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Is Amazon Kindle Free With Prime

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 9 min read

If your local library is currently closed, this massive collection of books is the next best thing. + Follow You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

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There you’ll find all sorts of titles, including classics, nonfiction, children’s books, and more. If your bedside table is heaped with a teetering pile of books, and your Kindle is stuffed with everything from romance to reference, Prime can help make room for more reading in your life.

As a Prime member, you can choose up to 10 titles at a time from more than 1,000 carefully curated books, magazines, comics and Kindle Singles. Sneak in a romantic chapter over lunch, or select the Audible narration option and transport yourself to ancient China while stuck in traffic.

Sample titles: Try a few recipes from the hugely popular vegan cookbook Thug Kitchen, escape into the World War II historical novel It Is Well, or follow a boy's terrifying search for his mother in The Buried Book. With Amazon First Reads (formerly Kindle First), Prime members get early access to one Rekindle book each month.

What it is: The sky's the limit with Kindle Unlimited, which lets readers choose from more than 1 million books, thousands of audiobooks and current magazines on any device for just $9.99/month. From thrillers to true crime, cookbooks to classics, you can freely explore new authors, books and genres.

These selected titles include the Audible book with Whisper sync for Voice, so you can jump back and forth between reading and listening. How to use it: Visit the Kindle Unlimited sign up page for a 30-day free trial and start browsing.

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Note that these tips work for any Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, or other Android or iOS device with the Amazon Kindle app. The most popular way to borrow books for free from your local library is through a service called Overdrive.

This app is available on virtually every device, and you can also use it to get free content onto your Kindle e-reader. Many libraries will have a Kindle Books section in the main webpage navigation.

You will then be able to download the book to your Kindle device or app wirelessly. If you have friends who also have an Amazon Kindle, or who have purchased e-books from Amazon in the past, they can share books with you (one at a time), and vice versa.

The recipient of the loaned title will have seven days to accept the book, or else it will be “returned” to the owner. If you've set up a family profile with your Amazon Prime account, you can share apps, games, videos, books, and other content with family members.

That means that if your partner purchased a Kindle book that you are interested in, you don't have to repurchase it to read on your device. Goo dreads is a social network centered around a shared love of reading, and it's no surprise that Amazon acquired it in 2013.

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From the website, app, or their Kindle, users can post updates on what they're reading, write and share reviews, and mark books for later reading. From the search bar, type in free e-books, or click on the following link curated by Goo dreads.

There are many other websites and apps that offer free, downloadable e-books that you may want to look into, such as Project Gutenberg and Many books. One of the many benefits of an Amazon Prime membership is all the free content you have access to, from videos to music, and yes, even e-books.

If you are not currently an Amazon Prime member, you can try it out for free to see if it's right for you (but I suspect if you have a Kindle, you're in the target audience already). You can also search for titles directly from your Kindle from the Store tab, under Prime Reading.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, there are literally tens of thousands of rekindle e-books available for download. Sometimes they're public domain content, sometimes they're through author giveaways, and sometimes they are part of the programs mentioned above.

Regardless, all you have to do is type in rekindle books” the Amazon .com search bar, and you'll see what we mean! Type in free kindle books into the search bar.

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Alternatively, Amazon has curated a list of free Kindle e-books here. Last but not least (expensive) is the popular Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

Amazon offers a two-month free trial, so it's worth giving it a shot to see if you like it. Click Start your free trial and confirm your subscription and payment details.

Start searching for books you love from the Kindle store. It's waterproof, has backlighting, multiple storage options, and comes in several fun colors.

For more great free and low-cost reading material, be sure to check out these apps and services. Overdrive (Free at Google Play) Overdrive lets you borrow audiobooks, e-books, and videos from your local library as well as libraries around the world.

Kindle Unlimited is a fabulous e-book subscription program that gets you access to over one million books, as well as thousands of magazines and audiobooks. It can be accessed on any device, and Amazon typically offers a one or two-month free trial period.

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Best of all, you don’t even need an Amazon Kindle Paper white to get the most out of the service because it’s also available on the Apple iPhone, any Android device and online via the Kindle app. If you’re not completely happy with Kindle Unlimited for any reason, just cancel it before the three-month trial period is over, and Amazon won’t charge you a single penny.

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. We know that hardcover books can be expensive, and it can feel wasteful to order a paperback just to have it sit on your shelf for years once you're done with it.

Some current popular titles from the service include “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” and “The Year of Yes,” by Honda Rhymes. If books aren't your thing, KindleUnlimited also grants you access to the current month's edition of some of your favorite magazines.

If you’re an avid reader, Kindle First is a great way to add to your reading collection and discover new authors. I’ve given a lot of thought to the question of “Is Amazon Prime worth it?” and so far, it seems to be proving that it is.

Bottom line: If you’ve been considering one of these devices, now is the time to buy, as we’re seeing discounts of up to 50 percent. Of all the deals listed below, we're partial to the all-new Kindle, which is the best budget Amazon e-reader you can buy, and now $10 less than its all-time low price.

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If you’re still expecting, consider putting your baby registry online, because Amazon Family also grants you 15 percent off certain products. This is one of those features that many Prime members have never heard of: Suppose you’re waiting for a hardcover book from one of your favorite authors.

Amazon was also one of the first companies to make their content available for download, so you can view your watch list offline. After snapping your way through multiple vacations and family functions, you’ve got so many photos, you don’t even know what to do with them.

Basically, it’s like shopping at your local grocery store without the carts, cashiers or car. Basically, this is where you find regular over-the-counter health items, like calcium pills and baby wipes.

Amazon Dash makes the process of ordering much faster, by letting you press these buttons or scanning product bar codes with your smartphone. At the press of a few Dash Buttons, you can collect a whole cartload of domestic products in seconds.

Early Access lets you order things 30 minutes before they are released to the public. Think of it as sneaking into a shopping mall on Black Friday a half-hour before the doors open, minus getting arrested or trespassing.

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If that doesn’t float your boat, you can exchange the credit for promotional financing offers, which might benefit you for expensive purchases. This option expands your reading palate even more, by giving you access to magazines and other periodicals.

Borrow a wide range of literature for a set amount of time and read them on your Kindle. Each month, the Kindle First editors get together and decide on six titles to make available; then you can download one of those books for free.

These lists depend on the editors’ tastes, but if you have a diversely read palate, you’ll probably like the surprise. This streaming service offers everything from short fiction to classics to original audio dramas.

Starting at $2.99 per month, you’ll find a treasure trove of literature, educational games and TV series geared specifically toward children. If you’re already fond of online programs like ABC Mouse, you may find Freebie enriching and fun.

This is just one reason you may enjoy a 1-month free trial to the Washington Post, courtesy of Amazon Prime. The subscription automatically renews at $100 per year after the free month trial, but you can cancel anytime.

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Prime grants you ad- free viewing on Twitch.TV, Amazon ’s gaming-focused streaming video site. The concept of Amazon Households makes perfect sense, no matter what your relationship with your co-habitant is: You can merge your accounts into a single Prime membership.

Available only to Prime members, this feature is like dictating a list to a robot assistant and then sending her off on a shopping trip, just like a “Jet sons” episode.

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