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In Bitlife How Do You Become A Doctor

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Degree from Medical School Decent Stats; Happiness, Smart, Looks Apply for the Hospital/Medical type jobs like Brain Surgeon, Family Physician Before you continue with a virtual character life, pay attention to its stats.



We would recommend you to continue with the virtual character who has good smart stats(over 85), happiness(must be green), health(over 80). While studying in the school, visit the library every turn and maintain the smartness.

after graduating from high school, you will have to make an important decision regarding career choices. Getting an undergraduate degree in biology or psychology can help you to get approved for medical school.

while studying at the university, make sure to visit the library daily and work hard every year. after graduating from college in Biology/Chemistry/Psychology, you will have to make another important decision that writes your job timeline in Billie.

You need to work incredibly hard and put in the graft for a number of years to make it into the medical industry. Firstly, your character will need the ‘Smarts’ attribute to be above 50 to improve your chances of making it to the top.

If your grades are good, then you can apply to university with a number of subject choices. From here, continue to study harder and once you have graduated from University, head to ‘Occupation’ from the main hub, and then ‘Education’.

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Continue once again to improve your grades and you will find that after graduation from Medical School, applying for a job as a brain surgeon should get you an interview, and once passed, you will be a qualified doctor, and the achievement should pop up for you. The medical school graduation will also help with other professions in the game, such as a Psychiatrist, for example.

This isn't always foolproof, you might need to reset your game a few times because you might get unlucky and the fates will determine you were meant for a different career path. To influence this as your character gets older, make sure to go to the School area and hit “Study Harder” to up your smarts.

Higher tier career people need to be pretty smart, and in Bit life that is no different! You might as well also Meditate, head to the movies, and do stuff with your parents to maintain your relationship with them.

Once you are 12 or 13 years old you can get a Freelance Gig or a Part-Time Job to make some money on the side. It isn't clear that these make a difference, but there's no real harm in adding them as long as you keep your stress down.

To become a Doctor, once you graduate High School you will need to go to University and major in either Biology or Chemistry (whichever is available). Now that you are at University, you will need to continue to maintain your smarts and keep studying hard as well as heading to the library.


Once you've completed the grueling 7 years of high education, you will finally be able to look for a job. If you want to get raises and further your career, make sure to go into the Occupation tab and work harder each year.

Have high Smarts, at least 80% University: Biology or Chemistry Higher Education: Medical School An impressive and highly addictive life simulator that allows you to make all the wrong and right choices you wouldn’t dare to make in real life, Billie offers you the possibility to choose a career path and land the job of your dreams.

In Billie, studying hard will not suffice to help you reach your professional dream. In this Billie careers guide, we will offer you all the necessary tips that will allow you to enter the right school and turn your professional dream into reality.

Check out our Billie careers guide and find out how to become a renowned doctor, a top-rated lawyer or an acclaimed actor! Qualifying for graduate school is easy and will guarantee you a well-paid job.

If you want to qualify for the Law School, make sure to start playing the game with a virtual character who has at least 80% smart stats. If you dream of becoming a lawyer or a judge, make sure to always choose courses directly related to the field: Political Science, History or English.

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Choosing courses such as Arts won’t help you achieve your goal. During your primary and secondary school education, make sure to visit the library each year and study hard.

Once you graduate from high school, make sure to opt for the correct education career. We advise you to opt for higher education and apply for the Law School.

You can progress even further and apply for different court judge positions. Applying for the Medical School requires pretty much the same criteria as the Law School: studying hard, having good smart stats and taking medicine-related courses such as Physics, Biology or Chemistry.

In order to make sure that your character is eligible for the doctor position, it is crucial to pay attention to his/her stats. While at school, it is extremely important to study hard every year, maintain your smart stats and visit the library.

Once you graduate from high school, you will need to pay attention to your career choices. If you manage to obtain an undergraduate degree in psychology or biology, your application for the Medical school will get approved.

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While attending the university, you will need to make sure to always study hard and visit the library each day. Once you graduate from college, you will have the possibility to opt for higher education or find a job.

If you get in, you will need to make sure that you visit the library on a daily basis, always work hard and pay attention to your smart stats. While at university, make sure to take Mathematics or business-related courses and you should be good to go.

If becoming a dentist is your Billie dream, then you will need a graduate degree in Biology. Once you graduate from high school, make sure you choose the right career and opt for Biology as your main subject.

The key to success: study hard, maintain your smart score and visit the library each year. Once you graduate from university, you will be given 3 options: look for a job, seek higher education or take a rest.

In order to be able to get a pilot trainee interview, your character’ smart stats must be over 85. While studying, make sure to maintain your smart stats high and visit the library.

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Once you graduate from university, it’s time to apply for the Medical School. If accepted, you will need to study hard, maintain stats, and visit the library.

However, pilot trainee jobs are not always available and you may need to wait for a vacancy to show up. Just make sure you check vacancies every year until your dream job becomes available.

You will initially have to apply for a Voice over actor job and gain several years of experience. However, there are certain features you need to pay attention to in order to qualify for this position.

Though the educational background doesn’t really matter, we recommend certain careers at the university: Music, Arts, Dance. In order to be able to obtain a Voice over Actor position, you will either need good looks stats or a combination of smartness and happiness.

Choose one of the Fire Departments available in your city and apply for a Firefighter position. When you graduate from high school, you will have 2 options: seek university education or ‘College is not for me’.

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