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Is Bitlife God Mode Worth It

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
• 13 min read

It is a feature in Billie that let you edit anyone's name, looks, and stats in the game and be able to change this as many times as you want, excluding skin color. However, you cannot change your birthday, conception method, sibling(s), or pet color.

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However, Religiousness (will they complain if you start working in, say, the adult film industry or insist on an arranged marriage in countries that have them? Additionally, each parent has some hidden stats that you can edit, including Craziness, Happiness, Health, Looks, Sexuality, Smarts, and Willpower.

For those who may not be familiar with the stat, Petulance would determine how likely a sibling is to, say, pick a fight with you or react negatively during a conversation/toward a compliment. Finally, all visible stats (Health, Smarts, Looks) except Relationship can be edited for children and grandchildren, with Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, and Willpower available as hidden attributes that can also be tweaked.

(You’ll obviously want to lower Craziness if you’re trying to reduce the chances of getting picked on, or keep it higher if you want to, say, introduce Jimbo, Golf, and Kearney from The Simpsons to the world of Billie.) We’d say that lowering Strictness for your principal or dean could reduce the chances of getting suspended or expelled, while decreasing Professionalism makes it easier for you to seduce faculty members.

High Craziness could also play a part in increasing the odds of a student-teacher hookup, though this (and low Professionalism) could also turn your teacher/professor into a bully who insults you in class! This helps determine how likely a boss would be to call you into their office if you, for instance, were caught spreading a rumor about or playing a nasty prank on one of your coworkers.

Important note: at the time of writing, choosing any of the vacation options (even on your own private plane) will take you to a pop-up window explaining that you won’t be able to travel for the meantime due to the coronavirus outbreak. Regarding the miscellaneous features that have been introduced via the Goode update, the game has promised the addition of new challenges that will launch in the coming days, thus keeping players busy as they stay at home and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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In the event that you aren’t living under the rocks, at that point, you may be understanding or two about this amazing text-based simulation game. For instance, turning into a farmer, chef, Prime Minister, social media star, dentist, etc.

Before we hop directly into this and investigate this component, do remember that it is a paid element and will cost you around $3. Presently returning to this component, when you make another character in the game, there will be the standard snippets of data like the name, sexual orientation, nation, and origination.

Customize your Character utilizing Billie ’s Goode Under the Appearance tab, you could change and customize your character’s facial details including their eye shading, haircut, facial hair, and temple shape. For the qualities' area, leading there are the standard highlights like Happiness, Health, Smart, and Looks.

Utilizing it, you could now additionally change some covered up details, including Athleticism, Discipline, Fertility, Karma, Sexuality, and Willpower. You can’t modify any details during the underlying and last 50% of your life, including Baby, small kid, adolescent, moderately aged, and senior citizen.

Be that as it may, we surmise you get rid of this admonition, as looks matter than most when you are at an incredible prime, and the game permits full customizations during this brilliant age of your character. On the off chance that you head over to your parent’s profile, you could see their age, conjugal status, relationship, and occupation.

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Besides, details on their relationship, liberality, cash, and strictness are likewise noticeable. Your folks, yet you could likewise tweak different details of your kin, youngsters, and grandkids too.

Goode in Professional Setup Along a similar line, altering details of your colleague and associates is likewise conceivable. These incorporate Looks, Grades, Health, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower.

For instance, you could lessen the severity of your head or decline the professional skill of your boss in the workplace. As for your chief, you could alter his Professionalism, Coolness, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness.

As you would have seen, there is truly an endless number of changes conceivable, from your folks and grandparents as far as possible up to the expert level, including your chief. Candy writer, LLC developed the game, where a player simulates the life of a stranger right from birth to death.

The app is specially designed for adults as it consists of references for drug use and sexual content. With our cracked version of Bit life Mod APK, you can enjoy living your life to the fullest with all possibilities.


Let us discuss what our Bit life Life Simulator APK offers you so that you can know what advantages you get using our mod version. As an infant, you barely can interact with the world, but you can do a lot of stuff once you are a teenager.

You can choose to be a good boy, study hard, follow your dreams and hobbies, fall in love, date girls, get married, have kids, and ultimately becoming a noble citizen of the country. Work: This might be boring, but eventually at some time there comes the only point, so you must make this a part of your life.

But our Life Life Simulator MOD APK Provides free VIP membership for players from India, Germany, Brazil, Philippines, USA, UK, and other countries as well. The basic trick to succeeding in Billie APK is to follow good habits.

If you follow basic good habits and the right choices then you will certainly succeed in Billie APK v virtual life. Studying hard is always fruitful, either in this virtual game or in real life.

If you have a good education then you can have high-paying jobs and simulate your virtual life easily. There would be disagreements and instead of delay wisely if you disagree or assault then you may end up dying and you have to start the game again.

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A player can do bad stuff like smuggling, drugs, cheating on wife, murdering, and then starting prison riots. Many players admit that the Billie APK is notoriously addictive and will hook anyone for hours or sometimes even days.

The Billie APK Mod would be effective if you want to unlock the premium but don’t want to pay for it. You can download the Billie APK Mod here and make your virtual life easier after unlocking premium content.

Also, Check and Join our Telegram Channel to download apps listed above directly and other Mod & Hack without any Hassle. LAST UPDATED: 09/13/2021 ~ Lion Tamer achievement has link to a new post I created with notes and how-to guide.

Optional: in god mode, you can select the royalty status of a new life. Select prince/princess, and kill your parents later in life or wait until they die until you inherit the throne.

Depending on the country, people may revolt against you which can lead to exile. Napoleon: get exiled by repeatedly executing people or selecting public disservice.

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Live for 100 years by keeping your health up by following the steps under the Longevity section. Keep your health up by going to the gym, meditating, taking walks, and going to the doctor when you're sick.

I also recommend living in countries that don't have estate tax such as Germany, Sweden, Monaco, & Norway. While there are other high paying jobs such as porn star, model, and music composer, I do not recommend these because you won't be able to make much extra money on the side.

For porn star and model, you can do photo shoots, but they don't pay nearly as much as commercials do. For flipping houses, buy equestrian properties & keep renovating them when necessary.

Major in computer science and get a job as an app tester with Billie. Use god mode to edit your boss to have 0% professionalism, 0% strictness, 0% willpower, and 100% coolness.

If done successfully, lower your performance percentage bar by insulting and pulling pranks on coworkers. People person: if you have trouble befriending your coworkers, use god mode to set their craziness to 0%, coolness to 100%, willpower to 0%, and low professionalism.

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Armed & Dangerous: Tiger Claw Strike (Lungful) seems to be the most deadly. Witchcraft: avoid taking raw egg, venom, & green bubbling liquid as these are the deadliest things you can consume.

Go clubbing (with high looks & low smarts) to get more access to substances. Accept substances that are offered to you & hook up with random people.

Try to get as many STDs as you can including but not limited to: chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and genital herpes. Go to the gym every year to get other illnesses such as: ringworm, staph infection, athletes foot, etc.

Bilbo: watch YouTube with friends until Bijou Mike pops up. The Brightest Star: get max fame by having high looks, posting on social media, & doing commercials or photo shoots.

Centerfold: do photo shoots every year until you do one for Wank magazine. Work hard every year & get promoted to lead singer.

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Get pregnant as soon as you turn 18 by artificial insemination or unprotected sex. Smart seed: Be a female, graduate high school, and have a decent amount of money ($45k).

Fake it: use god mode to lower your fiancé's smarts to 0%, then propose. Bejeweled: marry someone rich or use god mode to adjust your SO's money bar.

Use god mode to set your SO's health to 100%, so they won't die quickly. Family planner: set your SO's smarts & willpower to 0% & convince them to go off birth control.

Wedding planner: be born in an African country such as DR Congo. General: enlist as an air force, army, or marines officer.

Admiral: enlist as a navy or coast guard officer. Keep your health bar green by bribing the guards, going to the infirmary, working out, & meditating.

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Mercy Me: follow the steps in the wealth achievement section. Be on good behavior by meditating every year, ignoring prisoners, & being respectful to the warden.

Note: while in prison, DO NOT join gangs, incite riots, or bribe guards. Theseus: the easiest way to escape is by following the instructions to the aftermath achievement.

Naughty child: easiest way to get expelled is to enroll in college & get bad grades by not studying & skipping class. Brothers Forever: join a frat in college by having high looks.

Use god mode to change the teacher's professionalism & willpower to 0%. Obtain your pilot & boating license to complete these achievements.

Emigrate to Canada/Visit Winnipeg: check the emigrate/vacation list every year until they show up. All Along: change a parent's sexuality to gay using god mode & hope they come out.

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Dignified Donor: find a $1m heirloom (random) & donate it. Keep your health up by going to the gym, meditating, & walking every year.

Flee the country: escape from a minimum or medium security prison using this & emigrate. Frankenstein: go to a low-rated plastic surgeon and get a botched penis enlargement surgery or breast augmentation.

Low-roller: lose money at the casino until you have a negative bank balance. You may serve time in prison or successfully evade the guards.

Nightmare: be wealthy by following the steps in the wealth section. Eventually a bad situation will come up and you need to pick an option.

You can do this by going on unhealthy diets such as Hot Cheetos or High Calorie. Resourceful: marry a rich person that's 80+ & wait until they die OR have a low net worth & divorce them.

Rich justice: be wealthy by following the steps above in the wealth section. Sue a plastic surgeon who botched your surgery or an ex-spouse (both tend to have a decent amount of money).

Sue for $1 mil and pick the most expensive law firm to represent you. Roswell: Be wealthy by following the steps in the wealth section.

For burglary achievements: have high smarts to increase your chances of stealing successfully. Adopt don't shop: follow the steps in the wealth achievements section & buy a large property (equestrian/ranch/farm).

Just keep swimming: get a goldfish from the pet store & release it. No Prob llama: buy a llama by having an equestrian property & going to the exotic pet dealer.

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