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Is Bitlife Ok For 14 Year Olds

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Although it does mention drugs a little, and sexual themes, but none of this are actually ally shown in picture. I thought and my son did to that this was a really fun game for most kids who are mature.

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Report this review 0 Written by Anonymous February 20, 2021 Be careful about this, but don’t say “no” Billie is a text based life simulator that uses realism to live another life. You can set parental controls on the game and it is simple to turn off violence.

I would say that this game is for kids ten to eleven years and up depending on how mature your child is. There are choices a character to make including one-night stands(for adult players, you give it an age and it sets what to show) and there are choices to drink and smoke.

This game is fun and addictive but there are time limits that can be set. Overall, this game is great, but other reviewers say that there are too many bad decisions that can be made.

However, depending on your age (16 and up People are given the option of premarital sex and one-night stands. The main issue with the game would be some sexual situations, but they CAN be avoided.

Report this review 8796905 Written by Diana72719 February 16, 2021 I recommend 13 and 16 yields play this If you have a 13 or 16-year-old this is perfect although it mentions sex and crimes but all you have to do is teach your teen not to do crimes and talk politely about sex to them, so they can make the right choice :) Report this review 8446481 Written by Next_Tremity July 6, 2021 Adult is Recommended All kids and teens wouldn’t play Billie.

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This game contains inappropriate for all kids and teens due to its life simulator. Report this review 8683328 Written by Snarkier June 15, 2019, Too inappropriate for many reasons for younger than older teens.

I'm a super liberal person, an activist for LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups and have no problem with any of the social aspects of this game but as far as theft, murder, drug use, etc, I am not good with my 10-year-old playing it. Report this review 8893613 Written by laser.Chloe September 5, 2021 Stop overreacting I let my child start playing this at the age of 10, sure it has sex references, language and stuff but if you know that they’re responsible and won’t say the swear words and say no to the sex things, they’ll probably be ok.

I can see how a teen would find this stuff scandalous or play this for shock value, but it's way over my son's age level. I'm not even clear on how this game is played, it is text based and reads like Irving Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk had a love child and their love child wrote a life story about someone.

Unless there's nothing to prevent kids his age, but it's also targeted to him which is weird because he heard of it was in another game's ads. Report this review 8860079 Written by Libliz813 June 13, 2021 Not appropriate for kids Many of these reviews mention the sexual situations your character can be in, but they don't mention that you can add your own things to it like lingerie photo shoots and sexting.

You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

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There are no images besides the icons for choosing the activities you want to participate in. There is an option to drop out of school at the ripe old age of 5 (though my parents wouldn’t let me).

You can choose to make regular doctor visits, go to the movies, go to the library, meditate, and go on vacation (if you have the money). Once you turn 13 years old, you can pick your sexual orientation (straight, bisexual, or gay) and find a significant other.

Sometimes your partner will get mad at you and then you have to choose whether to fight or apologize. For example, you can commit a crime like Grand Theft Auto (I was able to successfully steal a VW Beetle), pick pocket (I got $3 for pick pocketing a hippie), or murder.

You can also choose to have plastic surgery if you have the money (the options are specific to male and female…the screenshot below is for female but males can choose to get penis enlargement surgery). For example, we were asked to deliver a Duffel bag of unknown substance to Canada for $6,000.

However, it does collect device type, date, time, and behavior within the app. Let’s just say that I was glad my older kids were in school and my youngest was napping.

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Learn how to turn off the app store Apple and Google Games like Billie actually lets you lead a dangerous life without bearing real-world consequences.

Whether you want to lead a great Billie or not, this handy guide can make the journey easier to achieve. Choosing and doing varied activities is a major thing when you play Billie.

This includes visits to the doctor, playing and bonding with pets, and reading or learning new skills! He or she can start doing petty crimes such as pick pocketing, pirating, and shoplifting.

By the time your character hits the puberty stage, more activities and choices will be available. You can choose your sexual preference and come out to your loved ones as early as 12 years old.

For instance, you might also get a cheating spouse, especially when his or her crazy level is high. The activities you choose and the kind of relationships you cultivate will later determine your Billie ribbon.

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Billie has a realistic education aspect wherein your character can certainly go places. At the onset, you will attend Elementary and High School institutions.

In terms of career, there are tons of options as long as you finish High School. Those who do not have any educational background can still work as entertainers, actors, and housekeepers.

If your character has finished High School, he or she can work in service jobs and customer assistance. They can work in restaurants, airlines, hotels, or even serve in the police or fire department.

While the old standbys like Snapchat and Instagram are still going strong, there's no shortage of social media apps that are popular but not necessarily household names. Of course, it's nearly impossible to keep up with every hot new app, which makes knowing the risky features -- like interaction with strangers, anonymity, privacy concerns, and iffy content -- a solid first step.

And since all of these are free, be aware that the developers make money on them through in-app purchases, ads, selling user data, or all of the above ! You can also receive and send “Beans” -- Big's term for virtual gifts -- that cost real money.

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What parents need to know Big has a lot of mature content, including sexy talk and clothing, and users' comments are often predatory and explicit. Also, its focus on status and spending money, as opposed to creativity and talent, makes it feel shallow.

What parents need to know While kids can't engage in actual risky behavior, Billie exposes them to mature ideas. As your character gets older, you can choose to “hook up” with the pretend profiles, drink, do drugs, gamble, and commit crimes.

Because you can start over when your character dies, there's the promise of endless free play, which could be a concern if your teen is really into the game. Once you sign up using a phone number or your Facebook account, you can get matched instantly with a stranger -- and both you and they appear on camera.

Also, while Holly supposedly bans iffy content -- like nudity and violence -- user reviews indicate that masturbation, fake identities, and negative comments are common. What parents need to know Virtual sex and user privacy are the main issues for teens in IMU.

The avatars sport highly stereotypical body types with big muscles or breasts, and many of the outfits are skimpy. It also appears that users generate a following on other platforms by sharing their IMU usernames, which invites more contact with people they don't know.

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So while it can be creative and fun, it's best used with strict privacy settings by teens who are savvy about keeping themselves safe online. Teens and teens love anonymous feedback apps because they're concerned about what others think about them and want the freedom to be “honest” online.

Because it's more focused and filtered than an open internet search, the results are more targeted and helpful (in other words, it gives you the answers). What parents need to know The biggest concern is cheating: If your kid decides to use this app as an easy way out of homework, they'll lose a lot of learning.

Used with good judgment (and monitoring by a parent), a teen could legitimately use Socratic to dig into tough concepts, but it's pretty easy to use for cheating. There's also quite a consumer push that encourages kids to spend real money to get the rest of a story faster.

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