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Is Bitlife God Mode On Android

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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The game allows players to live a digital life without any struggles & difficulties, depicted with cartoons & humorous scenarios. Social Media update also gives players an opportunity to select “influencer” as their career.

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Cut to now, android users have also received a new update called Goode. Well, Billie Official Twitter has confirmed that the update is out now after the fixation of crashes.

If you play at night & phone glare bugs you, there is good news for you as Dark Mode has been added to the game for Android users. PiunikaWeb started as purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on ‘breaking’ or ‘exclusive’ news.

In no time, our stories got picked up by the likes of Forbes, Fox news, Gizmo do, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, MacRumors, and many others. With Billie Mod APK, you can have a view of literally how your life would have happened if you’d chosen it differently.

Name BitlifeGodMode APK Compatible with Android 5.0+ The Latest version 1.34.2 Developer Candy writer, LLC Get it on Google Play Click Here Price Free Size 102 MB MOD Yes Category simulation Developed by Candy writer, LLC, life simulator is one of the most aspiring and popular that we ever experienced.

Read Suggested: Download Oreo TV APK Watch Indian Super League (ISL) Live You can decide to study well, makeup hobbies, date girls, get engaged, have kids, or just go full of rebel through the whole thing.

bitlife simulator

For instance, having a high-paying job is surely something that will gain you additional bonuses in the game and make the gameplay a bit simpler. You could also choose to marry some mature fart and wait for them to come back for you so that you could continue with the inheritance.

With Billie, you can have a view of literally how your life would have happened if you’d chosen it differently. If you just want an easy life, then download the Billie Mod APK (Unlock Premium0.

Open your device’s main menu where you can find the freshly installed App. Also, Check our Telegram Channel to download apps listed above directly and other Mods and Hacks without any Hassle.

It is a feature in Billie that let you edit anyone's name, looks, and stats in the game and be able to change this as many times as you want, excluding skin color. However, you cannot change your birthday, conception method, sibling(s), or pet color.

After you edit a character, on the journal it's written stuff such as “I'm not sure what has gotten into my (name) lately”, “My (name) seems like a whole different person” etc. If you aren’t living under the rocks, then you might definitely be having a clue or two about this extremely popular text-based simulation game.

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For example, becoming a farmer, dentist, chef, social media star, or even the Prime Minister, the game offers various professions to choose from. With the introduction of the Goode in Billie, you could now edit just about anything: right from your stats, to your parents, co-workers, friends.

Now coming back to this feature, when you create a new character in the game, there will be the usual pieces of information like the name, gender, country, and birthplace. For the attributes section, first off there are the usual features like Happiness, Health, Smart, and Looks.

Using it, you could now also tweak some hidden stats, including Athleticism, Discipline, Fertility, Karma, Sexuality, and Willpower. Fertility: Your ability to bear a child Karma: How well you react to challenges, could be easily increased or decreased Sexuality: Determining whether you belong to Straight, Bisexual or gay; Willpower: Find out how strong are you in resisting doing bad things.

You cannot customize any stats during the initial and latter half of your life, including Baby, young child, teenager, middle-aged and senior citizen. However, we guess you do away with this caveat, as looks matter than most when you are at the prime of your life, and the game allows full customizations during this golden age of your character.

If you head over to your parent’s profile, you could see their age, marital status, relationship, and occupation. Furthermore, stats on their relationship, generosity, money, and religiousness are also visible.

bitlife simulator

But what you could edit this time is Craziness, happiness, Looks, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower. These include Health, Smart, Looks, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, and Willpower.

These include Looks, Grades, Health, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness, and Willpower. For example, you could reduce the strictness of your principal or decrease the professionalism of your boss in the office.

As fir your boss, you could edit his Professionalism, Coolness, Craziness, Happiness, Sexuality, Smartness. As you might have noticed, there is literally a countless number of modifications possible, from your parents and grandparents all the way up to the professional level, including your boss.

Additionally, each parent has some hidden stats that you can edit, including Craziness, Happiness, Health, Looks, Sexuality, Smarts, and Willpower. Step-parents will also have the Kindness stat figured in, so you may want to play around this if you don’t want a wicked stepmom or stepdad picking fights on you each time you hit that Age button and move forward another year.

As for your siblings, appearance is also fully customizable like it is for your parents, and you can edit all visible stats (Smarts, Looks, Petulance) except for Relationship. For those who may not be familiar with the stat, Petulance would determine how likely a sibling is to, say, pick a fight with you or react negatively during a conversation/toward a compliment.

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That assumption, however, is officially out the window, thanks to the Goode update, as the Optometrist feature is one of the key additions to the game that don’t involve playing around with numbers and fully customizing your virtual world. Instead, you’ll need to wait for a prompt informing you that your eyesight is failing, with one of your parents pointing out that you need to visit your eye doctor to get your vision checked.

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