for the party. In recent months, President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans have repeatedly insisted the liberal media is fearmongering over the virus and that it isn’t as serious as they make it out to be.

In March, as nations around the world began taking drastic action to counteract the spreading pandemic and the US barred European travelers from entering the country, Trump had his first coronavirus scare. Following a mid-June Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it was reported that dozens of US Secret Service members were self-isolating after two had tested positive.

It wasn’t the only time members of the Secret Service, which is charged with ensuring the president’s safety, have tested positive. In the week after the November presidential election, The Washington Post reported that more than 130 officers were ordered to self-isolate because they had either tested positive for the coronavirus or were in contact with colleagues who had.

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Guilfoyle had been campaigning for Trump and was supposed to be at his Independence Day rally which took place at Mount Rushmore. A couple of hours after Hicks’ diagnosis was reported, Trump announced, again via Twitter, that he and his wife, Melania, had tested positive.

Less than four days after entering the hospital, Trump returned to the White House, apparently fully recovered. Melania’s condition was not widely covered by the press, but she was reportedly still recovering from the infection on October 20 and canceled a campaign appearance as a result.

White House adviser Stephen Miller, who is considered the architect of Trump’s immigration policy, announced he had tested positive on October 6. His wife, Katie Miller, who is the communications' director for Vice President Pence, tested positive back in May.

With election results still being tabulated, it was reported on November 6 that White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows had tested positive, though the actual day of diagnosis was unknown. On November 7, Politico reported that Republican House Representative Matt Gaeta had “told multiple people on Capitol Hill and in the White House that he too had contracted the virus.” Gaeta responded to the report on Twitter by stating the story was false, saying “I have the antibodies, not the virus.” To get the antibodies without a vaccine, a person must have at some point had the virus.

Lewandowski had been on the ground in Philadelphia where Trump’s legal team was attempting to have the election results overturned. Trump’s personal lawyer and one of the key figures in the president’s attempts to overturn the election, Rudy Giuliani, was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital after testing positive.

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Initially, Trump announced the diagnosis, but Giuliani confirmed it in a tweet, stating, “I’m getting great care and feeling good. In a statement from Sergio For, the Trump Victory Finance Committee chief of staff, Kimberly was immediately isolated to limit any exposure” upon receiving the test result.

The result came while Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. were in South Dakota for the president’s speech at Mount Rushmore on Friday. Guilfoyle ’s diagnosis marks the latest in a line of coronavirus cases among individuals close to the Trump campaign or White House.

At least eight members of the campaign’s advance team working on last month’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, tested positive. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have continued to report negative test results.

However, Guilfoyle ’s time to visit Palm Beach brought her close to the two-week window used in the contact tracking protocol. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) A person familiar with the situation told The Times that Guilfoyle had no symptoms.

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