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Is Bitlife Bitizenship Worth It

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Citizenship is a premium membership that costs real money and unlocks special benefits to Billie. There is also an upgrade that removes ads, but doesn't unlock any special features, that costs $2.00.

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In addition, there is a new feature called God mode which was released in March 2020 which can be purchased outside Citizenship and had a free trial that lasted until April 11, 2021. There is also an option to buy a Citizen Membership for your relatives that gives a huge relationship boost.

The new payment change was tested to Citizens in Canada and Australia. Response was nearly unanimously negative, prompting Billie to rescind this idea.

Citizens have the option to buy from the dog and cat breeders, the exotic pet dealer, the pet shop, and the horse and llama ranches. When a character posts a status on social media, they are not required to share the app in real life.

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

If they want to make it subscription based I either want a refund or I want to be grandfathered in and not forced to pay the monthly fee. If this trend continues, and they make it subscription based, the game will become even more pay to play (and more expensive) than it is now.

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You can download Billie on PC, and we will discuss it in the latter part of this guide. Billie has the capability of simulating an entire lifetime of a human.

Since then, this has been the most popular life simulator mobile game in the world. Even though Billie uses a text-based simulation method, its playability has no impact and is a very addictive game.

In the simulated life, you might have illnesses like in the real world, and you have to get medicine. In the end, you will have a death like in real life due to various reasons.

The main lesson you can take from the Billie game is learning from the past. As it is not a graphically rich complex game, anyone can quickly learn how to play Billie fast.

Even a senior citizen can easily understand how to play Billie. You don’t need to register or create new user accounts in Billie.

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Apart from the above four parameters, your wealth and relationships are another two stats Billie monitor. If you want to be a businessman or a medical doctor, you should follow the path for it in your childhood.

So you can either have a life goal and work towards it, or just try almost everything you can try in your childhood and select one path for your adulthood. You can do part-time jobs or freelancing gigs when you are in college to earn your pocket money.

Billie gives you several higher education choices, which will help you to select your job later. Trying a scholarship is also a great idea when you apply for higher education.

In this age, you can move your relationship to the next level to marriages and having kids. If you want to become famous on Billie you can either choose a career as an Actor or a Writer.

Maintaining the maximum level of Health, Happiness, Smarts, and Looks indicator is vital while acquiring enough wealth and maintaining healthy relationships. Meditation, reading books, pets, and related work is necessary to maintain good mental health.

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Players will face sudden or aged deaths while playing. But if you ignore the diseases that notified through pop-ups, your health will degrade slowly and ultimately shorten your life.

While playing Billie, you will understand that maintaining good health and happiness is vital even in real life to maintain a balanced life. When you purchase citizenship through App Store or Google Play, you will become Citizen.

Citizenship will unlock several premium features in Billie, including saloon services and access to pets. Goode is another premium feature that you will have to purchase separately through App Store or Google Play.

Ribbons define and summarize how you spent your entire life. Several Ribbons are Academic, Cunning, Family Guy, Hero, etc.

The player will receive an Achievement once he completes a specific task. If your life lived more than eighty years, you would unlock the “Octogenarian” achievement.

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If your life sees the hundred years, you will unlock the “Centenarian” achievement. If you could have one million dollars in your possession, you will unlock both Millionaire Ribbon and the Achievement.

Go to Google Play Store and search for Billie or go to this link. Install and Android emulator like BlueS tacks or Employ from their original website.

Billie is the latest simulation game of the publisher Candy writer. Their games often get their favorite players, as evidenced by, Billie has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with a lot of 5-star reviews.

Each character in Billie has four basic indicators including Happiness, Health, Smart, Look. For example, you can join the school’s rugby team and have the opportunity to sign a famous club.

After joining the army, I was assigned a mine-clearing mission (gameplay is similar to Minesweeper). 18 years old is a very important milestone in the life of every human being.

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Every choice at this time greatly influences the rest of your life. That’s when you’ve just finished high school and started packing for an arduous journey.

In addition to attending a university, you can sign up for the military, or go to work to earn money and experience life. Although you have a poor and difficult childhood, your efforts will help you have a better life in the future.

Sometimes, you wish you would go back to high school and have the courage to invite your girl to the prom. With the Time Machine feature, you can go back one or more years to change some of your decisions.

Without the need for 3D graphics with eye-catching effects, Billie brings you light experiences, just like how you are enjoying a book. After each of your selections, the annual memorable events will be listed on the screen.

No Ads Unlock VIP features: Access to pet stores, special pets, … Citizen icons & features only for Bitizen. Not merely a simulation game, Billie gives you a new perspective on life.

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