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In Bitlife How Do You Escape Prison

James Lee
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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Our Billie How to EscapePrison Guide features maps and videos for every prison layout you'll be up against in the game! Escaping prison in Billie is actually kind of difficult, especially if you're just starting out.

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If you are struggling with these, however, then keep reading because we have a cheat sheet for each of the map layouts and a video displaying how-to complete them! You'll want to go to jail a bunch of times and escape immediately.

Do this a couple of times a year in your old age, and that should get you to the end and should get you the Houdini ribbon! Arrow: Designates the direction you should be traveling at that point of the line.

Video The first layout we're looking at requires a bit of looping back on your path, but isn't too hard. This one isn't too difficult, you just need to do one quick double back, and then a longer one as you get deeper into the map.

Make sure you do every one of the small backtracks listed on the map, or you won't get the cop into the right place. Video Tight quarters in this 5×5, and you'll need to do a fair amount of going back and forth to complete this one.

All you need to do is get the police officer into the little U shaped walls, and once you've done that you can breeze on through to the exit. Pretty standard one, you'll have to do some trekking across the jail a couple of times to get the cop where you want him.

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Video You'll have to do kind of a big loop and then come back again to keep the officer off of you and to get to the exit. Another one where you're doing quite a bit of backtracking, especially in the bottom right corner where you'll need to go back and forth to get the cop in the right place.

Video The smallest current layout, has you doing a bit of back and forth to escape. Escaping from prison in Billie is an important step in several of the Ribbons that you can obtain playing the game.

For example Jailbird and Houdini both require you to end up in prison multiple times so being able to escape is a necessary skill. Escaping is not an easy feat, but with practice and knowledge of the mechanics of how the prison works will let you get the hang of this. Getting it right as quickly as possible will save you having to spend another year in jail and give you a better chance of achieving the Ribbons.

However, now that there is a mini-game to get out of prison, you actually have a chance at determining your own fate. Minimum and medium security prisons have maps that are relatively easy to get through.

Maximum security prisons range between hard and nearly impossible to escape from, with much, much larger maps and more twists and turns. We have all the maps and solutions collected, and we are constantly monitoring for updates so that we can add more of them.

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There are multiple ribbons that require you to escape from prison in order to earn them. Now, you know how to get to jail and prison, and you know what ribbons are influenced by escaping; here is the list of every president map in the game, and a full guide with the videos included for how to escape from every single one of these prisons.

This is the easiest of the prison maps, so if this is the first one you got, count yourself lucky. That means that, in addition to what you see in this video, there are a variety of other routes, and other methods of manipulating the guard, that can get you out of prison.

This one is chock-full of right angle walls and looks impossible at first because all that the guard has to do is not move, and he’ll get you every time. Yes, there is no way that you can get out of this level just by relying on the guard to stay in the current position that they are in now.

NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them But being that it’s fairly easy to trick the guard into doing whatever you want, this level is much easier to beat than you might think it is. This makes it a little easier to escape from because you have a ton of space to work with.

This level is a good combination of two things: Like with the previous one stated above, you have a lot of space to work with in order to escape. The 6×6 prison map gives a lot of room to work with.

bitlife simulator cunning ribbon emigration

But there are also a ton of walls in here, so the guard has a lot of space to trap you. Essentially, you have to trick the guard into getting stuck behind one of the many walls on this level.

HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Another version of the 6×6 map but with a different layout. Basically, you have to get the guard to chase you all over the level until they follow you to the one square that is surrounded by three walls and one opening.

Literally, all that you have to do with this one is to move straight out so that you can trap the guard behind the only wall that blocks his path to the exit. So take advantage of this to leave the guard marooned behind the wall and exit the map.

But you can fairly easily trick the guard by imitating this video. Simply get them stuck there and you ’ll easily be able to get out of prison and be free.

More than any of the other 4×4 maps, this requires you to essentially lead the guard completely around the level in order to get them trapped. Luckily, though, considering the tiny floor space in this map, it doesn’t take long to trap the guard, so the back-and-forth goes by extremely quickly.

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Billie (version 1.27): New Feature Guide: Multiple Save Slots, Adoption, Doctor Ratings, Circumcision, Funerals, and more! Bit life is a life simulation game where you can take control of someone else’s fate from start to finish.

Every activity in Bit life is presented differently, and in the case of escaping prison, it’s basically a puzzle game reminiscent of Pac-Man. What you ’ll want to do is lure the policeman to a corner of the map that he can’t freely move around and use his speed advantage.

Some of these are likely to be dead ends in Bit life, or at least will funnel the policeman down a path that is too narrow for him to move quickly. Each level is progressively harder, and it becomes a bit like a game of chess as you try and predict the policeman’s move.

Just keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to try and get the policeman stuck or caught up in an area that he isn’t able to maneuver easily. Sometimes the solution in Bit life will be obvious, while other times you ’ll have to play a long game of cat and mouse to make your escape.

Items : Cottage, Rename Card, Combat King 001, Strength Up, Luck Up, Tent. Patrol the village: Go to the opposite end of Win hill and return to the Pub.

bitlife prison escape 8x8 jail guide every maximum security layouts game houdini jailbird ribbon

Go upstairs and report to Raise; Laguna gives the exact number of monsters you defeated. After the Warden interrogates Squall, talk to Quests and go to Floor 8 to reclaim your weapons.

You can make your break from Albania D-District Prison a bit easier by befriending the Mombasa. A defiant Well soon attracts an old friend's attention, so defeat the pair and make your escape towards Floor 13 where Squall is being held.

Fill your stock of the great magic they're carrying and mug them for items. If you wish to be extra cruel, afflict both men with Zombie, draw Regent and Haste from Biggs, and cast both on your enemies.

Sit back and watch them perish without any further effort or use revival items to kill them. When you reach Floor 13, the Roomba will take you to the torture chamber and open the door.

Inside, talk to it and it'll offer to make a shortcut (remove the block between the up and down staircases) on Floor 10, 11 or 12. When you return to Floor 13 during your escape, talk to the Roomba and it'll give you a Cottage.

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When you reach FLR 13, approach the Roomba nearest the door and it'll let you into the chamber. Return to FLR 13 during your escape ; the Roomba gives a Rename Card.

Each subsequent time you beat him he gives you increasingly valuable items. Floor 8: In the left cell, you'll find a Man from Garden running a shop.

Go to the arm control room and push the red button on the main panel. Back to Squall's Party, head to the exit on the top floor and defeat an Elite Soldier and two GIM52As.

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