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Is Avakin Life Better Than Imvu

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Maybe that’s because both AvakinLife and IMU have 3D environments, and they feature an avatar where people get together to interact with each other… which is cool. Life wire, one of the most respected technology information and advice websites in the industry, recently released their list of the 7 best Virtual Worlds for 2020.

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That’s quite an honor, and it’s a testament to the creativity of IMU ’s highly talented designers. Every month IMU has between 6 and 7 million active users connected, and that means there’s always someone for you to chat with or somewhere to visit with friends.

In fact, IMU ’s virtual world proudly boasts an industry lead with 30 million items, mostly created by people like you. And the coolest thing is that IMVU's VIP subscription costs as low as $4.99 a month, which less than any of their competitor's, including AvakinLife.

Sounds like you’ve found yourself a virtual world that’s heads and shoulders above AvakinLife : IMU ! Enjoy the IMU virtual world experience on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

But they need to make it easier to earn Ava coins and their items need to cost way less. I am not opposed to buying Ava coins and have spent a good deal of money doing exactly that.

But now that I play IMU and see that a beautiful pair of wings can cost 600 credits.... same as an outfit... it makes Av akin seem kind of elitist and greedy. Sandra: Alone on my own, I spend more time on IMU but only because I am a model and have to take pictures.

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RB: What makes you play IMU instead of Av akin? Sandra: When Av akin started changing to be more kid-friendly rather than cater to the adults who actually pay to play, I got tired of spending my money to be filtered and monitored and restricted.

The more strictly Av akin enforced restrictions on speech and dress, the more I delved into the world of IMU where I can say what I want in exactly the way I wish to say it. So, I started spending my hard-earned dollars on IMU instead.

RB: Do you love to meet different people? Sanora: Yes but I have to be careful about it. RB: How are you looking to celebrate Christmas? Sanora: With family and friends both online and in Real- life.

Thanks for visiting here, if you like to know more about her or want to add her to IMU and in Avakinlife then text her on Instagram. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Just subscribe, turn on notifications, and then let me know in the comments when you did it! I love sharing DIY’s for school, room, decor and home.

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I also love doing how-to, Gram, make up, hauls and sometimes pranks! You can find morning, night, and school routines here too (summer, spring, winter, whenever!).

I also love to create comedy sketches and skits because honestly I just want to make you all laugh and enjoy life ! When building connections and relationships are important to achieve all of them, we are often stuck with the endless scrolling of social media.

Even though they provide a fair chance at dating if everything goes the way you want it to. IMU is one of the oldest virtual life games out there.

IMU now has 6 million active users in 16 years. One co-founder stated that IMU is not an abbreviation or acronym for the game.

Therefore, Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is one unofficial full form. With games like IMU, you can create unique avatars, build a house.

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It is possible to decorate it with items of your desire eventually. Hence, you need to earn a special “credit” or “promo-credit” in different ways.

And you use those special credits or promo-credits to buy the things. You can build relationships with real people in a virtual world.

You are tired of one particular game, and you may want a change in taste. Since there are numerous games like IMU which can help live your fantasy.

It has similar features and content, developing tools. It features a large world map called “grid.” There you can move around freely.

Like all other premium games, World allows users to buy gems in exchange for real money. OurWorldGems are used in various activities which are fun and engaging.

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Compete in fashion arenas and grow your reputation. Your reputation and fashion sense are what increase in your game currency.

Lady Popular Be the diva you always wanted to be. Any device that can run a web browser can access the game as you gain currency and levels.

Club CooeeLevel up faster if you are serious by paying some money. WoozworldYou can build your home and decorate it, chat with people.

Since building relationships is what you are looking for, you will always find somebody to connect and talk with. This game has a large active user base.

Touch is one of the virtual social networking games like IMU that focuses on music and dance. Touches you score points, you need to press keys in the direction that music goes.

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TwinityTwinity has portions that exist in the real world. Similar to alternative games like IMU, Trinity is available to play on the Web.

AvakinLife Design houses to invite people. Gaia Online is an anime based social networking virtual game that you have to try out certainly.

You can live the life you dream in a virtual world here. They contain details like race, gender, hair color, and various other customizations.

In short, it means they are essentially free to play. But they can have things that can be paid for and bought, which helps in leveling up.

Hence, you get one step closer to building things that fulfill your fantasies. The house building and decorating tasks are also common throughout.

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Most importantly, some games are dedicated to specific topics like music, anime, or fashion. They share a common theme of seemingly endless maps, while some are built by developers only.

Concluding Meanwhile, some are built by independent creators too. In conclusion, these games can be played and enjoyed on all kinds of devices like Windows, macOS, iOS, Web Browsers, and Android devices.

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