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Is Amazon Video 4k

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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Shutterstock/Blacklegs Amazon Prime Video has hundreds of 4K movies and TV shows in its library. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

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Just a couple of years ago, 4K was relatively uncommon, but these days, you're far more likely to find it built into a new TV than not. Amazon offers hundreds of TV shows and movies in 4K, and that library will continue to grow over time.

Amazon offers its 4K content to Prime Video subscribers without charging an extra fee. That's in contrast to Netflix, which requires you to subscribe to its Premium service to get access to 4K content.

If you're buying or renting Prime Video content as a non-subscriber, though, the 4K version is usually priced a little higher than the HD (“high definition”) and SD (“standard definition”) versions. Dave Johnson/Business Insider That technique works, but it can be annoying to browse through a long list of 4K films looking for something you want to watch.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Look for the UHD symbol on video details pages. Dave Johnson/Business Insider If you're using a web browser, you have an extra tool to find 4K shows more quickly.

In the filter pane on the left of the screen, click 4K Ultra High Definition ” You should now only see results that are available in 4K. Watching 4K movies on Amazon Prime Video can be a great way to enjoy a more cinematic experience at home, but finding 4K content on the streaming service can often be confusing and time-consuming.

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Unlike other streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix, the Amazon Prime Video apps don’t really clearly say which content is 4K or not in any uniform way. One way to spot 4K content on the Amazon Prime Video TV apps is to look for the HDR icon when browsing.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and typically only 4K films and shows will be presented with this feature. Some 4K content doesn’t offer HDR so using this method won’t work for finding all 4K media, though.

The HDR icon only seems to show when browsing the Amazon Prime Video TV apps and doesn’t appear on individual item pages. Another method for spotting 4K content on Amazon Prime Video is to check for any mention of UHD or Ultra HD.

Unlike the apps, each product page on the Amazon website that supports 4K features a UHD badge next to its age rating. Unlike the apps, UHD badges only show on item pages, not when browsing.

Once you find a 4K show or movie you want to watch on the website, all you need to do is hover your mouse over its icon and click Add to Watch list. If you’re not seeing any references to 4K or UHD in your Amazon Prime Video app, it's likely your device doesn’t support watching movies and shows at that resolution.

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If your internet is too slow, the Amazon Prime Video app won’t play 4K no matter how great your TV is. As a result, the appetite for 4K movies and TV shows is stronger than ever, including from streaming services like Amazon Prime Video.

Thankfully, the short answer is yes: Amazon Prime Video does support 4K movies and shows. That’s not the full story, however, so below we’ll be looking further into what kind of 4K content Amazon ’s Netflix rival has to offer.

That means that if you have a supported 4K TV, you can stream Amazon Prime original shows such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, The Expanse, and many more in 2160p resolution. Amazon Prime Video ’s 4K movie and TV shows support three HDR standards.

In addition to all the thousands of movies and TV episodes on Amazon Prime Video that are available with an Amazon Prime subscription (some of which are 4K compatible), the service also offers movies and TV shows for rental or purchase. You can expect to pay more for renting or purchasing these films and shows in 4K, compared to their HD and SD versions.

Officially, the company says that you will need an internet connection with at least 15Mbps for download speeds to streaming Amazon Prime Video content in 4K resolution. Other sticks and set-top boxes that support Amazon Prime Video in 4K include the Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick Plus, the Roku Ultra, the Apple TV 4K, and the Nvidia Shield TV.

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At the moment, the Android Amazon Prime Video app supports 4K streaming for select movies and TV shows. If you are streaming movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video on your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or notebook, or even on your Chromebook, the bad news is that you cannot stream the supported 4K videos at that high resolution.

Amazon began streaming in Ultra HD in December 2014 with the original productions Mortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, Transparent, and Alpha House that were all shot in native 4k. Their video service has a growing selection of titles available in Ultra HD to Prime members at no additional charge (while Netflix charges extra), and a wider selection of premium movies to rent or purchase.

Recently-added Amazon Original Series available in UHD include Hunters, Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. If you’re looking to test your TV’s HDR capability check out Marvel Studio’s The Avengers, Amazon ’s Honey Boy, or the original series The Expanse, to name a few.

Here’s what you need to start watching Amazon Prime in 4k Ultra HD (with some titles in HDR if supported). Although it’s not necessary to be a Prime subscriber to view Ultra HD content, the number of titles available to members is well worth the $119 per year (or $12.99 per month) if you start adding up rental fees and purchases.

Amazon also licenses quite a few popular movies to watch if you are a member (see a full list below). The nice thing about Amazon Prime is that 4k streaming doesn’t cost more, as opposed to Netflix who charges a few bucks more per month.

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We’ve found that if there aren’t a bunch of other devices streaming video from the same network at the same time the 15Mbps per second is plenty enough to get smooth 4kvideo without many dropouts. Restart your modem or call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if the Ultra HD video won’t play correctly.

With the AmazonVideo app for various Smart UHD TVs you can see categories for Ultra HD television shows and movies, both included with Prime and available for purchase. Be patient if the video doesn’t stream in Ultra HD immediately, as sometimes it takes some time to buffer 4kvideo due to its high demand in bandwidth.

The acronym stands for High Dynamic Range and represents a new color standard (defined by either HDR10/HDR10+ or Dolby Vision specifications) by adding deeper color depth and luminance, wider contrast, and more detail in dark and light areas. Cinematic settings are usually on the darker side of the spectrum with less saturation, contrast, and slower frame rates (like 24p).

Most of Amazon ’s titles are offered in 5.1 surround sound, but if you don’t have a home theater system with multiple speakers we suggest at least a soundbar. Even the most expensive 4k Ultra HD TVs have really weak audio systems with tiny speakers that often point backward and don’t offer much wattage.

Nights (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsLichtmond Soul Affinity 4K UHD5.1SpecialsLife Cycles (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsLight 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMajestic Nature: Deserts (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMajestic Nature: Flowers (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMajestic Nature: Forests (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMajestic Nature: Oceans (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMoto 7 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMoto 8 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMount Rainier 1 – 3 4K UHD5.1SpecialsMuay Thai Madness 4K UHD5.1SpecialsNature Style: Hokkaido Japan 4K UHD5.1SpecialsOmar Sosa Live at Bagatelle Jazz Festival 4K UHD5.1SpecialsPainted Hills Oregon 4K UHD5.1SpecialsPleasure 4K UHD5.1SpecialsRedwood National Forest 4K UHD5.1SpecialsRichmond 2 (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsRuin and Rose 4K UHD5.1SpecialsSeattle: The Emerald City (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsSojourns 4K UHD5.1SpecialsSojourns (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsSpike: The Mind of a Warrior 4K UHD5.1SpecialsThe Fourth Phase 4K UHD5.1SpecialsThe Living Sea (Prime) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsTreasure of Thailand (Purchase) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsUnReal 4K UHD5.1SpecialsUs the Duo: Christmas Live in LA 4K UHD5.1SpecialsVan Gogh: Brush with Genius (Prime) 4K UHD5.1SpecialsWe Are Blood 4K UHD5.1SpecialsNas, Live from the Kennedy Center 4K UHD5.1SpecialsCS: Go for Gold 4K UHD5.1SpecialsWith A Kite 4K UHD5.1SpecialsTimescapes 4K UHD5.1SpecialsTrophy Kids 4K UHD5.1Specials Prime Video is now available on Sky and NOW TV devices ahead of Christmas, adding more entertainment options to each platform.

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The addition of Prime Video continues Sky Q’s pivot into an aggregated entertainment platform, joining the likes of Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, YouTube, fitness app Fit, Roxy and BBC player as part of Sky Q’s offerings, as well as having BT Sports as part of the package. For UK customers that means they can watch all the Premier League fixtures live this Christmas without having to switch to another device.

And if you’re a subscriber to Prime, you’ll be enjoyed its content in 4K HDR with the likes of Boat Subsequent Movie film, The Boys, The Grand Tour, as well as the or Nothing programs such as the documentary that follows Manchester City available to view. More integration with Prime Video is expected in 2021, with voice search for TV series, movies and more on the table.

KOB began his career at What Hi-fi?, starting in the dusty stockroom before rising up the ranks to join the editorial and production team as the Buyer’s Guide editor. To watch content from Prime Video you’ll need a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display and a device that supports the 4K UHD format.

Whichever way you go, disc or streaming, you’ll need the latest HDMI cable to ensure you get features such as HDR. On Prime Video you can find movies and TV shows either on our 4K Ultra HD web page, or on your 4K enabled device by looking for rows labeled 4K Ultra HD” or 4K HDR”.

For 4K Ultra HD sources like an Ultra HD Blu-ray player or a 4K streaming set-top box, purchasing an HDMI cable that’s rated to handle 4K bandwidth will provide the highest-quality picture and sound. This list will help you track of every film, TV series and comedy special available that’s available to watch in glorious HDR.


Anthony Jeweling: Fire in the Maternity Ward Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable Gabriel “Fluffy” Silesia One Show Fits All George Lopez: We’ll Do it For Half Hannah Gatsby: Douglas Jack Whitehall: Christmas with My Father Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill Kevin Hart: Irresponsible Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given Marc Aaron: End Times Fun Simon Aspell: Set Free Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia So in order to find HDR titles you’ll need to search or scroll through the vast amount of content on Prime Video.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson Mad Dogs Made in Heaven Making the Cut Modern Love Mozart in the Jungle (S1-4) One Mississippi (S1-2) Pan y Circa Patriot (S1-2) Red Oaks Six Dreams Sneaky Pete (S1-3) Tales From the Loop The Boys The Dangerous Book for Boys The Expanse The Giant Beast That is the Global Economy The Grand Tour (S1-3) The Grand Tour: Seamen The Last Narc The Last Tycoon The Man in the High Castle (S1-4) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisey (S1-3) The Roman offs The Tick (S1-2) This is Football Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S1-2) (S1 in Dolby Vision) Too Old To Die Young Transparent (S1-5) Truth Seekers Upload World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji You Are Wanted (S1-2) Z: The Beginning of Everything As movies on Prime Video are available for a certain time, we’ve added an aster ix to denote when titles are leaving the service soon.

KOB began his career at What Hi-fi?, starting in the dusty stockroom before rising up the ranks to join the editorial and production team as the Buyer’s Guide editor.

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