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Is Donald Trump Still In The White House

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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Indeed, once the president leaves office on January 20, he will be vulnerable to a dozen legal investigations and civil suits involving his business practices, as well as his taxes. Not only does Trump face a number of legal battles, he also owes millions of dollars in income taxes, real estate debts, and other loans, The New Yorker reports.



Then, too, former Trump campaign managers Steve Bannon and Corey Lewandowski were, respectively, indicted with defrauding donors of a “We Build the Wall” fundraiser, and charged with misdemeanor battery. According to The New York Times, Ford wrote in his pardon that “the tranquility to which this nation has been restored by the events of recent weeks could be irreparably lost” if Nixon had faced criminal charges.

There’s a chance he could face legal action for his federal, criminal, and civil crimes once he leaves office and is no longer afforded the protections of immunity from prosecution that are granted to the president. When Mueller offered his ruling in the Russia investigation, former federal prosecutors stated that Trump ’s conduct would “result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.” Meanwhile, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stated in 2019 that, if elected president, it was her belief that the Justice Department “would have no choice and that they should” pursue charges of obstruction against Trump.

George HW Bush was ousted after a single term after struggling with an economic recession and decreased focus on foreign policy. He was preceded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, arguably one of the most influential US presidents, whose ‘New Deal’ stimulus plan brought America’s economy out of the gutter.

In comparison, Trump was weak on stimulus packages throughout most of the pandemic, leading Americans to struggle on their own as millions continue to be unemployed throughout the country. Theodore Roosevelt, who had already served as president and was beloved by the American people, ran against Taft as a third-party candidate to siphon votes away so that Woodrow Wilson could come away with the victory.

The only 20th century Democrat to serve one term was Jimmy Carter, from 1977 to 1981, whose anti-war policy led to American servicemen dying in a botched attempted to save hostages in Iran. Ronald Reagan defeated Carter in a landslide victory, which brought in a new era of Republican politics that included a massive ‘war on drugs’ policy, resulting in mass incarcerations of people of color.

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One-term presidents still receive a generous retirement package, which includes a yearly pension, a staffed office and several other benefits. Even as workers dismantle and truck away the temporary metal mesh fencing that surrounded the Whitehorse on Election Day, the President remains fortified inside the building as he continues to deny losing to President-elect Joe Biden.

Some days there is talk of a public appearance, but few have materialized since Biden was projected the election's winner, securing the same number of electoral votes -- 306 -- that Trump had previously deemed a landslide win when he took office in 2016. The last foreign leader the Whitehorse said Trump spoke with was French President Emmanuel Macron, who he dialed on October 30 after a terrorist attack in Nice.

Trump spent the ensuing weekend making false claims that he “won the election,” including in all capital letters, that social media outlets labeled disinformation. In the immediate aftermath of the election, some of Trump's advisers pushed for more official events that would demonstrate the President going about the job he is now desperately trying to retain.

Trump has made policy and personnel moves from behind closed doors, including firing the defense secretary and preparing the Afghanistan and Iraq drawdown orders. Behind the scenes, Trump has been eager to accomplish things that fell by the wayside during his first years in office and people close to him have said to expect that the next two months won't pass quietly.

Yet Trump has demonstrated little interest in adding more to his schedule, people familiar with the matter said, and few aides have raised the idea with him because of his dark mood and preoccupation with his loss. Even as Biden carries out daily public appearances focused on governing, Trump hasn't felt obliged to keep pace -- though he has watched the former vice president's activities from the Whitehorse.

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He had been working while in isolation and spent ample time on conference calls with colleagues and Trump, people familiar with what happened told CNN. Despite an edict from Trump's personnel chief that anyone caught looking for work would be immediately fired, many resumes from the Whitehorse have arrived at Capitol Hill in the past week as staffers look to secure jobs.

First lady Melania Trump is focused for now on unveiling her holiday decorations, and lists are being drawn up for the dozens of Christmas parties the WhiteHousestill plans to host. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested the time for Trump's legal challenges was running short and that state vote certifications would present decisive proof the election was over.

Fleeting glimpses from cameras positioned across the Potomac River from his golf club on Saturday and Sunday showed him speeding across the course from behind the wheel of his cart, a caddie hanging off the back. He opted instead to roll through the adoring throngs in his motorcade, waving energetically out the window as Secret Service agents jogged alongside his vehicle.

He has answered no questions from reporters, invited no cameras into the Oval Office and ventured no further than his namesake golf course, 25 miles from the Whitehorse in Virginia. Troop drawdown plans he long sought for Afghanistan and Iraq were announced Tuesday by a new Pentagon chief whose own hiring Trump unveiled a week ago by tweet -- neither occasion warranting the President's emergence from self-sequester inside the Whitehorse.

But it’s hardly as far-fetched as it might seem, as Trump refuses to concede and continues to insist he won last month’s election in a “landslide.” In fact, he has actually raised the idea with aides recently, as CNN reported. “We’d have to escort him out.” But the Secret Service and the military may be reluctant to take part in what would be such a dramatic scene, and could take more subtle action, like pressing his inner circle or Republican officials and family members to make him leave.

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“It’s not our role.” It could also simply do the equivalent of changing the locks: “When the staff leaves on January 19, don’t let them back into the complex the next day,” an ex-agent said. Already angry at allies who have acknowledged his loss and turning for comfort to crackpots like Sidney Powell, Trump is likely to take ever more desperate and reckless action to impose his own version of reality.

But by Wednesday, the Whitehorse Management Office had backtracked: “Please disregard the below message,” read an email to staffers by the Washington Post. So with less than a month until Biden moves in, Trump is still insisting he may not have to leave, and his administration is still not prepared to start packing.

But in doing so, they run the risk of arriving at the Whitehorse in a few weeks to find the doors locked and their stuff in a heap on the South Lawn. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi directly accused President Donald Trump of inciting “armed insurrection” against the United States.

“This president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation,” Speaker Pelosi told a news conference at the US Capitol on Thursday. “If the vice president and Cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment,” said Pelosi, who said she had not slept since a pro- Trump mob invaded the Capitol on Wednesday.

Pelosi is the top Democrat in the House of Representatives which impeached Trump in 2019 on charges of abuse of power for tying US military aid to Ukraine in exchange for fabricating political dirt on Joe Biden. While members of Congress were meeting in special session to ratify Joe Biden’s election as US president, hundreds of Trump supporters pushed their way past police barricades and broke into the Capitol.

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Trump had urged them to give a group of Republicans planning to formally object to Biden’s election “the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country”. Arriving at the Capitol in large numbers, Trump ’s supporters smashed windows and doors, assaulted police officers, invaded the Senate and surrounded the House chamber where members of Congress barricaded themselves.

Instead, Graham said Whitehorse chief of staff Mark Meadows and others close to the president had assured him Trump would facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to Biden. But Graham also took the opportunity in front of television cameras in the Senate media gallery to send a message directly to Trump.

“It got out of hand, and a good friend of mine, Rudy Giuliani did not help,” he said, blaming the former New York City mayor who leads the president’s legal team for giving Trump bad advice. “The next two weeks can begin to right the ship depending on how the president behaves,” Graham said, urging Trump to focus now on his accomplishments in office.

Trump also fired Christopher Krebs, the director of the federal agency that vouched for the reliability of the 2020 election and had pushed back on the president’s baseless claims of voter fraud. There is a long-shot legal theory, floated by Republicans before the election, that Republican-friendly legislatures in places such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could ignore the popular vote in their states and appoint their own electors.

Federal law allows legislatures to do this if states have failed to make a choice by the day the electoral college meets. “If the country continues to follow the rule of law, I see no plausible constitutional path forward for Trump to remain as president barring new evidence of some massive failure of the election system in multiple states,” Richard Haven, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, who specializes in elections, wrote in an email.

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“It would be a naked, antidemocratic power grab to try to use state legislatures to get around the voters’ choice and I don’t expect it to happen.” For Trump to win the electoral college, several states would have to take this extraordinary step, a move that would cause extreme backlash and a real crisis of democracy throughout the country.

A live broadcast of Donald Trump speaking from the Whitehorse is shown on screens at an election night party in Las Vegas on 3 November. But in a major blow to the president’s legal efforts, the state’s supreme court ruled that Philadelphia election officials did not improperly block Trump ’s campaign from observing the counting of mail-in ballots.

The purpose of these suits appears not to be to actually overturn the election results, but to try to create uncertainty and draw out the counting process. By dragging out the process, the Trump campaign may be seeking to blow past that deadline and create more wiggle room to second-guess the results.

“States are going to start certifying their vote totals beginning in less than 10 days, and there is no basis in the claims made thus far for the courts to stop that process,” he said. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada all have Democratic governors who would refuse to approve a set of Trump electors with the popular vote clearly showing Biden winning their state.

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